The Bloodline System - Chapter 360 - Initiation Ceremony

Chapter 360 - Initiation Ceremony

Chapter 360 - Initiation Ceremony

Their aircraft landed on the eastern side of the base, where several hangars were located.

They weren't the only ones landing.

Several other aircraft were also seen arriving moments later.

Some had even arrived before them.

Officers in different sets of MBO uniforms could be seen moving around.

Convoys were already waiting for them, so the instant they landed, they were asked to get in to be transported to another location within the MBO base.

This place was like a mini-city, so vehicles moving around the place, carrying officers from location to location, was a norm.

Minutes later, everyone arrived in an open place where flowers could be seen encircling a large field.

This field had seats arranged in rows and columns and an exalted podium in front.

The youngsters arriving began to fill the seats one after the other.

According to the instructions, everyone that was dressed in the white uniforms was among the outfits provided for all the cadets.

After a few more minutes, the whole place had been filled up.

There were over a thousand youngsters sitting within this field, and several MBO officers stood behind the podium.

They seemed to be waiting for someone.

Miss Aimee was back in the apartment Gustav, and the others had stayed during the last time they arrived here.

Several seconds later, a group of convoys arrived at the field where the participants waited...

Organized-looking combat troops filed out of the vehicles.

They all moved towards the most luxurious-looking one and stood on the sidelines as a man came out of the vehicle.

The man had white and grey hair with a rhombus-shaped green crystal in the middle of his forehead.

Merely staring at him, you could tell he was no ordinary officer. So far, all the officers were nothing to scoff at, with the way they carried themselves and their gallant movements.

However, this middle-aged-looking man was more vibrant-looking. Every one of his steps had a certain powerful charm oozing out.

His uniform was also different. It was crystalline silver in color.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"Who is that?"

The place became quite noisy as the man approached the podium. Most of them had no idea who the man was but with the way the officers bowed in respect, they could tell he was no ordinary officer.

Only Gustav and the rest that were with him last two weeks recognized the man.

Some had ideas of who he was due to the rare uniform look, but they weren't sure.

"I am great commander Shion and I welcome you all today," He started speaking.

A lot of the participants had looks of shock on their faces.

Everyone who was here today had done their research about the MBO, so they knew one or two things about the internals of the MBO that were unknown to the masses.

They had heard about the five great commanders who governed the MBO.

These five were on the levels of world leaders of the earth today. They had a say in the affairs of the earth. When meetings were conducted on a decision that affected the state of the earth as a whole, they were among the leaders with the right to attend such meetings.

They wondered why such an influential figure would be addressing them today.

Even the normal officers also wondered what was so special about this set that one of the great commanders decided to address them at the initiation ceremony.

The whole place turned silent after a few seconds of shock and light chatter.

"You have passed through the vigorous tests and not only survived through it but came out as one of the best," He stated.

"I'm here to tell you that this is only the beginning. Being here today means you're committed to becoming the finest and most powerful mixedbloods on the planet, and you shall go through the flames of training to become that.

Being a mixedblood officer is not just limited to protecting the citizens from internal danger like terrorist organisations but also from dangers of intergalactic forces.

You will be trained to become the best protective force across galaxies.

As you train, lots of confidential information will be revealed, and it is your job to keep such information to yourself for the safety of the MBO, the planet, as well as your families and loved ones," Great commander paused as he got to this point.

"Understand one thing... Your loyalty to the MBO and to the safety of earthlings comes first before any other thing,"

Gustav felt Great commander Shion gaze lingering on him for a few seconds when he got to this point.

"Come forward one after the other to Receive the Emblem and officially become cadets," Great commander Shion voiced out as he pointed at the left side of the podium.

A glowing spherical white circle could be seen floating in mid-air on the left side.

One after the other, names were called, and the participants approached the podium.

Gustav's name was unsurprisingly called first.

He moved forward gracefully amidst the gazes of admiration, envy and jealousy and arrived within the circle.


A body-like emblem with large red-colored blood within appeared on the right chest area of his white uniform.

Gustav stared at it for a few moments before going back to his sitting area.

After Gustav was a youngster with long silver hair that reached his bum area. His entire being oozed a majestic aura as he walked gracefully towards the podium. His eyes were closed the entire time, but it seemed like he was able to see clearly as he arrived at the circle.

Some participants recognized this guy to be one of the special class candidates. Still, most people had no idea of his power level.

After he got his emblem as he walked down the podium, he turned his face towards Gustav's direction, and a slight smile appeared on his face as he nodded before going back to his seat.

It would seem the special class candidates were the first who were called upon to get their emblems.

Gustav couldn't recognize any of them, but he could feel the power coming from them, so he knew they were no ordinary cadets.

-"Oh my, that's Elevora,"

-"I know her, wasn't she said to be the most powerful among all special classes,"

-"No I think Damon is the most powerful,"

-"Idiot she's from Plankton city and she's almost at Gilberk rank,"

-"What the fuck? She's almost at Gilberk rank?"

-"I thought Gustav was the strongest,"

The place became noisier as a beautiful-looking female figure walked towards the podium.