The Bloodline System - Chapter 367 - Alarm

Chapter 367 - Alarm

Chapter 367 - Alarm

'This is actually going to be more fun than I thought,' A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he recalled some of the information.

'Looks like I can truly use this means to finally get rid of that brat,' Gustav thought.

According to the guidelines, once in every three months, a cadet could fix a deathmatch with another cadet.

Both cadets must agree before the deathmatch could hold, but this didn't seem to be a problem to Gustav, remembering how much he and Endric despised each other.

A frown appeared on Gustav's face a moment later as he recalled something.


"He still hasn't been given a change of surroundings... The MBO training camp will be the best place for him to learn humility since he's not the only one who's special..."


Angy words during their date rang in his mind.

'I've given him a chance before, there's no harm in giving him one more,' After thinking about it repeatedly, he decided to compromise to Angy's words.

A sudden memory popped into his mind.

'What's with this?' Gustav sighed as he recalled Angy's hand placed on his on their way here. He just realised that he was aware of her palm on his hand the whole time as he recalled the softness.

He didn't understand why such a memory that seemed quite meaningless played out in his mind.

Gustav continued reading the guidelines, rules and regulations.

There were things such as how cadets were not allowed to battle with one another outside of the training grounds and how killing fellow cadets was not allowed unless it was a death battle.

The MBO trainers would give the first years all types of training in the first year, but on getting to the second year, they'd be given a test that would determine their placement within the MBO and the lessons that will be slashed out or retained.

The special class had extra training classes apart from the regular ones.

Gustav found another piece of interesting information. It was possible for a normal cadet to become a special class by defeating a special class in the annual, monthly challenge.

In this challenge, three normal cadets are given the opportunity of challenging a special class cadet. Anyone who wins takes the privileges as well as the winning condition of that particular special class. Their positions in the camp gets switched.

Gustav finished reading the guidelines, rules and regulations in the next thirty minutes and decided to go shower.

As he stood underneath the shower, he remembered parting ways with Miss Aimee at the base.


"Haa I guess this is it kid, for now," She said as she smiled at him.

"Hnm, I hope to see you soon Miss Aimee... Although two years is a bit long," Gustav nodded as he returned her smile.

"I'll get across to you after gathering the information you want," She added.

Gustav nodded in response as they turned around to head to separate locations.

After moving a few steps forward, Gustav paused his steps and turned around.

"Miss Aimee," He called out to her.

Miss Aimee also paused her steps and turned around.

"Thank you for everything," Gustav shouted out as he bent his back with a look of appreciation.

Miss Aimee had a surprised look on her face at first before a warm smile appeared.

"If you're grateful then don't let me down... Become the best and defeat anyone who stands in your way," Miss Aimee said before turning around to keep moving.

"We'll meet again, bye Gustav," Miss Aimee muttered underneath her breath as she kept walking forward.

Gustav kept staring at her back as her figure grew more distant. His face was full of complex expressions as he turned around to follow the rest of the cadets.


Gustav had a look of determination on his face as he recalled this.

'Hmm, she also wants me to become the best...' Gustav said internally.

'Good thing there is also training on intergalactic missions and a library here... I need as much knowledge as I can gather,'


The next day the cadets were awoken by the sound of the morning alarm that reverberated across the entire training camp residence.

It was still five-thirty in the morning. However, the new cadets had seen this in the guidelines, so they knew what this alarm meant.

Gustav was already awake before the alarm rang out.


He dashed out of his room along with other new cadets on this floor.



"E.E, Falco,"

The three of them called out to one another the instant they met up in the corridor.

"Thirty seconds to get to the Cull track," Falco voiced out.

"It's on the map, let's move," E.E said as he opened a large vortex and the three of them dashed in.


They appeared outside in an instant on the path that led out of the dragon residential area.

E.E opened another vortex, and the three of them went in again.

About ten seconds later, they arrived on a field surrounded by nothing but grasses.

A forest of tall trees could be seen up south and a high mountain after the forest.

Every one of the first years arrived one after the other.

Three people in black MBO uniforms stood in front, waiting for everyone's arrival.

The projection of a timer was being displayed above, and only ten seconds were left according to the countdown.

There were about one thousand two hundred cadets here at the moment, and more were still flooding in.

Some teleported here at the final seconds while some ran with their full speed activating their bloodline.

The timer finished counting down, and one of the officers moved forward to stand behind all the cadets that had arrived.

Her eyes glowed a purple light as she swiped her palm forward.


A long line appeared behind the participants that had arrived during the thirty seconds countdown.

Every other participant that was just arriving noticed that they couldn't join the participants in front. An invisible barrier was stopping them from moving further than the line that was drawn on the ground.