The Bloodline System - Chapter 338 - Isolation Punishment

Chapter 338 - Isolation Punishment

Chapter 338 - Isolation Punishment

On the holographic monitor, a man in uniform could be seen speaking.

"Your punishment for these offences are as follows..."

"You will be locked in the isolation room for two months," The man on the screen started stating.

"You will only be fed once every two days,"

"You will undergo character evaluation every week, and if no changes have been discovered, an extra one week will be added to your isolation time,"

"You will not be joining the others at the start of year one training,"


As the man kept listing out Endric's punishments, meanwhile Endric was in his thoughts.

'I lost? I don't even remember...' Just as he was saying internally, images of his fight with Gustav started popping into his head one after the other.

'I lost so disgracefully...' Endric gritted his teeth as he thought.

'And now I have to stay in this place for two months...' Endric looked around with an expression of frustration written all over his face.

He was partly listening to the man in the holographic monitor while also looking around the darkroom.

The only source of light at the moment was the holographic monitor.

There were no tables, chairs, rugs or any object to be seen around.

"No, you can't lock me in here!" Endric suddenly shouted out.

"Your training will be held in this place, and you shall not see the light of day again for the next two months... If you're of good behavior, your isolation period will not be extended," The man in the holographic monitor totally ignored Endric's outrage and kept speaking.

"Hey, didn't you hear me, old man! Let me out!" Endric screamed out again as he stood up.

"Hyaahhh!" He shouted out as he activated his bloodline and tried using telekinetic waves.


"Huh?" He discovered that he could only send his will out five inches away from himself.

His abilities had been suppressed.

Endric didn't give up and moved towards one side of the wall before pushing his hand forward.


His telekinesis was like a gust of wind that only grazed the walls softly.

"Escaping is impossible... Trying to escape will only add more days to your isolation," The man on the screen added.

Endric's face squeezed up as he heard that. He felt like he was going to run mad, 'It's all his fault,'

The image of Gustav appeared in his mind as a look of hate hung on his face.

'I will make sure I have my revenge... Mother, father...' Endric fell to his knees with an annoyed and hopeless look as he said internally.

"Your special class title is at risk of being lost if you fail to show character improvement..."

The man on the screen kept talking.

Endric had no choice but to bear it and listen with an expression of anguish displayed on his face.

'Just you wait... Big brother Gustav. Even though you're now more powerful than you used to be, I refuse to accept that your strength is higher than mine... You wait...'


About eight hours later, it was ten in the morning, and Gustav had spent the entire night and part of the morning recovering the energy of his Yarki.

He was feeling fatigued, but his Yarki was only eighty percent charged at the moment.

Maltida's party would be held in the next four hours, which meant he would also have to skip today's daily tasks since he needed to recharge the Yarki completely before the start of the party.

Gustav kept it up and stayed indoors doing the same thing he had been doing for the past one day.

It was already getting pretty boring for him just sitting in one place, but he had to bear it.

He had decided that he would never let his Yarki run out of energy anymore since that was what brought him to this state.


Within a Luxurious-looking study, a man in a blue business suit sat on a reading chair.

A guard in a full black bodysuit was standing in front of him, voicing out some reports.

"Hmm, alright... I'll just wait for the kid's answer first..." Yung Jo voiced out.

"If he fails to agree to my demands, we move onto his brother. I remember they have a really strong family feud..." Yung Jo smirked coldly as he took a sip of tea.

"Also, the father will also find a way to end him once I reveal the information to him,"

Yung Jo's mind went back to two days back when he visited Gustav.


"So you want me to move over to your side and pretend to still be on Miss Aimee's side?" Gustav asked.

"Precisely that... I'll support your rise to the top of the MBO. The information I need at the moment is the location of a precious rock she stole from me. I suddenly lost track of the rock, and I'm unable to locate it anymore," Yung Jo stated.

"Not only will I get you to the top, but you also get exclusive first-rate gadgets and armors created by Jo industries," Yung Jo added.

Gustav had a contemplative look for a few seconds before speaking, "You do know that this isn't enough to buy my allegiance,"

"Think about it carefully and join me," Yung Jo said before standing to his feet and walking forward.

He arrived at the right side of Gustav and looked forward before raising his left arm and tapping Gustav's shoulder twice.

"My father doesn't have to know about what you did to Hung Jo... It can remain between your Miss Aimee and us, of course," He voiced out before turning around and walking towards the door.

Gustav's eyes squinted. He didn't try to deny it or say anything. It was pointless to argue because he could sense the certainty in his voice.

Yung Jo walked out and left Gustav to wallow in his thoughts.


"His little brother is in an awful state at the moment... It's the perfect time to make use of him too," Yung Jo said with a light burst of laughter.

"But sir Yung, you said you were only going to implement your plan to use him if Gustav doesn't accept your offer," The massive man in front said with a confused expression.