The Bloodline System - Chapter 359 - Back To Base

Chapter 359 - Back To Base

Chapter 359 - Back To Base

One of Miss Aimee's eyebrows raised up as she stared at Gustav, "What makes you say this? Where are you going with these assumptions?" She asked with a suspicious tone.

"Well, what if... I mean just what if, planet Humbad was still in existence and the history books have been wrong all along?" Gustav said with a look of contemplation.

"Hmm," Miss Aimee gazed lingered on Gustav suspiciously.

Miss Aimee knew Gustav wasn't one to mention things like this flippantly. She could tell that this thought must be coming from somewhere, or something must have triggered it.

"Hmm, I feel like you're onto something but sorry to burst your bubble... Planet Humbad is no longer in existence just as the history books say," Miss Aimee said with a look of certainty before going back to closing her eyes once again.

"Hmm?" Gustav had a confused expression as he exclaimed.

'Why does she look so sure?' he wondered.

As if to answer his unspoken question Miss Aimee voiced out, "I've been to that part of the galaxy before... There's nothing there. It's just an empty place in space. Void of life and beauty. Only the stench of destruction lingers in where Humbad used to lie," Miss Aimee muttered with a slightly distressed voice.

"Oh..." Gustav mumbled.

'This is gonna be harder than I thought,' Gustav said internally with a slightly conflicted look.

"But for you to mention it... Tell me what you're onto. Why did you bring up such a topic?" Miss Aimee asked while opening one eye.

"Hmm well it's just a hunch... A strong hunch... Miss Aimee I believe the planet of Humbad still exists. I know that contradicts what you've seen but still..." Gustav couldn't tell Miss Aimee that the system gave him a quest.

"For some reasons I need to find it," Gustav added.

"I see... Then I know what to do," Miss Aimee replied.

"Huh? What are you planning, Miss Aimee?" Gustav asked.

"You need proof of its existence or inexistence... I'll send someone to investigate," Miss Aimee voiced out.

"But I won't be seeing you anymore from tomorrow... I'm on a tight deadline for this research," Gustav stated.

"Numbskull, there are still many ways for me to communicate with you even though you'll be in the MBO camp... Don't worry, once I have anything I'll reach out to you," Miss Aimee replied.

"Ah that's a relief then... I'm counting on you miss Aimee," Gustav smiled as he spoke.

Miss Aimee stared at him suspiciously before shaking her head with a wry smile on her face and going back to her meditation.

'I'll also be conducting investigations from my own side... Hopefully, I'll be able to discover something while in the MBO camp,' Gustav said Internally.


A few hours later, Gustav was back home. He would be leaving from here to the airport with Miss Aimee and Angy the next day.

Although he had decided not to speak to Angy until she did the task he mentioned, meeting like this was inevitable. He couldn't totally avoid her.

Just like that, the night went by, and Gustav woke up early the next morning to perform his daily tasks as quickly as he could.

He only finished around seven am and went to take his bath and dress up.

The previous day he had already cleared out his apartment, except for his bed.

He moved all his things to Miss Aimee's residence. Apparently, Miss Aimee already bought the place, so he decided to keep all the stuff that he couldn't carry with him there.

Gustav took all his necessary luggage that included several pieces of equipment and pieces of clothes.

They arrived at the airport around eight am, where a private aircraft was already waiting for them in one of the hangars.

These aircraft were only privy to the participants who had been enlisted into the MBO.

Gustav happened to meet Ria, Teemee, Glade, Matilda, and some other participants that he recognized from back then.

Glade gave him a piercing stare as he sat somewhere in the middle on the left side.

Gustav ignored the stare and kept looking forward with an unbothered expression.

Miss Aimee could more or less sense the hidden tension between Gustav and Angy on their way here, but she had decided not to butt into his affairs like that.

Especially this type that seemed quite delicate.

The aircraft lifted off into the sky, and in a few seconds, they were halfway across the city.

Angy's parents, along with Phil and a lot of other parents, had tears in their eyes as they waved off at the five aircraft that disappeared into the clouds above.

Reporters and media agencies had captured this scene, and a hundred mixedbloods that left the city at this moment had become more popular than ever.

They believed that the next time these mixedbloods appeared back in the city, they'd have become very powerful, and they also believed that the achievements these hundred would accomplish in the future would allow the city to be recognized even more.

This same scene was happening in practically every city in the world except for those that didn't have mixedbloods who participated in the entrance test.


Gustav had a headphone on his head as he listened to some music while staring at the clouds.


"Ah yes, he's incredible."

"He strikes me as edible."

"Prince charming, his iris glow."

"glow glow glow magical."

"Come take me in your arms..."


'Yusha songs are quite soothing to the ears... Too bad I won't be able to attend her concerts anytime soon,' Gustav thought as he remembered the purple-haired dazzling singer.

The aircraft passed over the ocean that Miss Aimee nearly disintegrated the day before; however, there was no sign that something happened the day before.

After passing above several cities, they finally arrived above a small wasteland that led to an exalted mountain range.

This place existed between the borders of two cities, which is currently the highest mountain region on earth.

An MBO base was located atop this mountain region. It was the same MBO base that the participants were brought to after the completion of the entrance test two weeks back.