The Bloodline System - Chapter 352 - Angy Gives An Explanation

Chapter 352 - Angy Gives An Explanation

Chapter 352 - Angy Gives An Explanation

"I know you have something to say... Go ahead first before I say mine," Gustav stated.

Angy paused her eating as she heard that and stared at Gustav with a wry smile on her face.

"I'm so predictable aren't I?" Angy voiced out.

"Hmm, well we wouldn't be here if you didn't have things to say," Gustav muttered as he gulped down some water and cleaned his mouth.

"Erm, the thing is... I- I wanted to apologize for stopping you the other day..." Angy said with a crestfallen expression.

"I know it seems like naivety but only did that because I know what it's like to have a little brother... Although your situation is way different from mine and your relationship with him is practically the opposite of mine with my brother, I still felt like you killing him would have been too much but now I understand something that I didn't get before..." Angy muttered as she stared at Gustav.

"However, even if time was reminded, I would still stop you if killing him would end up hurting you mentally..." Angy's voice suddenly turned solemn as she got to this point.

"You already have less faith in the world... The world failed you and turned you into what you are today. I'm not saying it's bad but I wouldn't want your personality to take a turn for the worse because of a decision I could have stopped. I would hate myself forever if something ever happened to you," Angy's lips trembled as she spoke.

"I understand why you would want to do it and I promise I won't stop you again if it's a normal circumstance but I will not allow you to kill a member of your family... If he comes close to you next time..." Angy raised her head and stared at Gustav with a decisive expression.

"I will kill him myself," She voiced out.

At this point, Gustav had his mouth opened slightly in surprise as after listening to Angy.

He stared at her hands and noticed that they were trembling slightly.

'Just how much courage did it take for her to decide on such a thing,' Gustav was really moved by her decision.

'I kind of figured she stopped me thinking I was going to get affected if I killed Endric... *Sigh* She's overthinking things,' Gustav said Internally.

"It's one thing to make this claim... But can you truly do it? Are you capable enough? Is your resolve strong enough and most importantly... Are you powerful enough?" Gustav asked in succession.

"I- I a-m... I mean, I can become strong enough to defeat him if I truly stopped holding back," Angy replied with a shaky tone.

"Hmm," Gustav didn't really doubt her statement because Angy really had a lot of potentials if she went full force but then this wasn't just a case of defeat. He still doubted that she had enough resolve to actually kill someone.

"Why are you so adamant in believing that my mental state will be affected if I was to kill Endric?" Gustav questioned.

"...Gustav can you tell me that you never shared any good memories with Endric," Angy muttered.

Gustav's mouth opened slightly but then he closed it back unable to say a word.

"If you can tell me that you never shared one good memory with Endric I'll never interfere with your affairs again," She added.

Memories began to flood into Gustav's head back to when Endric was just a baby.

He had started being maltreated at that time but he always felt happy whenever he sneakily went to his little brother's cot to play with him.

He remembered Endric's innocent and cute smile as a baby. When Endric was two years of age, he stood in front of Gustav to protect him from his parents' beating at that time.

Endric had already been confirmed to have an A grade bloodline so their parents treated him with so much care. When he started screaming and crying because of Gustav's maltreatment they had to stop whenever he was present.

Gustav was reminded of when his little brother was his source of refuge and happiness when he was still around the ages of one to five.

Everything began to change when Endric became a student of Echelon Academy and got promoted to a class beyond his age.

He remembered how Endric started to see others as lesser than himself.

Gustav's parents at that time didn't caution him and everyone around him kept singing his praises so his character started to warp into something more twisted.

Gustav tried his best to correct some of Endric's wrong actions when Endric bullied a classmate but it was practically him versus society.

Everyone praised Endric for his wrongdoings while Gustav chastised him. Endric liked being in the spotlight so he stopped listening to Gustav.

At one time Endric witnessed Gustav being beaten up without being able to fight back.

This was practically the turning point for Endric.

"Why do I have such a weak person such as yourself as my big brother?"

Gustav could never forget this question that was asked with a look of immense disdain.

From that point onwards Endric stopped protecting him and even became among those that assaulted him.

Gustav had a slightly conflicted look as these memories flooded in.

"Listen... Your little brother was surrounded by insane people like your parents all his life. He's twelve years old just like my brother so I think he still has room for change if he finds the right environment," Angy voiced out.

"Hmm, I had already given him several chances to back away but he still came back what makes you think he'll change?" Gustav asked with a slightly annoyed expression.

He didn't like the fact that he had to recall all those memories because it made him feel like Angy was right to have stopped him.

"He still hasn't been given a change of surroundings... The MBO training camp will be the best place for him to learn humility since he's not the only one who's special but if he doesn't like you said..." Angy slightly raised her right hand as she spoke.

"If he still comes back looking to kill you... Let me take care of it. I'll kill him myself," Angy stated.

"Hmm," Gustav leaned his chin against his fists as he placed his elbows on the table.

"Angy, I have a question for you?" Gustav said as he stared deeply into Angy's eyes.

"Oh, al-alright," Angy could feel her face burn up as Gustav maintained eye contact with her.

"Do you have feelings for me?" Gustav asked with a tone of mysticism.