The Bloodline System - Chapter 351 - Date With Angy

Chapter 351 - Date With Angy

Chapter 351 - Date With Angy

Gustav arched his mascular brown fur covered arm backwards as he arrived in front of the creature and threw his fist forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Several heavy sounds of collisions reverberated across the place as Gustav's fist slammed into the legs of the creature again.

It was very nimble, so it was able to counter Gustav's fist by raising its legs.

Gustav grabbed hold of both legs after the creature managed to counter his attack and pull it with force.

"Hnggghhh!" Gustav easily overpowered the creature and flung it towards the side, causing it to slam into several trees.

'I don't have all day, so I have to make this quick,' Gustav said Internally before leaping forward with a decisive expression.


About an hour later, Gustav could be seen sitting at the bottom of a stream with closed eyes.

He was only clad in shorts as he sat at the bottom and held his breath. His clothes were on the surface.

'Now, this isn't such a bad place to meditate,' Gustav said Internally as he closed his eyes and focused on channelling his bloodline.

'I will be breaking through to the serial rank anytime from now... That was pretty fast,' Gustav said Internally as he checked his bloodline.

He noticed the roots his original bloodline was forming had become so long that they were now connecting to different parts of his body.


About two hours later, Gustav was out of the border and was currently in the neighborhood area, lifting a young lady on his back as he ran forward.

The young lady had a hearty smile on her face as she hugged Gustav's back to her chest and closed her eyes.

It was obvious that she was already in her world of imagination as Gustav dashed fastly towards her choice of destination.

In a few more minutes, they arrived in front of a nursing home, and Gustav dropped her.

"Oh, thank you, Gustav, here's my contact," Just as she voiced out in delight, she noticed that Gustav was no longer in front of her.

"Oh, where did he go? I wasn't able to get his contact," She voiced out with a dissatisfied expression.


As Gustav dashed back home, he checked out the progress of his daily tasks.

[Daily Tasks (3/9): Stop a stranger on the road and give them a lift on your back to their destination ✓]

One would think this would be a hard task, but since Gustav was quite popular in the neighborhood, he only needed to walk up to anyone and ask if he could do this.

So, it was quite simple. However, that didn't change the fact that Gustav saw it as weird.

It was already around two in the afternoon, so Gustav knew he had to be fast in completing these tasks since he had a date with Angy by 5pm.

Gustav started heading back towards the forest area before the border.

When he got there, he started leaping back and forth repeatedly.


After another two and a half hours had gone by, Gustav checked his progress.

[Daily Tasks (6/9): Race back and forth to the MBO tower from your apartment✓]

Now he only had about three more tasks to perform for the daily tasks to be complete.

The issue with the tasks was that they were a lot of time-taking tasks, so he spent longer time finishing some of them than he normally would.

But right now, he couldn't continue with the tasks because, as promised earlier, he had a date with Angy.

He decided he would come back to finish them after the date, so he decided to head home and prepare.

In about twenty minutes more, Gustav was done with preparations.

He moved out of his apartment, dressed in a wine-colored suit he bought some time ago with a black cotton fabric within.

He even styled his hair a bit.

He met Angy in the passageway dressed in a tight long sleeveless white and pink gown.

Both of them had made each other speechless for about a few seconds as they stared at each other.

Angy's face turned really flushed as she stared at Gustav's handsome face. Gustav also stared back at her with a look of hidden admiration. His eyes stopped on her cherry red lips, and he recalled something causing him to look away.

"Erm, shall we?" Gustav asked while gesturing towards the right that led to the stairs.

"Hnm," Angy smiled in response as she walked side by side with him.

Different kinds of thoughts were running about her mind as she remembered his gaze a while ago.

Downstairs a ride was already waiting to take them to the Cremlin Restaurant, which was about three blocks away from where Angy and Gustav usually parted ways when heading for school in the past.

Angy was unable to say a word within the vehicle due to nervousness as they travelled towards their destination.

Gustav, on the other hand, still had different thoughts circulating in his mind and had decided he was going to mention what was on his mind to Angy today.

In a few minutes, they arrived in front of a thirty-seven-story beautiful-looking building and walked in.

They headed towards the elevator and stopped at the thirtieth floor, which happened to be where the restaurant was situated.


A few minutes later, Gustav and Angy were seated in an open space where a view of the city could be seen on their left side.

Their table was packed with all kinds of delicious foods Gustav ordered, and they started to feast.

"Hmm, their pasibu stake is passable, but they really need to change the cook that made this Tradashi dish... Boss Danzo is so much better," Gustav muttered as he ate.

Eating like this always reminded him of Boss Danzo.

"You really are a food lover," Angy smiled as she voiced out before putting another spoonful of food in her mouth.

"Have you seen anyone who cooks that doesn't love food?" Gustav asked.

Angy smiled back as she kinda understood what Gustav meant.

"So Angy... You go first," Gustav suddenly voiced out.

"What do you mean?" Angy asked after sipping some water.

"I know you have something to say... Go ahead first before I say mine," Gustav stated.