The Bloodline System - Chapter 339 - Arriving At The Party

Chapter 339 - Arriving At The Party

Chapter 339 - Arriving At The Party

"I changed my mind... It's better to have more than one pawn... I will capitalize on Endric's hate and use it to my advantage," Yung Jo voiced out before taking another sip of the tea in front of him.


"Finally hundred percent," Gustav weakly fell to his bed as he voiced out.

He breathed in and out heavily for a few seconds before deciding to check his current energy.


-Energy: 2550/6700


It was really tasking for him to direct the flow of energy recovery of his Yarki.

He sent his senses into his body again to check on his Yarki.

It was glowing a bright pinkish color and swaying like a living flame.

'Looks like it grew a little bigger than before... The change is barely noticeable, but it's there,' Gustav said internally as he observed.

("That's quite normal... Your YARKI can improve and become more powerful as you make use of it. You just have to be careful with the way you make use of it, so it doesn't end up depleting in energy completely,") The system explained.

"Oh," Gustav had a look of understanding as he heard that.

"Well, what's the time now?" Gustav asked.

"IT IS CURRENTLY TEN MINUTES TO TWO PM," The voice of an AI resounded in the room.

"Oh damn, it's almost two," Gustav quickly jumped up and went to the bathroom.

He quickly went to brush his teeth, take a bath and warm one of the foods he cooked two nights ago.

Even though he was going to a party, he still wanted to eat from home since he wasn't really interested in outside food.

Also, he noticed that in all these high-class parties, they served very little food.

He didn't understand if it was a thing of the rich or whatever, but he wasn't having any of their nonsense today.

"Tch, such stingy people," Gustav said as he gobbled down his warmed-up food with a look of delight.

After about thirty minutes had gone by, Gustav was done with his preparations.

"No fashionista nonsense today... I'll just dress casually," Gustav said as he dusted his long red jacket and walked out of his apartment.

Just like Mr. Gon, the Kwoiune family had also sent a vehicle to pick Gustav up, and they were waiting for him downstairs.

Gustav got downstairs and saw the massive mini jet-white-like car parked upfront.

Two guards were standing in front of the car.

They bowed their head in respect as they noticed him, and the door opened up on its own to let him in.

As Gustav moved closer to get in, he noticed someone inside.

"Angy?" Gustav voiced out in surprise as he noticed Angy sitting on the right side of the spacious and luxurious-looking vehicle.

She was dressed in a red tight-fitted gown, wearing light make-up on her face.

She had a shy and nervous look as she stared at Gustav, "Gustav..."

Gustav moved in, and the door closed up.

"Matilda also invited you?" Gustav asked.

"Yes," Angy replied as she turned her face away and bit her lips nervously.

She knew the car was probably waiting for Gustav all this time and she had prepared herself to see him but when he arrived every word that she thought of disappeared from her mind.

'Oh, should have known... They're friends now after all,' Gustav said internally as he leaned back and rested.


The engine of the cars ignited, and they zoomed off into the distance.

In about ten minutes, they arrived in front of a luxurious-looking vicinity.

This part of the city wasn't too far from Mr. Gon's place.

It was well guarded also, and Villa-like houses could be seen all over the place, but these ones were very massive.

The vehicle pulled over in front of the largest house in the vicinity.

It wasn't as grand looking like that of Mr. Gon, but it was good looking also.

Painted silver and light yellow.

Angy and Gustav walked out of their vehicle just like the others in the vicinity who were also getting off from expensive-looking hover cars.

During their journey, they didn't speak a word to each other.

Most youngsters between the ages of sixteen to twenty could be seen since this was Matilda's party.

Gustav and Angy arrived inside after two minutes of check-in procedures.

They found themselves inside a world they didn't weren't quite used to.

Lots of rich youngsters moving around in groups. Beautiful and well-structured interiors with glittering stairs on the left side of the large living room.

"Hey, look, it's Gustav," Someone muttered upon seeing Gustav walk in with Angy.

"He's also with the number two, Angy..."

Mutters could be heard coming from all over the place.

Angy and Gustav found somewhere to sit.

'I'll leave here in the next hour,' Gustav decided.

"Young sir, young miss, your seats have been reserved," One of the ushers walked towards them and voiced out.

He gestured towards them to follow her, and they did. Their seats were reserved at the front, where Matilda could be seen seating grandly in front on a large throne-like seat.

The stage was in between them, and some musicians were performing; however, she still noticed Gustav and Angy.

The instant she saw Gustav, a smile appeared on her face.

"He came," She muttered with a look of delight.

Angy smiled back at Matilda and waved lightly as they took their seat.

"Yo, yo make way weaklings," A familiar voice was heard behind them.

"Don't you ever shut up, tch," Another familiar voice was heard.

Angy looked back to stare at the two that were approaching their table.

"Ria, Temee," She voiced out with a look of bewilderment as she glanced at the two youngsters.

Both were dressed in fancy suits, and Ria stood out due to his spiky orange hair and thug/like attitude.

"Hey Angy," Teemee was the first to greet as they approached from behind.

"Yo Angy...Huh, who's that?" Ria voiced out as he stared at the back of the person sitting beside her on the table.

Gustav didn't turn around to stare at them, so they couldn't see his face.

He could already tell who they were without turning around.

"That stature... My rival!" Ria voiced out as he moved forward hurriedly.