The Bloodline System - Chapter 350 - Nine Daily Tasks

Chapter 350 - Nine Daily Tasks

Chapter 350 - Nine Daily Tasks

("Failure to complete even one of these tasks will result in a three-day punishment,") The system added before displaying the three days worth of daily tasks together.

Gustav's eyes opened wider as he stared at the nine daily tasks.


[Daily Tasks]

<Description (1/9) > Do a consecutive front and back six meters leap seventy times>

<Description (2/9) > Use a single finger to support your entire body weight for three hours>

<Description (3/9) > Stop a stranger on the road and give them a lift on your back to their destination>

<Description (4/9) > Hunt and defeat two Level ten Giorno Stallion mixedbreeds>

<Daily Tasks (5/9) > Survive underwater for two hours without any equipment>



Gustav kept reading the descriptions one after the other, and for each one, his facial expression would change.

This kept happening till he completed the last one.

"What is up with these weird quests? And I have to finish them today?" Gustav said with a tone of disbelief as he stared at the list from top to bottom and from bottom to top repeatedly.

("What do you mean weird? You better check out the punishments before thinking of trying to ditch any of these,") The system voiced out.


[Punishment for failing to complete tasks]

<Halved stats for a day>

<-500 Credits from shop currency>


[Rewards for completion]

<+1,200,000 EXP>

<All skills level up>

<+2 Stats points for all attributes>

<Recreation Evolution>


Gustav stared at the punishments and scoffed, "Who are you trying to scare with those? I'll definitely complete the tasks even though they are just as weird as you are," Gustav voiced out.

("Look who's talking? Don't get me started with you, Virgin,") The system retorted back.

Gustav; "..."

"By the way, what's that teleportation thing? How is that a punishment?" Gustav asked.

("You'll find out when you fail... If you're so curious, why don't you consider failing?") The system laughed lightly as it suggested.

Gustav ignored its words, reminding himself not to ask the system any questions anymore.

He moved out of his apartment a few minutes later and went on to start the daily tasks.

He decided to hunt for the mixedbreed needed first. The Giorno Stallion mixedbreed was a muscular and rare type of mixedbreed.

It was like a combination of a gorilla and a horse due to its very muscular limbs.

Gustav had only come into contact with this type of mixedbreed once within the border, and at that time, he was unable to defeat it because of its speed and power.

With a pound of its two front legs, it was capable of crushing objects with a sturdy weight of four thousand pounds.

Gustav had already done research on them, so he knew they liked to hang out in moist areas to moisturize their hoofs.


Gustav arrived within the border in a few minutes and started moving towards the northwestern area.

He used the map to move towards a place within the border where a small swamp was located.

Gustav arrived at the swampy area in a few and made use of one of the vines to climb atop a tree to scout the place.

He kept looking around for the next thirty minutes till he finally found one, a Giorno Stallion mixedbreed standing in a muddy, swampy area in between two trees.

Gustav slowly and silently advanced by making use of the vines to swing forward before landing on a tree branch a few meters from the position of the mixedbreed.

The instant Gustav landed on the tree, the mixedbreed noticed his presence and instantly turned around with an alarmed look.

It stared at Gustav and suddenly jumped forward before Gustav could get to analyze the situation.

Thoomm! Thoom!

Its two front legs crashed into the tree just as Gustav also jumped away from it.


The tree was sent crashing down instantly, causing a loud sound of snapping branches to reverberated across the place.

Gustav grabbed a vine and swung forward as the mixedbreed chased after from behind.

The Giorno Stallion mixedbreed was also capable of leaping far distances with its powerful legs.

The instant this particular one leapt, it arrived behind Gustav with its two front legs pounding forward with intensity.

Gustav let go of the vine and started free falling, which allowed him to miss the leg of the mixedbreed.

'First off, before I waste my time... Is that a level ten?' Gustav asked.

("That is a level 10... Lucky for you, it's still bordering on the line of breakthrough into level 11,") The system replied, causing Gustav to sigh in relief.

("But guess how many levels it will go up if it manages to eat you?") The system added.

Gustav; "..."

Gustav quickly leaped backwards in the next instant, dodging the landing of the creature.

Mud was sent splashing everywhere, but Gustav still bolted forward with speed in the next instant.

His speed was reduced due to the thick mud that kept splattering everywhere as he moved forward.

The Giorno Stallion also leaped forward, stomping towards Gustav's face.

Gustav could feel the intensity and the amount of force those mighty legs carried as they moved towards his face.

Luckily he was only slower than it a little when making use of sprint.

Gustav spun around and sent his palm towards the right front leg of the creature.

[Slash has been activated]

A milky glow coated his palm as it arrived before the leg and slammed into it.


A loud metallic sound rang out as the creature spiralled across the air and landed several meters towards the side due to the collision.

'Looks like what they say about its legs being extremely sturdy is no joke,' Gustav said Internally as he discovered that his hit didn't manage to damage the creature's legs.

The Giorno Stallion quickly jumped back to its feet again after being beaten down and ran towards Gustav.

Gustav, who had realised that he shouldn't aim for its legs, started transforming into the mutated bull.

His legs that were initially being trapped by the slightly deep mud were now moving with ease.