The Bloodline System - Chapter 353 - Heartbreaking Decision

Chapter 353 - Heartbreaking Decision

Chapter 353 - Heartbreaking Decision

"Do you have feelings for me?" Gustav asked with a tone of mysticism.

"Huh?" Angy's eyes widened as she heard that.

"W-wha... I- I..." Angy was shocked by the unexpected question, so she stammered repeatedly before closing her mouth and looking down.

Gustav silently waited for her answer.

After breathing in and out speedily for a few seconds, she finally answered, "Yes... I do have feelings for you,"

Angy looked up and placed her right hand on her chest.

"Hmm, just as I thought," Gustav muttered.

"Angy..." Gustav called out.

"Y-yes," Angy responded with a longing gaze.

"The truth is... I am also quite fond of you," Gustav voiced out.

Angy eyes dazzled with anticipation as she heard that.

"But... I will not accept this feeling of yours," Gustav suddenly voiced out.

"Huh? Why?" Angy asked with a look of confusion.

"Many reasons, but let's start with you becoming a distraction, a form of weakness that I don't want and your recent claim... Angy, have you ever killed someone before?" Gustav asked.

Angy didn't even need to answer. They both knew she had never killed someone before.

"Angy, now I will tell you the decision I have come to," Gustav started speaking again after the initial silence.

Angy could hear the loud sound of her heart pounding as Gustav spoke.

"First off, we will not be partners within the MBO..."

Angy's eyes widened as Gustav's first statement drifted into her ears.

"We will stay away from one another. I will not speak to you even if you try to speak to me. We shall neither be friends nor shall we be enemies... You can live and train however you will over there, but let's make sure to avoid each other,"

With every word spoken, Angy felt like her heart was being wrenched.

'No, no how? Why?' Tears began to stream out of Angy's eyes as Gustav kept speaking.

Gustav didn't even stop talking when he noticed her tears.

Gustav finished listing out his plans, and Angy stared down as she wiped her uncontrollable tears with her sleeves.

'I know it's my fault. I deserve this for being too soft...' Different thoughts of self-blame streamed into her mind.

A deep feeling of sadness welled up from within her. She remembered Gustav mentioning that he would pick a better girl to be his companion.

"Angy..." Gustav suddenly called to her.

"There's only one way to stop this," Gustav added.

Angy raised her head, and her sad eyes glittered with hope.

"When you finally kill a person with your own strength and jurisdiction, I'll accept your feelings," Gustav stated.

"Kill someone?" Angy voiced out.

"Yes... I still think you're not capable enough to take someone's life, so this is my one task for you. I cannot let you be my partner if you're too naive and unable to be decisive enough at moments that could be life-threatening.

If you manage to pull it off, I will accept your feelings," Gustav explained and stood to his feet right after.

"It's your decision to make in the end," Gustav added before turning around to leave.

"I'm heading to the restroom. I'll give you some time to think by yourself," Gustav said as he walked away.

On Angy's face, it was obvious that a lot of thoughts were going through her mind as she sat there.

Gustav was on his way to the restroom he bumped into someone familiar.

"...Aren't you Mr. Gon's granddaughter?" Gustav voiced out as he noticed the girl with green and white hair walking along the corridor towards him.

"Ah yes, you remember me, Gustav," She voiced out with a look of delight.

She moved closer to Gustav and stood in front of him.

She suddenly jumped onto Gustav and locked her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

"What are you doing?" Gustav voiced out, but before he could drag her off, she leaned towards his neck and gave him a love bite.

Gustav felt her cold tongue and soft lips press against his neck.

His eyes widened as he reached out and grabbed the girl's neck before forcefully pulling her from himself.


Gustav flung her towards the other side, and she reacted by doing a flip in the air, landing several feet away.

He placed his hand on his right neck area and rubbed it with a disgusted look on his face.

Vera had a smile on her face as she licked her lips and stared at Gustav, "I knew you'd taste sweet... Ever since you defeated me along with everyone who was mind-controlled during the last test phase, I couldn't get you out of my mind hnghh," Vera voiced out and made a weird moaning sound as she placed her hand on her right chest.

"You hit me right here... I can still feel your hand on my chest till now," Vera said as she squeezed her right boob with a look of delight.

Gustav's face was full of confusion right now as she listened and stared at her.

'Why does she seem different from when I saw her at the party?' Gustav wondered as he recalled that she was silent and snobbish all through the party.

Luckily only a single person had passed through this corridor since this whole scenario began. This corridor led to the bathroom area, so it wasn't crowded in the slightest.

The person who even passed was a man who gave Gustav a thumbs up and a wink when he saw Vera kissing his neck.

"Look, I don't know what you..." Before Gustav could complete his statement, Vera interrupted.

"Let me be yours... That girl isn't good enough for you. Just like you said, she's soft," Vera voiced out as she moved closer to Gustav.

"You were eavesdropping on our conversation?" Gustav voiced out with a look of realisation.

"What does that matter? She isn't right for you, but I am, hngh," Vera bit her lips as she spoke and walked to Gustav's front again.

"You're clearly delusional. Get out of my way," Gustav had decided that he had enough of this and shoved her aside to start moving forward.