The Bloodline System - Chapter 365 - Identical Buildings

Chapter 365 - Identical Buildings

Chapter 365 - Identical Buildings

The instant they exited the hall, their line of sight was greeted by a vast wasteland.

This wasn't what they had expected as they looked around them, not understanding what was up with the environment.

The large building they were just coming out of was like the middle of this wilderness.

They activated their map and noticed that this place was on the far edge of the map, and to get out, they'd have to move towards the west.

They started their journey and began to move in the required direction.

As they traveled, they found out that they were not the only ones moving in this direction.

They could see some other cadets in white uniform just like them too.

Some were even moving in towards the opposite direction. It would seem that they were heading for the hall.

Swwoooooosshh! Zhooommm!

Two cadets on a flying board-like technology bolted across the air towards the direction of the hall.

About twenty minutes later, Gustav and the others arrived at the end of the wilderness-like area.

This place happened to be on very high ground, and now they could see far into the training camp from this height.

There were many large structures and well-constructed paths leading to different places.

They were all astonished as they stared at the well-constructed environment.

Gustav activated God Eyes to look around.

'Training simulation hall three, Enhancement Factory, Battle arena,' Gustav stated internally, one after the other while staring at the structures ahead.

They started descending from the high ground area towards the path that led to the direction of the residential areas.

According to the map, there were different residential areas, and they were categorized a; Hobbit, Hunter, Mascot, and Dragon for the males.

For the females, they were; Ogre, Nature, Light, and Tigress.

All residences were graded from lowest to highest, with Hobbit being the least and Dragon being the best for males while Ogre was the worst for females and tigress was the best.

At present, all special classes were placed in the best residences, both on the male and female sides, while the rest were randomly placed in other residences.

Some with luck still got good residences that were only a notch below those of the special class, while those who weren't so lucky were placed in the worst residences.

As Gustav and the others got to an intersection, they had to separate due to the girls' residential area being located a bit far from that of the boys.

"Why don't we meet up later after settling down," E.E suggested.

"Good idea, I'm in," Falco was the first to agree to it before Matilda and Angy also gave agreed.

"I'll be busy," Gustav stated and continued moving forward.

"Oh," E.E had a slightly disappointed look on his face as he heard that.

"You guys can go on without me," He added as he kept walking forward.

Glade glared at him from behind with a pissed-off look while Angy looked down dejectedly.

The boys later followed Gustav a few seconds later as the group separated.

More and more youngsters dressed in white uniforms like them could be seen moving across the vicinity.

Some were coming in while others were moving along the path like them.

They gathered a lot of attention, and Gustav could hear some of them whisper to themselves, 'Fresh blood,'

He could tell these were most likely their seniors here.

A few minutes later, they arrived in front of a twenty-story building painted brown with a dragon-shaped head at the top.

According to the map, they had arrived at the Dragon's residence.

There were seven other buildings just like the one they were standing in, in the vicinity.

All eight buildings had the same look with not a single sign of difference.

The problem now was how to ascertain which particular building was the one they were to lodge in.

According to the female officer at the reception hall, the pass in their hand was only going to open the room they were assigned to.

Gustav's pass was for room 305, Falco's was 306, and E.E was 307.

Their rooms numbers followed one another, but then they asked someone a while ago where these rooms were supposed to be located, and the person responded that every house had three hundred and ten rooms.

This meant that every building had rooms 306, 307, and 308, but they all looked the same.

"Falco, check this one, I'll check the one behind... E.E check the one on the left," Gustav instructed.

"Remember it's gonna be on the last floor, so move to the last floor instantly," Gustav added before dashing forward.

Falco went into the building right away while Gustav circled around the building arriving in front of the one behind. E.E, on the other hand, sunk into the vortex on the ground and instantly arrived on the last floor of the building on the left.

He walked across the corridor, looking for room 308.

Every room was quite a distance from the other, which meant that the size of each room was massive.

The instant Gustav arrived in front of the building, he leaped upwards.


His body ascended over a hundred feet in the air, and he landed on a balcony closest to the twentieth floor.

This was the only opening in the building that could be seen from outside since there were no opened windows, so Gustav had to make do with it.

Luckily for him, whoever the room belonged to was not in, so he left through the person's door and dashed through the corridor towards the last floor.

Gustav arrived there in a few seconds after taking the teleportation elevator.

Gustav realized that leaping through the balcony was totally unnecessary since there was a teleportation elevator in the building.

Falco was the only one who went in the normal way and came out of the building a while later after figuring out that the building he entered was the wrong one.