The Bloodline System - Chapter 361 - Becoming A Ranked Cadet

Chapter 361 - Becoming A Ranked Cadet

Chapter 361 - Becoming A Ranked Cadet

The place became noisier as a beautiful-looking female figure walked towards the podium.

She had a gem, azure-colored hair with pigtails on both sides of her head and one behind.

Her eyes were dim but looked very confident without an ounce of pride.

Her beauty was comparable to that of Yuhiko's with her love-shaped face, pointed nose and full pale red lips.

Her forehead was wrapped with a purple-coloured headtie which had everyone wondering what the purpose of that could be.

But since the Great commander Shion didn't question it, everyone overlooked it.

This girl happened to be the third special class aside from Aidris and Endric. She never revealed herself during the entire entrance test, even though she was in the MBO tower in Plankton city.

Some of the participants debated about the strongest special class. Now that some of their ranks were being revealed, they discovered that Gustav was actually the lowest rank.

Although they had no idea that Gustav was already Serial ranked.

-"There's also Colton from Burning Sands city, he's the closest person to her level of strength,"

-"Damn, these special class candidates are just on another level,"

-"I don't think Gustav Crimson is the most powerful anymore, but we can't be sure since he has never displayed his full abilities too,"

In the next thirty minutes, over a thousand participants were done with receiving the emblem.

Great commander Shion went on to say a few more things regarding how rules will be set and how they're meant to follow it accordingly over at the camp.

"Now, you all get a piece of tech as part of your assistance gadgets, over at the training camp. The special class candidates get three and some other benefits," Great commander Shion stated.

"Before you are all transported to the training camp I will like to award a group for their performance in the final phase," He added before calling out Gustav, Angy, Matilda, E.E, Falco and Glade.

The crowd of cadets were astonished at the sudden turn of events. However, some of them had witnessed what went down, so not everyone had a surprised look on their faces.

Gustav and the others walked to the podium, filed out and stood on the right side of the podium.

They all had

"These five did a great job of protecting the lives of many participants. Their steadfastness and reaction to scenarios is precisely what is needed in the MBO."

Great commander Shion said with a powerful tone of gratitude.

Some of them had questioning looks on their face as they stared at Gustav, and the rest wondering what went down.

"They will be given the opportunity to visit the weaopnry and pick a gadget of their choice asides the one that will be given in camp... Gustav Crimson, fall out," Gradier stated.

Gustav moved forward and stood on the right side of Great commander Shion.

Great commander Shion held onto a red star and turned to face Gustav before placing it on the left side of his chest area.

"As the cadet with the best performance, You have hereby attained the Caiser personnel rank, Officer Crimson," Commander Shion stated after the action was completed.

All the officers in the vicinity stretched their right arm forward and slammed it on their chests with a look of respect.

Apparently, this was a form of salute in the MBO.


-"Did he just attain a personnel rank?"

-"It might be one the lowest rank but this is really something unprecedented,"

-"As expected of someone like Gustav,"

-"Even though some of the special class outstrip him in mixedblood rank, he still attained an MBO personnel rank before anyone else,"

No one expected this, so the looks of surprise were visible on their faces.

Behind E.E and Angy smiled and clapped their hands with looks of delight.

The special class cadets amidst the crowd all had looks of disbelief on their faces.

Since they didn't participate in the final phase of the test, they were even more in the dark about anything that went down.

From the crowd, Elevora stared at the star on Gustav's chest with a look of longing and admiration before staring at his face.

'Wonderful... Looks like I might have competition,' She said to herself.

Aildris also stared at Gustav with a look of admiration, 'He is way better than his little brother... Amazing,'

Not all the special class candidates were happy with the current development of things, so some of them had decided to put in their best efforts when they arrived at the camp.

"Now you all are to move towards the Glay two terminal where transport vehicles have been prepared for you," Great commander Shion said as the place quietened.

"Follow me," Great commander Shion said to Gustav and the rest as he climbed down the podium.

The place turned noisy again, but a few officers came forward and organized the cadets moment towards Glay two-terminal.

Gustav, along with E.E, Angy and the remaining three, were transported along with great Commander Shion towards a part of the base.

In a few seconds, they arrived in front of a massive circular blue structure.

Officers couldn't be seen too much around here, and it was well guarded also.

This was the gadgets and weaponry storage place.

They moved in, and the first thing they saw was different entrances to different sectors where the technology gadgets were classified.

Great commander Shion told them that they only had about twenty minutes to go into any sector of their choice and pick one gadget each.

Since they didn't know their way around here, this would be a tough call for all of them.

Gustav wasted no time looking around. He instantly went into sector three.

The others were still at the entrance with looks of confusion. They had no idea when Gustav went in because the instant the time limit was given, he had already gone forward.

When they noticed that he wasn't around them anymore, they immediately chose which sectors to visit, and everyone went their separate ways.