The Bloodline System - Chapter 358 - A Display Of Strength

Chapter 358 - A Display Of Strength

Chapter 358 - A Display Of Strength

Gustav's eyes widened as she stared at the clouds surrounding them.

Due to their current position, he couldn't even see the city beneath because of clouds reducing visuality.

Miss Aimee was still holding onto him.

She waved her left arm.


The clouds surrounding them instantly scattered, allowing visuality to return back to normal.

Apart from the MBO tower, there was no other building that was as tall as the one Gami Dojo resided in, so they couldn't see any other neighboring tall buildings opposite or on the sides.

However, albeit tiny, the view of the city could be seen from this position.

"I never unleash my second bloodline because it's more powerful than my first and is only capable of causing destruction... It's practically the opposite of my first which is creation-related," Miss Aimee explained.

Gustav listened without saying a word.

"At my original strength, I can destroy half of this city by using one of my low-level attacks," Miss Aimee added.

Gustav's eyes widened even more as he heard that.

He knew Miss Aimee well, so he could tell that she wasn't bragging or spouting crap with this claim of hers.

"Let me take you somewhere else to demonstrate how disastrous my second bloodline is," Miss Aimee decided before moving forward casually again while still holding onto Gustav.

Just like earlier, Gustav only saw blurs, and in the next moment, she and Gustav appeared over a massive body of water that spanned for thousands and thousands of miles.

"This is the Pacific ocean," Miss Aimee voiced out as a purplish aura like light started beaming out of her body.

They continue floating in mid-air, thousands of meters above the water.

Gustav noticed that light rays in the environment started gathering and moving towards miss Aimee.

"Deactivate limiters for a few seconds," Miss Aimee commanded.


The pressure on the entire vicinity instantly increased.

The birds and every flying living creature avoided this area and started moving in the opposite direction due to fright.

Gustav was right beside miss Aimee, so he was shielded from the massive pressure that was oozing from her presence.

The aircraft flying over that area of the Pacific had alarms going off within it as the AIs installed within warned of the anomaly in the distance and advised the pilot to change course.

Space surrounding this area began to twist and turn.

"Watch," Miss Aimee voiced out as she pointed her right finger towards the body of water below.

In the next instant...

Thwoooshh~ Boooommmmm!

A massive hole appeared in the middle of the ocean as walls of water ascended high up into the sky.


It was a phenomenal sight as Gustav and Miss Aimee, who were thousands of meters in mid-air, were surrounded by the wall of massive waves that spanned for several ten thousand miles.

Gustav could see the bottom of the ocean.

He activated God Eyes and noticed the massive crater that had been created from Miss Aimee's attack just now.

Shock and overwhelming disbelief could not be used to describe how Gustav was feeling at the moment as he stared at the crater that was charred black with a red glow surrounding the edges.

After about thirty seconds, the wall of waves descended back into the ocean as it slowly regained its tranquility.

Miss Aimee's limiter went back to being active, and she turned to stare at Gustav.

"So long as light exists, I can convert it to a power of destruction... Every form of light serves to empower my second bloodline," She explained.

Gustav's wide-open mouth only closed a while later, 'This is practically being god-like... I had such a teacher the entire time?'

Gustav never doubted Miss Aimee's strength but seeing what she could do in person, he realised that he had really downplayed what she was capable of.

This still made him wonder how powerful the most powerful mixedblood was for him to battle Miss Aimee to a stalemate.

'Now I see why they can't get rid of her... It would definitely be a great loss to the MBO and to earth if anything was to happen to Miss Aimee,' Gustav thought.

'Even though that man is very powerful, he's just one person... If something was to happen to earth in the future, Miss Aimee is insurance,'

"What are you thinking of?" Miss Aimee asked after noticing Gustav's expression.

"Nothing... Miss Aimee, I have another question. How many planets did you manage to conquer for Earth in your younger days?" Gustav asked.

"I never joined them in such nonsense... Although I never did anything about it too. I always backed out of missions concerning conquering other planets," Miss Aimee explained.

"Hmm, miss Aimee since you're this powerful, you could change the MBO yourself... I don't think you need me," Gustav voiced out.

"Mmhh? It's more complicated than you think... You'll come to understand later why It has to be you," Miss Aimee stated.

'Why do I feel like she's being held back by something... Like they have a...' Gustav had a suspicious look on his face.

"You can do it... I believe in you. For now, you do not have enough power to shoulder the revelation of everything, so this is enough," Miss Aimee added.

"Oh," Gustav muttered as Miss Aimee bolted across the sky with Gustav in her arms.


In a few moments, they arrived back at the dojo.

Miss Aimee was capable of using light rays to increase her speed, so it was like she was teleporting.

"By the way, Miss Aimee, what do you know about planet Humbad?" Gustav asked as they arrived back in the dojo.

"Hmm? The original planet of the Slarkovs? Elaborate," Miss Aimee voiced out.

"Is there a possibility that planet Humbad is still in existence?" Gustav asked outrightly.

"No, planet Humbad has been destroyed just like the historical records say," Miss Aimee replied bluntly.

"But how can we know that this is truly correct if there's no proof? The historical records do say that, but what if it's incorrect?" Gustav asked.

One of miss Aimee eyebrows raised up as she stared at Gustav, "What makes you say this? Where are you going with these assumptions?" She asked with a suspicious tone.


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