The Bloodline System - Chapter 337 - Back To Recharging Yarki

Chapter 337 - Back To Recharging Yarki

Chapter 337 - Back To Recharging Yarki

The call got disconnected at that point, and Gradier Xanatus was left standing with a confused look on his face.

"Did she mean what I think she meant?" He muttered with a contemplative look, "Oh well, it's not so much a big deal... Young Miss is still quite young after all,"

Gradier Xanatus leaped upwards and disappeared into the night sky afterward.

Gustav had already arrived back in his apartment a few minutes earlier.

Although the last floor was in shambles due to the battle earlier and many neighbors around too had parts of their buildings in a bad state, no one was hurt besides Angy.

Angy was already better because she used a healing capsule before going after Gustav.

Several officials could be seen in the neighborhood. They were sent by the MBO to make repairs.

Those whose apartments were in a very bad state had to stay out and wait for repairs to be done, so even though there were no casualties, Endric's actions had caused inconveniences for a lot of people.

Angy's family included.

Gustav's apartment wasn't in a bad state, so he let Angy's family in.

When Angy got back, she asked for her family and was informed that they were currently within Gustav's apartment.

She gulped down saliva nervously as she hadn't expected that she would still be seeing Gustav this night.

Her plan was to think extensively throughout the night so she would come up with the best way to address the issue that may have caused a dent in their current relationship.

Now she just didn't know how she was going to address him.

Angy arrived in front of his door and knocked several times.


The door slid open, and Angy saw her brother Phil standing on the opposite end.

"Huh? Where's Gustav?" She asked as she walked in.

"Big brother Gustav said he didn't want to be disturbed... He's in the room doing that thing.. erm, what did you call it... Bloodline Channelling..." Phil answered with a look of uncertainty.

"Oh, he's meditating... I see," Angy responded as she saw her parents sitting on the sofas in front.

"Our repairs are not too big, so I'm sure they'll be done in about two hours," Angy's father voiced out from up ahead.

Angy took a seat and looked around with a nervous expression.

"How did it go, sis? Did Big bro Gustav win? What happened to the other one?" Phil voiced out in quick succession.

"If he lost, he wouldn't be here now, would he?" Angy voiced out.

"I knew it, I knew big bro Gustav was going to win," Phil stated with an expression of delight.

"What was the reason for that kid picking a fight?" Angy's mother asked with an intrigued expression.

Angy decided to explain things to them while omitting the part about Gustav wanting to kill Endric because of her little brother's presence.


Gustav was currently within his bedroom, blocking out all distractions while focusing on recharging his Yarki.

He threw what happened a while ago to the back of his mind and peaked his concentration on recharging his Yarki.

At the moment, only around forty percent of its energy had been recovered, and it was already midnight.

Gustav could have made a move earlier because he had managed to start charging his Yarki, but he didn't want to because of the complications that were involved if the Yarki was left to recharge itself without his guidance.

A drop of blood rolled down his nostrils which he quickly cleaned with his sleeves.

'My injuries would have worsened if I didn't head back immediately,' Gustav said internally as his mind focused on the bright pink Yarki.

'Quite dangerous since regeneration doesn't work as fast internally,'

("Are you mad at her?")

The system suddenly poised this question out of nowhere.

'What does that have to do with you? Mind your business,' Gustav responded internally.

("Your business is my business... And I can tell that...") Before the system could complete its sentence, Gustav interrupted.

'Get off my case... I don't want to talk about it,' Gustav stated.


Gustav continued to recharge his Yarki after that as the system turned quiet.

In about two hours, Phil came to his room door and announced their departure.

"Big brother Gustav, our apartment repairs are done, so we're leaving now... Mum and Dad said we should not disturb you, but I just had to say it," Phil voiced out.

"Erm also... I think you should speak to big sis Angy. She doesn't seem to be happy," He added before turning around to leave.

Gustav, who was still seated on his bed, slowly opened his eyes and stood up from his bed.

Angy and her family were about to leave through the door when he walked out of his room towards the living room.

"Oh Gustav, thanks for letting us stay here and sorry for the disturbance," Angy's mother was the first to voice out from the door area after noticing Gustav.

"It's no problem at all..." Gustav waved it off.

Her father also said some words of gratitude.

"Gustav, thanks," Angy looked down as she spoke, avoiding eye contact with Gustav.

Gustav nodded as they moved out of his apartment.

"Angy, we'll see tomorrow," Gustav suddenly voiced out as the door was closing.

Angy had a surprised expression on her face as she heard that and looked back to stare at Gustav before the door shut.

("What are you planning?")

"None of your business... You'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out," Gustav said as he walked back towards his room.


Within the MBO tower, Endric could be seen within a small room where a holographic monitor was placed in front.

His white uniform had been stripped off him, and he was currently in a black outfit.

He seemed to have just regained consciousness as he was currently checking himself out.

Even though his injuries had been taken care of, there were still some scars that hadn't completely disappeared which was why he had bandages wrapped around his face and neck.

On the holographic monitor, a man in uniform could be seen speaking.

"Your punishment for these offences are as follows..."