The Bloodline System - Chapter 362 - Picking Up Gadgets

Chapter 362 - Picking Up Gadgets

Chapter 362 - Picking Up Gadgets

The place was so large that there were thirty-two sectors. They already knew that it would be impossible to scout all the sectors properly before twenty minutes were up, so it was now down to luck for them to pick something of true value.

Gustav arrived within the sector some moments ago and waited not even a second longer before he started scanning all that was before him with God Eyes.

Although non-living things had a particular color that they showed, God Eyes were capable of reading energy levels of things with power stored within.

Also, the colors change based on the kind of energy a tool is being powered by.

This was what Gustav was making use of at the moment. He inspected each and every piece of equipment he came across, one after the other.

Every piece of equipment was arranged in rows and columns, floating in mid

-air within a glowing milky light. Each piece of equipment was separated from the others, so there was enough space for people to pass the midst of different pieces of equipment and study them.

At the moment, all Gustav could see were some round metallic-looking baby palm-sized balls.

He took out one of them and pressed the button.


A protective electromagnetic shield surrounded him in an instant. He tapped the button back to deactivate it and put it back in its rightful place.

Although the ball-like equipment around looked the same, some of them actually had different kinds of shields, and some were actually a barrier that sent attacks back to the direction they came from.

Gustav could tell they had different properties due to God Eyes, but he wasn't really interested in these, so he dashed forward to a place with another category of items.

Gustav arrived at a place where eye-shaped devices could be seen all over the place.

He could already see that these items had different energy points, so he picked the one with the highest.

Gustav held it in front of himself and tapped it.


Gustav suddenly noticed his line of sight had been divided in two.

He was no longer only seeing in front of himself. He could also see behind him now.

'What in the world? It's like having eyes in front and behind,' Gustav was astonished.

He felt like such an item could really come in handy, so he marked this spot.

He decided to come back here later if he couldn't find anything satisfactory.

Gustav decided to move towards another place where different items were positioned again.

Over on E.Es side, he had entered section one since he was so confused about which one to go into first.

E.E wasn't bothered because he happened to be the most fortunate one here.

The moment he arrived at a place, checked out the equipment and was not satisfied, he would just sink into the vortex on the ground and instantly arrive in a new spot.

In three minutes, he had already inspected nine items and was moving towards the tenth.

He only needed to open a vortex to arrive in another sector if he wanted to, unlike the rest that still had to use the entrance and exit.

He arrived In another sector and moved towards the west side.

He held onto a disc-like gadget and wanted to check out its functions when a projection appeared above it, displaying a massive explosion.

'Oh, this seems pretty cool... A three times restorative explosive device?'

Over at Angy's side, she didn't look like she was in a hurry, unlike others.

She took her time inspecting one item after the other.

She felt she hadn't even come across any bad item. She was just finding it hard to make a choice because, according to her, they were all good.

Glade and Matilda also shared this calmness. On the other hand, Falco had been taken over by his alter ego again, who went around cursing every officer in place and insulting them on their choices of weaponry.

Just like that, twenty minutes went by, and they were directed out of the sectors by officers when the badge they were given expired.

They all had different items with different shapes in their hands as they arrived outside.

Angy was already back outside before the rest because she had already made her pick. Everyone else had to be brought out by the officers, and from the looks of things, they only picked up items at the last minute.

Falco regained control of himself and had a wide-open mouth as he stared at the egg-shaped golden item in his hand.

"This idiot, you ruined my one in a lifetime opportunity," Falco shouted out as he fell to his knees with a look of dissatisfaction.

What he wanted to pick was different from what his alter ego had chosen.

Among everyone else, he was the only one lamenting. The others seemed to be satisfied with what they had picked.

"Fantastic choice everyone... Now Falco don't be too quick to judge. That's an unhatched biomechanical fused mixedbreed. You'll understand when it hatches," Great commander Shion stated.

"An explosive restorative disk, good pick E.E," Commander Shion said as he stared at the disk in E.Es hand.

"A speed multiplier, good one," This time, he stared at Glade and voiced out.

Great commander Shion kept calling out the items they picked one after the other and checked out Gustav's choice last.

"Hmm? A grade seven spatial bracelet... Marvelous pick," The tone of astonishment in his voice was higher this time.

'There are only two grade seven spatial bracelets in the entire thirty three sectors... It can't be a coincidence that he managed to attain one,' Great commander Shion thought as he stared at the silver bracelet in Gustav's grasp.

Gustav wore the bracelet on his left wrist, and it turned invisible a while later.

Angy happened to get an item Gustav wasn't interested in earlier.

It was the same silver ball that cast an electromagnetic protective shield around him earlier.

'Hmm, her will to protect others is still as strong as ever,' Gustav noted.

A few minutes later, the six of them were transported towards the terminal, where other cadets were also brought to.

This was where their trip to the MBO camp will begin.