The Bloodline System - Chapter 366 - Settling Down

Chapter 366 - Settling Down

Chapter 366 - Settling Down

A few minutes later, all three of them were walking towards the last building on the far right.

They had checked all other buildings, but their passes were unable to open up their room numbers. This was the last one, so it was obviously this one.

They arrived inside together and got teleported to the last floor a few moments later.

"Oh Gustav," someone voiced out from up ahead on the corridor as they appeared at the arrival point.

"Did you also have to go through all the other buildings?" He asked with a wry smile.

Gustav looked forward and saw a youngster with long silver-colored hair and a graceful tall but slim charming-looking figure.

Gustav recognized this person from the initiation ceremony since he smiled and nodded at him after receiving his emblem.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded slightly in response as they walked forward.

"Ah I see, I guess you also didn't figure out how to properly make use of the pass," The youngster added.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Gustav asked.

"See," The youngster brought out his rectangular pass and held it out, "If you swipe on the surface, this happens," he voiced out as he swiped on the card.

The card glowed up, and an arrow appeared on it that was pointing towards the door down the corridor.

"The pass can direct you to your door if you do that... I also just figured it out after reading the guidelines," He said with a wry smile.

Gustav, E.E, and Falco had looks of astonishment after seeing the action and did the same to their cards.

This gesture would have made things easier for them, but they had no idea about it.

"Oh, I see," Gustav muttered.

"Thanks... Erm, who are you?" Gustav asked as he realized he didn't know his name.

"Aildris," The youngster voiced out and stretched out his hand to shake Gustav.

Gustav was about to return the handshake when someone voiced out from behind.

"Are you sure he's worthy of receiving a handshake from you Aildris... He's not even a full-fledged special class just like his friends over there,"

Step! Step! Step! Step!

A youngster with light blonde hair and a slightly built stature appeared in their line of sight.

"Do not speak like a child Chad. They have even been recognized by a Great Commander, so who are you to look down on them?" Aildris voiced out as he turned around to stare at the person that had just arrived.

"Hmph, let's see how long that will last... According to the guidelines, the year one ranking board will be displayed in two days. I guarantee that he won't be among the top five," Chad stated before passing by their side and entering the elevator teleportation circle.


He disappeared a moment later.

"Don't mind Chad, he's just reacting to your new personnel rank... Normally, everyone won't be happy with it especially when some of them feel they're better than you," Aildris voiced out.

"Nah Gustav is never bothered by sore losers, I doubt he'd even be able to last one round with him," E.E responded in Gustav's stead.

"By the way what is he talking about?" Falco asked, "What is the ranking board?"

"You three have to get to your rooms and read the guidelines first. You'll understand afterward," Aildris explained, telling them that it was already in their room.

They bid Aildris farewell as he left the corridor to the elevator teleportation circle, and they headed to their room.

Just like the pass displayed, their rooms were right beside each other.

The three went into their separate rooms to settle down.

The instant Gustav walked into his room, he felt his body and his muscles relax instantly due to the atmosphere.

There was a certain kind of energy circulating within the room that caused this effect.

Gustav could already tell that the speed of channeling his bloodline for growth would be faster within the room.

He looked around; the entire place was looking quite luxurious.

It was more like an apartment instead of a room. There was a large room, a separate small-sized personal training room, a kitchen filled with all kinds of cooking materials, a nice and conducive bathroom, a dining area, and a living room.

Gustav had expected the living conditions to be worse than this, but to his surprise, it wasn't.

He moved towards the right side of the living room, where a five-foot-tall humanoid-looking robot could be seen.

Gustav observed it and tapped a button around its elbow.


"Harlo 113 is online. Scanning environment!"

"Master found! Information on master... Gustav Crimson!"

"What are your orders, sir?"


"Oh a multipurpose robot with AI inbuilt, nice," Gustav muttered before instructing the bot to get the place cleaned.

There was a box placed on the dining table, and Gustav already noticed it the moment he got in but decided to place his luggage and arrange them in the right places before opening the box.

Within the box were a rectangular-shaped device and a black cube which was a key.

Gustav activated the device after taking his seat.


A small holographic projection appeared above it in which texts could be seen.

"Downloading Camp guidelines, rules, and regulations," A smooth robotic voice was heard.


[Host Brain Waves are being manipulated by external forces]

[Mental Fortitude needed for blocking Brain Manipulation: 50]

[Host has acquired enough mental fortitude to hinder Brain Manipulation]

[Brain Manipulation has been successfully hindered]


'What the..?' Gustav nearly facepalmed as he saw the system notification.

The system just prevented easy access of information for him.

The information on the camp guidelines, rules, and regulations was supposed to be downloaded straight to his brain, but due to high mental fortitude, this was prevented.

Gustav felt having high mental fortitude was both a curse and a blessing due to situations like this.

"Looks like I have to read it all then," Gustav sighed as he muttered.

He started checking the amount of information and noticed that there were over seven hundred pages.

'This is gonna take a while,' Gustav said Internally as he settled down to start reading.


Two hours later, Gustav had finished digesting five hundred pages of information, and now a lot of things were clear to him.

'This is actually going to be more fun than I thought,' A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he recalled some of the information.

'Looks like I can truly use this means to finally get rid of that brat,'