The Bloodline System - Chapter 332 - The Fight Begins

Chapter 332 - The Fight Begins

Chapter 332 - The Fight Begins

Finally, he turned to stare at Angy by the side, who was looking all bloody and battered, before turning back to stare at Endric.

"I hope you came here prepared to die," Gustav's voice suddenly turned cold as he spoke.

The neighbors in the vicinity felt the chill in the atmosphere as Gustav moved two steps forward.

"How dare you lay hands on my parents?! Today will be your end," Endric voiced out as he reached out for Gustav.

"I will not be sending you to join your so-called parents in the hospital. Instead, I'll be sending you to a place they haven't visited yet," Gustav's eyes glowed crimson as he also reached out his hand.

"The afterlife,"

As Gustav voiced out, his palm collided with that of Endric's, causing both of them to be sent flying backwards as they separated from each other.

Baaanng! Krrryyyhhhhhh! Crumble! Crumble!

Shockwaves spread from the point of impact, causing more intense cracks to appear all over the place.

A small hole appeared on the side of the passageway as that part of the building caved in, causing wall fragments to fall into the apartment below.

At the moment, the neighborhood within the building had heard the noise and were all coming out of their apartments with looks of panic.

"This time, I'm ready for you. Once I end you, there'll be no more issues!" Endric voiced out from the other end of the passageway.

Gustav was also on the other end, picking himself up after his body collided with the wall causing a caved-in lines to appear on the side of the wall.

Gustav looked around him and could see the neighbors panicking due to the appearance of the last floor that looked like it would crumble anytime soon.

'I can't use too much power here...' Gustav said to himself as he stared at Endric, whose eyes were glowing a sinister blue color.

"Gusta..." Angy was about to call out to Gustav when he suddenly dashed forward.


A trail of dust was left in his wake as he pushed his fist forward upon arriving in front of Endric.

Endric seemed to have predicted this and made use of the same move he used against Angy, sending ripples of telekinesis forward which turned the entire environment into shambles, causing destruction.

However, to his surprise, Gustav's fist enlarged, becoming so massive it covered the entire passageway.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

His entire fist blocked Endric's telekinetic waves and managed to push them back due to the force of Gustav's speed.

Before Endric could react, a massive fist similar to the size of a truck slammed into him.


The entire wall behind was blasted to smithereens as Endric was sent flying out of the building along with crumbling parts of the wall.

The seventh floor vibrated intensely like it was going to collapse due to the massive punch.

[-300 EP]

Gustav's fist slowly reduced back in size till it went down to its normal size.

He stared ahead where a hole could be seen in the building on the other end where Endric's body could still be seen slamming into the walls and creating more holes.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gustav turned around to stare at the neighbors. Seeing that everyone was safe, he turned to look ahead again.


Gustav leaped through the hole he created from the earlier punch.

His body flew across the air, passing over several buildings in front.

He could now see the other street up ahead, but Endric was nowhere to be found.

"Uh?" Gustav suddenly felt an unknown force wrapping around his body.

Before he could react to it, his entire body was yanked from the air and slammed into the road up ahead.

Bang! Bang! Krrryyyhhhhhh!

Gustav's body rolled across the road repeatedly, causing the road to split apart.


A large projectile was headed towards his rolling body from above.

Gustav slammed his hands to the ground causing his body to fly into the air as he did a flip, dodging the descent of a large cylindrical object.


His legs slid across the ground in a backwards motion as he leaped to the side to dodge another one of these projectiles.


Apparently, it was a part of the roof towards the building on the side.

Gustav leaped towards the cylindrical object that was twice his size and kicked it, causing his body to fly towards the side of the building.

Zhii! Zhii! Zhii!

Gustav jumped from the side of the building towards the other side of another building in a zig-zag format till he landed on the roof of the building on the left side.


He stared at Endric, who was on the top of the four-storey building adjacent to the one he was standing on.

Endric had his right arm raised up and in the air above him were numerous objects of different sizes and proportions floating.

He stared at Gustav and smirked before throwing his hand forward.

[Sprint has been activated]

Gustav activated sprint and dashed across the rooftop in a zig-zag format dodging some of the projectiles.

Sprint making him faster did not mean the speed at which these projectiles were being sent towards him wasn't quick.

Gustav arrived at a part of the rooftop that had a massive hole due to Endric's antics, so he had to leap.


He dodged one projectile again, but another one was heading for him while he was still in mid-air.

Gustav's left arm transformed into that of the mutated bull as he punched the massive four meters large roofing, causing it to blast into several smaller pieces.

Gustav landed on the edge of the rooftop before leaping towards the building Endric was currently standing on.


As his body travelled through the air, Endric suddenly pushed out his left palm.

An invisible wall slammed into Gustav in mid-air, sending him spiralling towards the building he just leaped out of.


Gustav's back slammed into the wall, causing cracks to appear all over.