The Bloodline System - Chapter 348 - Gustav's Agreement

Chapter 348 - Gustav's Agreement

Chapter 348 - Gustav's Agreement

"Hmm, but what if she's already dead? It's been two years, and before you even manage to get strong enough to go on intergalactic missions, more years will pass... Even if she's alive now, what makes you think she will still be alive then?" Gustav asked pessimistically.

"I have faith that she still is," Matilda answered.

"That's just being naive," Gustav replied while shaking his head in pity.

"It's better than being saddled down in despair..." Matilda said with a look of determination, "I will save Dahria and her people... If Dahria is d..d..dead... I will make sure I honor her memory by saving her people,"

Gustav sighed as he heard that and turned to face Matilda.

"So, the main reason you actually needed me was not just to stall your betrothal but also to help you save this girl and her people, right?" Gustav stated.

"Yes, please... I'm sorry for keeping everything from you till now... I will totally understand if you decide to back out now," Matilda stared at the ground as she spoke.

Gustav stood in front of Matilda and raised his right hand before placing it on her head.

"I think it's admirable that you'd think of doing something like that for someone you've been disconnected from for up to seven years," Gustav said as he raised her head up to stare at him.

"I was skeptical about your intentions at first, but now it's all good," Gustav said as a small smile appeared on his face.

"I'll help you..."

The instant those words dropped from his mouth, a broad smile appeared on Matilda's face as she jumped into Gustav's embrace.

"Thank you," She muttered cheerfully as she hugged his body to hers.

"Whoa," Gustav was surprised by the sudden embrace and was pushed backwards till his back was placed against the tree.

"Ahem," Gustav voiced out, causing the teary-eyed Matilda to regain her senses.

Her eyes widened as she quickly separated herself from him.

"You didn't let me finish... I'll help so long as it doesn't clash with my goals because I also have plans of touring galaxies," Gustav stated.

"That's still fine by me," Matilda displayed her full set of beautiful white teeth as she voiced out.

"Hmm, alright," Gustav had expected her to be disappointed by his statement, but she still seemed hyper.

"That being said, we need to start making plans as soon as possible, and you need to become po..." Before Gustav could complete his sentence, someone screamed out his name from up ahead.

Matilda turned around and noticed Angy far in the distance.

"We'll discuss this later," Gustav said as both of them started walking forward.

Angy was coming towards that direction with E.E, Glade, Ria and Teemee, along with a few guards from the Kwoiune family.

They noticed Gustav and Matilda coming from up ahead side by side.

Some of the guards even started voicing out their admiration as they noticed Gustav and Matilda.

-"Young Miss Matilda and Young sir Gustav are a perfect match,"

One of them voiced out.

Angy's forehead creased as she heard that. She was tempted to scream, 'Shut up,' but she held herself back.

"Gustav, Matilda, you both have been gone for quite some time..." Ria voiced out the moment they were close.

"We had personal business to talk about..." Gustav replied as they arrived in front of them.

"Personal business like..?"

This was the same question on everyone's mind, but Ria was the only one dumb enough to voice it out.

"None of your business," Matilda responded.

Ria; "..."

"Hey man, imma have to leave now. I need to get back home to my momma," E.E voiced out as he stood in front of Gustav.

"You should meet my sister one of these days... She's a huge fan," E.E added.

"Oh, I wouldn't mind that," Gustav replied.

"You two would make cute babies together... She's single," E.E winked as he added, causing Ria and Teemee to burst into laughter behind.

Angy was not finding that remark funny, so her forehead creased even more.

Glade was on her friend's side, so she also didn't laugh.

Gustav laughed lightly before speaking, "Alright, you need to go,"

"Yeah, I think I do... before Angy stares me to death," E.E said as he noticed Angy's dark glance.

"Take care, man,"

E.E shook Gustav's hand before turning around with some of the guards escorting him.

"I think I'll leave you girls to catch up first," Gustav said as he started walking away also.

Ria and Teemee followed behind, leaving Angy, Glade and Matilda there.

Matilda smiled at both of them before gesturing for them to follow her back to their house.

Several minutes later, the three girls sat in the dining area and started discussing.

"Matilda, do you like Gustav?" Angy asked with a slightly shaky voice.

"Huh?" Matilda exclaimed with a confused expression.


An hour later, Gustav and Angy arrived back home.

Angy looked swell and quite delighted as they got down from the ride that brought them back.

She and Gustav walked upstairs to the last floor amidst the glares and looks of admiration their neighbors were throwing at them.

As they arrived at the corridor, Angy spoke.

"Gustav, do you still remember our date tomorrow?" Angy asked.

"Sure I do... Where do you want us to go?" Gustav asked.

"Let's meet up at the Cremlin Restaurant by five pm tomorrow, is that okay?" Angy asked.

"Five pm... Alright, cool," Gustav responded as they arrived in front of each other's apartments.

Angy bid him goodbye and walked into her apartment.

As she shut the door behind, she breathed out a long breath and placed her back against the door, "I'll have to make use of the advice Glade gave me," She muttered underneath her breath before moving forward.

Gustav also arrived within his apartment and took off his jacket.

"I can just hold off whatever I want to say till tomorrow," Gustav muttered as he proceeded to head towards the bathroom.

Several minutes later, he finished showering and moved to his bedroom to change.

"I might have to spend the entire night within the borders testing out my Yarki," Gustav said as he got clothed in black.

"I will also be getting my armor clothing tomorrow... Friday hunting the mixedbreeds needed for the new department Mr. Gon is giving me..." Gustav's mind suddenly recalled something as he got to this point.

"I am yet to open the package Mr. Gon gave me," Gustav stated.

He finished putting on his clothes and walked towards the living room.

He grabbed the small box on his reading tab and started to unwrap it.