The Bloodline System - Chapter 330 - Angry Neighbors

Chapter 330 - Angry Neighbors

Chapter 330 - Angry Neighbors

"I know you're in there! Open this door, or I'll knock it down!" A loud, angry teenage male voice could be heard all across the passageways.

Gustav's eyebrows repeatedly twitched as he heard the voice, "I know that voice," He muttered.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

The banging on the door increased even more after the person heard no response coming from the other side.

Gustav made a low hmph sound and continued his meditation.

'He came seeking his own end... But I can't attend to him until I am finished with this,' Gustav said internally as he blocked out all distractions and continued to focus on what he was doing.

The person who happened to be at the door knocking was none other than Gustav's younger brother, Endric.

He stood at the door and kept on knocking for about thirty minutes, and still, there was no reply.

When some of the neighbors on the same floor came out to check, he shouted at them to mind their business since he was here for Gustav and not them.

Endric could tell that Gustav was indoor but, for some reason, didn't want to answer his calls.

Endric's forehead creased up as he stared at Gustav's door with a look of anguish.

'Master Jk also refused to come with me because of fear of your teacher... Today I will show them who is better. After I kill you here, the MBO will have no choice but to choose me, and I will be protected,'

This was Endric's thought process as he distanced himself from the door a bit, moving backward in small steps.

He suddenly dashed forward and threw his foot upwards to stomp on the door.


Just as his foot was inches away from stomping on the door, this alarm rang out, and a mini cannon suddenly phased out of the left side of the wall.


Endric was sent hurling towards Angy's apartment as the beam slammed into him.

It totally took him by surprise, so he wasn't able to dodge.

Bang! Bang!

Endric slammed into Angy's apartment door and broke through it before slamming onto the ground.

The entire family was surprised as they watched the young boy sliding across the floors of their living room.

"Huh?" They exclaimed from the dining area as they stopped eating their food.

"Who are you?" Angy's father asked with a confused look as he stared at the destroyed door and then the line of destruction that followed after this boy's body due to him sliding across the floors.

However, Endric didn't reply. He jumped up with a look of anguish and dashed forward out of the apartment.


He was pretty fast and disappeared through the destroyed door in nearly an instant.

"Doesn't he look a bit familiar?" Phil said with a look of contemplation.

Angy stood up from the dining area and moved to the middle of the living room that was currently in shambles.

Two of their sofas had been broken apart due to this.

"I think the banging sound we've been hearing was coming from..." Before Angy could complete her sentence, they heard the sounds of shooting.

Twooiinn! Twooiinn! Twooiinn!

Angy quickly rushed out of the apartment as her brother followed behind her along with their father and mother.

They arrived at the passageway where Endric could be seen tackling a cannon that was protruding from the left side of Gustav's door.

"What's going on?" They all had the same thing on their minds.

Endric dashed towards the side, dodging one more shot, and reached out his hand.


The cannon suddenly stopped moving as an invisible force was blocked its muzzle and held it in place.

"Hyaahhh!" Endric screamed out as he pulled his arms backward with force.


The cannon was ripped right out of the wall, along with several wires sticking out behind it.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Several parts of the wall collapsed due to this, causing a loud noise to ring out as more people came out of their apartments to check what was going on.

A smirk appeared on Endric's face as he walked forward and repeatedly stomped on the cannon before kicking it away.

'Good thing my reaction speed was fast enough for me to input a small telekinetic barrier before me which reduced the impact of its shot,' Endric felt he could have been really injured by now.

Bloodstains could be seen on his left shoulder area, but it was obvious that this was only a flesh wound.

Endric stood in front of Gustav's apartment and was about to hit his door again when he heard a voice from behind.

"What are you doing?"

He turned around and noticed it was a girl clad in ash-colored shorts and a red cropped top. She had silver and pink colored hair with two short horns on her forehead.

"Mind your business," Endric voiced out as he turned back around to face the door again.

"This is my business... Either you tell me what you're doing here or get out," Angy eyes squinted with a look of suspicion as she walked forward.

"And what if I don't?" Endric asked with an annoyed tone as he turned around to face her.

"I will make you leave," Angy raised her hands to her head as she spoke and tied her hair in a bang while staring at the 5'7 kid.

She felt he looked awfully familiar but couldn't picture where she had seen him. From her viewpoint, he looked to be around fifteen years of age, one year younger than she was.

However, she had no idea how wrong she was.

-"You have no right to disturb the peace of this place, go home kid,"

-"You can see the sign on the door that says do not disturb,"

-"I wonder who trained such a vulgar kid such as yourself,"

The neighbors voiced out with looks of discomfort as they stared at Endric.

They still saw him as a kid, so no one tried calling the cops or anything. Also, they felt since it was Gustav's apartment, there was no way he wouldn't be able to handle this kid himself.