The Bloodline System - Chapter 364 - Checking In

Chapter 364 - Checking In

Chapter 364 - Checking In

"Hmm?" Gustav turned to the side to stare at his left palm.

A soft palm was currently on his, clenching onto his palm tightly.

"Oh sorry," Angy voiced out as she let go of Gustav's palm with an embarrassed look.

"It's cool," Gustav muttered as he turned away to look around.

He also didn't notice this due to their arduous means of transportation.

Everyone looked around to see where they had arrived.

Apart from the several MBO officers in the vicinity, nothing else could be seen.

The cadets that had gone before them were also nowhere to be found.

This made Gustav's suspicions rise as he jumped down from the gondola, ready to activate his bloodline.

He stared at the seven officers in the vicinity who surrounded the underground gondola.

"Finally you maggots have arrived!" One of them with a bald head voiced out from the middle of the encirclement.

E.E and Glade's faces lit up with a suspicious look as they stood beside Gustav quickly.

The gondola descended back underground, and the opening closed up.

"Where are the others?" Gustav asked while raising one eyebrow up and observing the encirclement of the seven officers.

Angy, Falco, and Matilda also sensed the atmosphere was quite tense due to the way Gustav stared at everyone suspiciously.

"You'll be meeting up with them soon," Another one of them spoke. It was a female officer with four ponytails and a star-shaped scar on her chin area.

The encirclement grew tighter as Gustav looked around for possible escape routes before dashing forward.


To his surprise, their eyes followed his movement speed, and one of them arrived in front of him the next instant throwing out a fist towards his face.

Gustav descended with speed and slid forward, passing in between the officer's legs.

The officer had a surprised look on his face as Gustav grabbed slid through and arrived behind him.

E.E conjured a vortex on his left palm and threw it out towards the officer, who had already turned around with speed to attack Gustav again.


His fist went through the vortex and arrived behind him.

The officer was about to punch himself from behind due to the teleportation when he stopped.

All this happened in almost an Instant surprising the rest.

They caught up to speed and dashed forward also, but then in the next second, the officers paused and started clapping.

"Looks like the reports were correct about your quick reaction to unexpected scenarios," The bald officer spoke up with a smile.

The tension in the environment suddenly disappeared as the officers broke the encirclement.

"You get a ten, you a nine, you an eight and the rest of you a five each," The bald officer voiced out while pointing at Gustav, E.E, Glade, and the others.

"I am officer Briant, one of your trainers," He voiced out as he arrived in front of Gustav and extended a hand.

Gustav could tell that there was no Ill intention behind this, so he shook the hand.

"Good to finally meet you, Gustav Crimson," He said before turning to stare at the rest.

"You must be E.E, Glade, Angy, Matilda, and the double standard Falco," He said while pointing out the names of everyone.

The other officers also began introducing themselves.

"So you all must be wondering where the others are and why you arrived in the middle of nowhere," Officer Briant said.

He noticed their looks of intrigue and added, "Welcome to the MBO training camp," He said as he turned around and started walking towards the left.

"Eh? But this is in the middle of nowhere," E.E voiced out.

"Follow me," Officer Briant instructed.

Everyone did as instructed and followed officer Briant towards a tree positioned in front.

To their surprise officer, Briant didn't come to a stop when he arrived in front of the tree. Instead, he kept walking and walked through it.

Gustav and the others were a little surprised. This was the MBO, so they were not so surprised since things were always different with them.

The other officers beckoned to them as they also went through the tree.

The others paused and stared at Gustav with a questioning gaze.

"Let's go," Gustav voiced out as he walked forward.

Everyone else followed and went in one after the other.


The instant they went in, they found themselves within a large hall with three massive mirrors.

The one they had just come out from showcased the forest area they just came out from.

The other two mirrors displayed different places also.

In front, they could see the several hundred cadets sitting around waiting.

These cadets had looks of admiration when staring at Gustav.

They seemed to have witnessed the little scene that went down when Gustav arrived with the others.

The hall was very large, and youngsters could be seen moving across the place occasionally.

There were different counters up ahead, and the one handling the cadets that had just arrived was on the left.

"You six are special class cadets, so you don't have to wait for your pass, move over to the receptionist area on the left and get it," Officer Briant voiced out.

"We'll see you around kids," Officer Briant said as he and his team walked away.

Other officers in the vicinity saluted when they saw him.

'Ah, Margaret really decided not to show up,' He said internally as they walked away.

Gustav and the rest did as they were told.

There was a line as well as lots of cadets waiting on the line, but there was also an empty side of the counter.

No one stood in front of this one, but there was an officer behind it too.

They arrived in front and got their passes from the lady officer.

"Your package will be delivered to your rooms later today. Within will be a set of camp instructions as well as materials needed and a timetable of lessons," She said after giving out the passes.

"Your pass is not only your key to assessing different places and your rooms but also contains a map," She added.

Gustav and the others nodded in understanding and started moving towards the exit point.

The instant they exited the hall, their line of sight was greeted by a vast wasteland.