The Bloodline System - Chapter 331 - Angy Vs Endric

Chapter 331 - Angy Vs Endric

Chapter 331 - Angy Vs Endric

Angy and Endric stared at each other fiercely for a few seconds until Endric started laughing.

"So you're the bitch he's always with, eh? Maybe I should deal with you first?" Endric voiced out.

"Such Vulgar tongue! You lack manners," Angy voiced out.

"Shut up!" Endric shouted out as he pushed his right arm forward.

Angy suddenly felt a strong force grabbing hold of her and squeezing her tight.

She found herself being lifted off the ground in the next second.


The neighbors were shocked as they witnessed the scene of Angy being easily subjugated.

As she tried to free herself, it felt like her body was being crushed in between a gigantic invisible palm.

"So you're only so so... I thought he had more impressive people around him, hmph!" Endric voice out as he flung his arm forward.


Angy's body slammed into the wall on the other side and broke through it.

"You bastard! How dare you touch my sister!" Phil was the first to react before his mother and father and then the rest of the neighbors.

All of them started running towards Endric with looks of anger.


Endric said as he slapped both palms together.


An invisible force radiating with so much pressure was sent out from his left and right side, forming a wall.

Both invisible walls collided with the neighbors as they were pushed backward.

'Oh, I mustn't hurt civilians...' Endric remembered something and stretched out both arms to pause his telekinetic barriers from sending the people flying through the windows and slamming into the wall.

But he kept them active to prevent the neighbors, along with Angy's parents and brother, from interfering.

They kept banging the barrier, but it proved to be unbreakable.

"Hmph," Endric turned around and to face Gustav's apartment's door again.

He inched forward and was about to attack it when...


A silver streak suddenly appeared behind him with a fist headed for the left side of his face.

Endric was fast enough to react by putting a small telekinetic barrier between himself and the fist.

However, he had underestimated the force that this punch carried.

The fragile-looking girlish first tore through the twisted and tightened space in between them and slammed heavily into his cheek.


Endric was sent hurling towards the front as he slammed his head into Gustav's door, causing a loud sound to ring out.

Angy, who was the culprit, didn't pause for a second.

The moment Endric's face slammed into the door and his body was sent hurling backward, Angy had already jumped up with speed and spun around with her leg sent out.


Her knee slammed into Endric's chest, sending him flying towards the left side of the passageway.

He slammed into the ground and started sliding backward.


"Now leave before you make me do worse," Angy said as she cleaned the blood on her face and stared at Endric in front, whose body just came to a stop.

"How dare you lay hands on me bitch!? How dare you!?" Endric shouted out with a look of rage as he stood to his feet, and his curly hair started being blown backward.

"Lea..." Before Angy could complete his sentence, Endric's eyes turned completely blue as he pushed his hand forward.


The entire passageway crumbled in an instant as a powerful force raged through it and slammed into the unprepared Angy.


The sound of bones cracking reverberated across the place as Angy's body was sent flying backward with immense speed.


She slammed into the wall on the other end and went through it.

Cracks appeared all over the passageway as well as the walls, which started to crumble after a few seconds.

"Kiiaarrhhh! Big sis Angy!" Phil shouted out with a look of hatred as he stared at the massive hole on the wall behind him that Angy's body flew through.

"Now, does anyone else want to interfere!" Endric shouted out while walking along the cracks on the path in front of Gustav's apartment.

Angy opened her eyes as she felt her sore body falling through the air. She noticed she was currently in between the building that housed their apartment and the building opposite them.

Her forehead squeezed together as a third horn grew out of it.


She spun her body around in mid-air before landing on the ground while slamming her right hand to the ground.


A visible cloud of dust covered the entire vicinity even though it was dark at the moment.

As the dust cleared Angy, could be seen within, slowly pushing herself upwards as her body vibrated due to pain.

"Blergh!" She vomited a mouthful of blood onto the sand as she stared at her left arm.

It was twisted backward. Her joint had been dislocated. Her entire body was aching from head to toe.

She had multiple internal injuries, but her face was looking extremely fierce at the moment.

She reached out her right hand and grabbed her left arm before forcing it back into position.

"Hnnngggh!" Angy moaned in pain as more blood trickled from her sleeves and nose.


Even with her almost broken down body, she dashed forward and ran across the surface of the building.


A loud glass-breaking sound reverberated across the place as Angy's speed caused the destruction of all the windows on this side of the building.

She got to the third floor in a manner of milliseconds and reached the last floor a moment later.

Endric paused in front of Gustav's door as he turned towards the left and noticed Angy entering the building from the window.

"You again..?" Endric was about point out.

"Structural Analysis," Endric said as he and Angy were about to clash again.

Angy breathed in and out profusely. She felt her energy depleting at an insane rate and her body about to give out due to acquired injuries, but she had vowed to herself to deal with this person that had jeopardized the safety of the people around her.

Just as both of them were about to bolt forward, the apartment door on Endric's side opened up.

Step! Step! Step!

For some reason, everywhere turned silent as the sounds of these footsteps echoed across the passageway.

"Who is causing so much ruckus at this hour?" A familiar voice wafted into everyone's ears as they turned to stare at the person who had just walked out of the apartment.


Everyone voiced out as they stared at the almost six-foot-tall kid with dirty blonde hair.

Gustav stood in front of Endric and stared into his eyes from above before looking at the surroundings that were currently in shambles.

He saw the cracks everywhere and turned to stare at the neighbors who had looks of panic earlier but were now looking a bit relieved after seeing Gustav.

Finally, he turned to stare at Angy by the side, who was looking all bloody and battered, before turning back to stare at Endric.

"I hope you came here prepared to die,"