The Bloodline System - Chapter 333 - Changing Location

Chapter 333 - Changing Location

Chapter 333 - Changing Location

Just as he wanted to leap away, Endric closed his palm together like he was grabbing something, and Gustav felt his body being wrapped by a massive tight force.

Endric pulled his left arm backwards, causing Gustav's body to be drawn towards him.

"You will know how powerful my will is today!" Endric voiced out as he tightened his fist even more causing Gustav's body to make low popping sounds.

He expected Gustav to start screaming, but to his surprise, no matter how much he squeezed his fist, Gustav just stared at him from above.

"Pathetic," Gustav suddenly voiced out as he started to separate his arms that were forcefully tightened towards his body.

The invisible arm surrounding his body started loosening as he pushed intensely, causing his muscles to bulge.

Endric eyes widened as he stared at his left palm being separated.


Gustav freed himself from the telekinetic grip and landed on the roof.

Before Endric could make sense of what was happening, Gustav had already dashed forward.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]

This time to him, it was as if Gustav teleported to his front.

Gustav's right hand was already outstretched as he reached out to grab Endric's face.

His palm ripped through layers of telekinetic protections that Endric set up and grabbed his head in the next moment.

"Now, let's go to change location to a place where there will be no witnesses," Gustav said to his hearing as he pulled Endric's entire body forward using his head.

Swwoooooosshh! Fwwooommmm!

All Endric could see was lines and blurriness as the building they were formerly started appearing more distant with every moment before disappearing from his line of sight completely.

Before he could get used to Gustav's speed and try performing an attack, Gustav threw him forward as he leaped over another building.


Gustav threw his legs forward, which slammed into Endric's face, further catapulting him into the distance.

In the next moment, Gustav landed on the ground and dashed forward again in an insanely short time.

His body travelled through the street with extreme speed, passing by several buildings towards the right and the left.


He leaped upwards again and grabbed onto Endric's descending body through his head before landing and dashing forward into the forest area.


In a few seconds, they had left the neighborhood behind and arrived in the forest area.

At this time, Endric had already adapted to the speed and pulled off a Telekinetic attack.


Gustav was able to react in time by placing his arms in front of his chest in an 'x' format but was still sent sliding backwards by a few feet.

Endric's body was still flying through the air at the moment since Gustav suddenly had to let him go because of the attack. However, he managed to spin his body several times before stabilizing his fall and landing on his two feet.

Endric and Gustav were now several hundreds of feet distanced from each other.

However, Gustav wasn't bothered because they were now within the sparse forest region. He didn't want others to get hurt because of his fight, and he also didn't want to reveal most of his abilities, so this was the perfect battle

ground for him.


Gustav smirked at Endric as he dusted his pyjamas, "I could end this battle quickly, but what would be the fun in that... I have to make sure I torture you well at the very least before sending you packing, so in your next life, you'll choose to live a better life with better parents too, of course since these ones don't even have the right to be called parents," Gustav voiced out.

"Hmph! I will make you eat your words," Endric voiced out as his eyes turned blue once again.

Ftrruhhh! Ftrruhhh! Ftrruhhh! Ftrruhhh!

Trees in the vicinity started being uprooted from the ground, causing dirt to fly in all directions.

"You just marked your own graveyard," Endric voiced out as he turned the trees in the vicinity to face Gustav's direction.

Around twelve trees floated in mid-air, each over fifteen meters in length.

Gustav's eyes squinted as his body started transforming. His right hand became like that of the bloodwolf, while his left became like that of the bull. One was furry while the other was just muscular with small white pointy objects protruding out of it.

Gustav grew to over six feet in height as his body turned muscular and his feet became massive with claws on his toes.

His face was the only part of his body that remained normal.

Endric stared at his transformation with a look of confusion, 'What in the world is that?' He had missed the moments Gustav displayed his abilities during the MBO test phase, so this was the first time he saw Gustav in this form.

However, the moment Gustav dashed out, he threw those thoughts of confusion to the back of his mind and swung his arm out.

Swwooosshhh! Fwwooommmm!

Trees were tossed forward as if they were pieces of sticks that weighed nothing.

Gustav first dodged about two of them, dashing towards the left and right.

Dust and sand spread across the place as the trees missed him and slammed into the ground behind him.

The next tree that appeared in front of him, Gustav swung his right arm towards it, cleaving it swiftly into two halves as he kept running forward.

Endric was in shock as he pulled more trees from the ground, making use of his telekinesis; however, he couldn't keep up with Gustav's speed of destroying and dodging these trees.

In a few moments, Gustav arrived in front of the last tree before him and Endric and grabbed onto its trunk tightly.

Gustav was able to stop the tree from moving forward and hold onto it quite easily with both of his hands.

He dashed forward towards Endric and swung out the tree at full force.


The body of the tree travelled towards Endric like a bat being swung out. Unfortunately, this tree was bigger than his entire body.

It carried a lot of force as it travelled forward, causing the winds to howl.

Endric raised his left arm up to make use of telekinesis to protect himself from collision, but he seemed to have underestimated the power behind the force of the tree as his telekinesis failed to stop the approaching tree.


The tree slammed into Endric, swatting him far away like an annoying buzzing mosquito.


The sound of bones cracking reverberated across the place as Endric's body slammed into several trees ahead, toppling them in the process.