The Bloodline System - Chapter 363 - Travelling To The MBO Camp

Chapter 363 - Travelling To The MBO Camp

Chapter 363 - Travelling To The MBO Camp

A few minutes later, the six of them were transported towards the terminal, where other cadets were also brought to.

This is where their trip to the MBO camp will begin.

To their surprise, it wasn't a place where they were supposed to be transported by aircraft or land vehicles.

They could see a few cadets were still here waiting their turn to enter what seemed like an underground tunnel.

It had been twenty minutes already, so only about a hundred more cadets were left.

Within the underground tunnel, a large circular transparent structure could be seen.

It had around six seats, and the cadets could be seen entering them.

"The underground gondola will take you to the training camp." Great commander Shion voiced out as he stared at the structure in the tunnel.

Three more arrived behind it, and more cadets went into the tunnel to enter the structure of their choice.

After sitting, a strap wrapped around their bodies and held them tightly to the seat, and in the next moment, the circular transparent structure sank into the ground that opened up.


Gustav and the rest had looks of astonishment as they stared at the underground tunnel where they'd be transported from.

"This is how we have kept the location of the training camp private from the world," Great commander Shion noticed the look on their face and voiced out.

Gustav didn't need to ask why. He already had a few theories in his mind.

"Has the training camp been attacked before?" He asked.

"Hmm, it seems you've figured it out already," Great commander Shion nodded slightly as he responded.

"You lots are the future leaders of the MBO, with your potential the MBO is meant to get even more powerful in the future, so of course they'll be forces that want to cripple that," Great commander Shion added.

The rest had looks of understanding on their faces as they figured out what Great Commander Shion was referring to.

As more underground gondolas arrived, the number of cadets reduced even more.

However, the group didn't move forward the whole time. They decided to wait for their turn.

A few more minutes later, the whole place was cleared out, and the group started moving forward towards the one that had just arrived.

Gustav paused his movement when he remembered something and went back to meet Great commander Shion.

"Remember our deal. You owe me one favor," Gustav said to him.

"Oh yes young Gustav I haven't forgotten," Great commander Shion responded with a smile.

"Good, how do I contact you in case I want to call on that favor?" Gustav asked.

"Haha nothing ever passes your eyes eh?" Great commander Shion shook his head as he laughed lightly.

He was referring to the fact that Gustav had figured they wouldn't be able to contact the outside world within the camp.

If Gustav had gone just like that, he wouldn't be able to cash in the favor until after the training period.

Commander Shion brought out a white button-sized object and gave it to Gustav.

"Make sure you only make use of that communication tool when you want to cash in the favor... It's a one-time communication device that has the capacity to send messages through space, so even if I'm not on earth at the time you make use of it, you will still be able to contact me," Great commander Shion explained.

Gustav nodded in understanding as he received the device and transferred it to his storage button.

"Remember, it's a one time usage device... After you make use of it once it gets destroyed," Great Commander Shion warned.

"I heard you the first time, old man," Gustav said as he turned around and started walking forward.

The officers in the vicinity had widened eyes as they stared at Gustav, expecting the great commander to do something about Gustav's disrespect, but to their surprise, Great commander Shion only laughed it off.

'So nostalgic,' Commander Shion said internally as he stared at Gustav walking towards the underground gondola.

In his eyes, Gustav's stature interlapped with a familiar feminine figure who had ash-colored hair.

Gustav arrived in front of the underground gondola and moved in to sit.

The five had been waiting for Gustav, and now only one seat was left within the gondola.

Coincidentally, that seat happened to be beside Angy.

Gustav moved towards the left and took his seat on her right.

The atmosphere turned a bit weird since Gustav just took his seat without saying a word to anyone, especially Angy.


The circular, transparent underground gondola closed up after everyone got strapped in. The ground underneath opened up, revealing a dimly lit hole that extended as far as the eyes could see.


The underground gondola descended into the hole with immense speed.

It travelled through the hole underground, moving at a speed of Mach twenty.

This was well over one thousand miles per second.

Everyone felt woozy as their sight turned blurry due to the immense speed.

All they could see was white light moving past the vehicle at a very fast speed as they descended.

At a point, they could feel the underground gondola turning when they got to an intersection underground.

The place was constructed so well, with some metallic bars placed against the walls of the holes.

These bars were like rail tracks, and they oozed out a kind of gravitational force that made the transport of the gondola smooth, so accidents were prevented.

They had only been falling for about thirty seconds, but it felt like a lifetime.

Even Angy, who was a speedster, was affected because this was way beyond her speed level.


A minute later, the underground gondola began to slow down, and due to this, they noticed the light glow in the distance, which signified they had gotten to their destination.

The light was an opening.


After a few more seconds, the gondola entered the bright opening.

It opened up for them to come out as they arrived in the middle of a forest full of tall purple-colored trees.