The Bloodline System - Chapter 370 - Scaling The Mountain

Chapter 370 - Scaling The Mountain

Chapter 370 - Scaling The Mountain


He landed a few feet from Gustav's position and screamed out in pain while rolling across the floor with a bleeding right arm.

Gustav only stared at him for an instant before he started climbing.

He kept fixed his eyes on the routes that the others had taken and followed the ones that climbed up safely.

As Gustav reached a height of forty feet, a loud scream was heard.


Gustav looked up and noticed someone falling from above.

Bam! Bam!

The person's body slammed into two people on the same climbing route and was headed towards Gustav's spot.

Gustav was about to jump away when he recognized this person to be Matilda.

Gustav turned his body to the side and pressed his back against the small hole on the surface of the rock before stretching out his hand.


He grabbed onto Matilda's left hand just as her body reached his position.

"Ghhrr!" Gustav growled as he made use of his left hand to hold onto the pointed rock on the side and held her with his right hand.

Matilda looked up and noticed that she was caught by Gustav.

Her face beamed up with happiness as Gustav pulled her up while grunting.

She grabbed hold of a pointy part of the rocky mountain and supported her weight herself.

"Thanks Gustav," She muttered with an appreciative look.

"Hnm, it's no problem," Gustav said as he placed his left palm on his right shoulder with a slight look of pain.

"Let me help you with that," Matilda said and grabbed hold of Gustav's right shoulder before pressing and pushing against it.

A loud pop resounded from his shoulder area as his dislocated joint return back to normal.

Gustav made a muffled painful noise and shook his arm before breathing in and out profusely.

"Thanks," Gustav muttered as he felt the pain begin to reduce.

"No, I'm the one who should be grateful," Matilda said with a look of gratitude.

"Let's go," Gustav said as he grabbed hold of another part of the rocky mountain up and pulled himself up.

"Make sure to follow the route of those up ahead," Gustav instructed as he started climbing.

Matilda also began to climb and followed Gustav's instructions.

By now, the cadets had realised that every course was going to have traps, so they trod carefully.

However, even though the accidents decreased drastically, there was still the issue of energy and stamina.

Even after twenty minutes had passed, no one was yet to reach the top.

Elevora was still the first at the moment, she had scaled over six hundred feet of the rocky mountain, but there was around four hundred feet to scale.

Gustav currently had climbed to a height of five hundred plus feet and paused again to catch his breath.

His muscles were feeling sore at the moment, and crystalline beads of sweat rolled down his face. This side of the mountain was practically a wall; however, it was a bit slanted, so the cadets were able to pause and catch their breaths so long as they could balance their bodies on the rocky mountain properly.

Gustav stared at the bottom of the rocky mountain and the forest behind from this point.

It was now quite distant as the trees looked like shrubs. The sun had also begun to poke its head out of the dark sky, causing the temperature of the surroundings to increase.

He wasn't scared in the slightest of falling from this height even though he currently couldn't make use of his abilities.

Some cadets had fallen a while ago due to unseen traps, but before they could hit the ground, some small drone-like devices with arms grabbed hold of them to prevent their death.

The only problem was, these flying drones with arms carried them back deep into the forest before dropping them.

So now they practically had to continue from there as if climbing the over one thousand feet tall mountain wasn't torture enough.

Lots of cadets also paused at this point, but the moment some of them remembered that they were on a timer, they continued to climb.

After a few moments of rest, Gustav began to climb again.

At this point, Elevora had given Aildris and Chad a gap of close to fifty feet. She didn't pause once and kept climbing.

Those below had looks of astonishment as they stared at her small figure high above.

'Just what sort of monstrosity is she?' Most of them wondered because even other special class paused to rest at some point.

Gustav continued on the trail of others and kept climbing even with his sore muscles that were becoming stiff with every pull.

E.E seemed to have a lot of stamina because he also didn't pause since he started climbing. The only difference was he wasn't as fast.

However, he was close to reaching Aildris and Chad's current height.

Glade wasn't too far off while Falco was struggling tremendously to pull himself up after reaching the height of four hundred feet.

He and Angy weren't too far from one another.

Gustav had passed Angy's height some time back but didn't even notice her since there were a hundred others climbing all around him.

Angy, on the other hand, saw him earlier and was about to call out to him when she stopped herself.

Currently, she looked up again and raised her trembling hands before grabbing onto a piece of rock and pulling herself upwards.

Her body vibrated due to fatigue as she struggled to pull herself up. Sweat rolled down her face, but her eyes still lit up with determination.

All of a sudden, the rock she placed her hand on next pulled out of the rocky mountain.


She quickly grabbed onto another using her left hand before she lost her balance, but the moment she grabbed onto that side, it also pulled out of the rocky mountain.


Angy lost balance and found herself falling through the air a moment later.

"Nooo," Angy voiced out with a look of despair while falling.

Everyone beneath moved out of the way as they noticed the body falling through the air.

"Angy!" Falco shouted out, but it was too late. Her body was already descending at a fast speed

"Hmm?" Gustav paused his movement up above and looked down.

He noticed the small dot getting even smaller as it descended into the distance.

'Looks like another person fell to a trap,' Gustav thought.