The Bloodline System - Chapter 349 - Mr Gon's Gift

Chapter 349 - Mr Gon's Gift

Chapter 349 - Mr Gon's Gift

He grabbed the small box on his reading tab and started to unwrap it.

He already knew what was within was recorded footage, so he wasted no time tapping the play button.


A holographic footage displaying a particular part of the city appeared before him.

The moment Gustav saw the highrise buildings on both sides of the road, he instantly recognized this part of the city.

The footage focused on the part of the road where the transportation spatial ring could be seen.

"Isn't this...?" Gustav mumbled as he kept watching the bleeping dark blue and purplish waves within the spatial ring.


The spatial ring made some weird sounds and brightened up a little, and in the next instant, Gustav saw himself walking out of the ring naked.

"Just as I thought... It was truly that day," Gustav said with a look of displeasure.

'How is it that I didn't notice this?' Gustav wondered as he kept watching the footage.

He could be seen breathing in and out profusely as he walked a few steps forward.

'Based on the closeness of the recording device, this is within my range of detection, which means it was zoomed in from far away,' Gustav analysed.

As Gustav sped off into the distance a few moments later, the recording device zoomed out, and Gustav figured out just how far it was from his location.

His speculation was right because he could tell that the video was taken from more than ten blocks away.

"We got him," These were the next words Guatav heard before the footage came to an end.

"For Mr. Gon to give me this... He must have gone through some trouble to acquire it," Gustav muttered with a look of gratitude as a milky glow covered his hands.

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

The object that displayed the footage slowly disintegrated and started to disappear into thin air.

"This shows his sincerity," Gustav said as he closed his palm completely after the object had been completely incinerated.

He knew how this would have caused a big stir if it was revealed to the general public since no Zulu ranked mixedblood was supposed to have a body as sturdy as his.

A lot had already been revealed to the general public, and he was still being questioned based on those revelations.

This would make things far worse than the current situation.

Gustav decided that he would call Mr. Gon later to thank him.

A few moments later, he proceeded to leave the house.

After several hours had gone by, Gustav was within the border, standing on a rocky path with a pinkish glow spread outwards from his body.

A large crab-like creature with green pincers could be seen moving according to the movement of his fingers and words.

"Stop," Gustav commanded, and the creature immediately came to a stop.

Gustav checked on his Yarki and noticed that he still had around thirty percent of energy left.

"I'm able to keep level seven mixedbreeds under my control for about thirty minutes before running out of energy." Gustav took note of this.

In the last few hours, he had been using his Yarki on different levels of mixedbreeds and calculating the usage of energy in tune with the time he spent putting them under his control.

He has only used his Yarki on the mixedbreed in front of him for about five minutes, but he was able to calculate the time he would be able to keep them under his control if his energy was full.

'That's enough experimenting for today...' Gustav dashed forward and used slash repeatedly.

[Slash has been activated]

His arms were coated in a milky glow as they sliced through the legs of the creature, making it handicapped a few moments later.

[You have killed a Quintlet mutated Crab]

[+20,000 EXP]

Gustav deactivated his Yarki afterwards and took the remains of the mixedbreed before leaving the scene.

He didn't want to make the mistake of overusing his Yarki once again, but with today's experiment, he could more or less understand how his Yarki worked.

It would be able to affect creatures and beings three to four levels higher than him, but the higher the level, the lesser the amount of time they will remain under its influence.

The serpentine creature he fought the other time was only under its control for less than a minute. Gustav could tell that if he wanted to make use of his Yarki on a creature one level higher, it wouldn't last up to a second.

He decided he would come here again tomorrow to test it out and keep training with it for the next few days that he was going to be around the neighborhood.

Gustav got back into his apartment close to midnight and immediately started the process of recharging his Yarki.

This time it was way faster than before since it didn't completely run out of energy.

In a few hours, Gustav went to bed after it got recharged back to a hundred percent.

Gustav woke up around ten am in the morning, different from his usual time of waking up.

Because of his lack of sleep during these days, he had actually slept longer than he wanted to.

("Good morning sunshine,")

Gustav heard the voice of the system as he stood to his feet.

"What's with the cheesy greeting?" Gustav had a weird look on his face as he spoke.

("Have you forgotten when you mentioned that I didn't interact with you..? Well, I'm doing that now,") The girly voice of the system turned cuter as it spoke.

"That sounds quite disgusting... Stop it," Gustav said with a look of discomfort.

("Guess what's disgusting? Your morning breath,") The system voiced out with a slightly annoyed tone.

Gustav; "..."

("Aren't you forgetting something?") The system asked.

"Hmm... Forgetting what?" Gustav asked.

("Your daily tasks,") The system reminded.

"I didn't forget my daily tasks. I'm not about to start today's daily task... I'm not that dum..." Gustav paused as he remembered something.

"I missed two days... Which means I have to complete three days worth of daily tasks. A total of nine today..." Gustav stated with a look of realisation.

("There you go Sherlock,") The system voiced out with a solemn tone.

("Failure to complete even one of these tasks will result in a three-day punishment,")