The Bloodline System - Chapter 329 - Unruly Disturbance

Chapter 329 - Unruly Disturbance

Chapter 329 - Unruly Disturbance

He must be on edge now that he can no longer track the streams of energy coming from the rock. Hmph, I will make sure this leads to your downfall," Miss Aimee stated while squinting her eyes.


Back in Gustav's apartment, the atmosphere had a kind of serene vibe to it.

Everything was stationary, and it seemed as if there was no life present within this place.

Gustav, who was in a crossed-legged position on his bed, was like a statue as he closed his eyes.

Even the sound of breathing couldn't be heard coming from him.

He tuned his concentration to its very peak as he focused on his Yarki.

He was starting to get more signals from his Yarki as time passed.

The Yarki was like a dead black flame earlier when it ran out of energy, but as Gustav started forwarding his intentions to it would at times vibrate while sometimes there would be a small glow on a part of it before it died out again.

Occurrences like this kept happening for the next seven hours.


Within a hospital ward, two people could be seen in patients' outfits with their beds placed side by side.

These two happened to be a man and a woman, handcuffed and isolated from the rest of the patients within the hospital.

Two police officers stood in different positions within the ward.

A boy with curly black hair was by the side of this couple, speaking with a furious tone.

He was dressed in a pure white uniform with a red blood-shaped logo on his right breast pocket area.

"This is all his fault! That bastard trash!" He shouted out.

"Sir, please, there are other patients in this place. Keep your voice down," One of the nurses at the door cautioned.

"Shut up, you wench," The boy voiced out and stared at her.


A strange force knocked her backwards, causing her to fall and slide across the hospital floors.

The police officers quickly drew their weapons and pointed them at him.

He gazed at them with murderous intentions, however, before he could perform any actions...

"Endric, stop it," The man on the bed towards the left voiced out.

"We don't want you compromising your enlistment into the MBO camp, behave yourself," He added.

The blue glow in his eyes slowly dimmed as he stared back at his parents.

"Mum, Dad, I'll handle this," He said as he started walking towards the door.

"Endric, don't do anything stupid... Your brother is now a sensational big shot you cannot..." Before his father could complete his sentence, Endric interrupted.

"Don't make me laugh. He's not a sensational anything... He's just a fake special class who hasn't even received any training. I'm better than him," Endric voiced out before walking out.

"Son you..." Endric's father stopped his speech as he noticed Endric was already gone.

"Yes, get revenge for me, my boy," Endric's mother laughed like a depraved lunatic after seeing the rage in Endric's eyes before he left.

"What are you saying, woman? We are the cause of our own problems," Endric's father said with a look of annoyance.

"Ptoi! The reason for our problem is the first child I mothered... Let my second child handle it, hahaha," Endric's mother voiced out.

"You're sick in the head, woman! Sick! How have you not seen the errors of your ways!"

"Hahaha! My only error was that child!"


Back in his apartment, Gustav had managed to get his intentions known to the consciousness of his Yarki after so long.

At the moment, it was already late in the evening, and the next day was when Matilda's party would be holding.

His Yarki finally started absorbing energy from his body, but he had no idea how long it would take.

Even after two hours went by, his Yarki was still black colored.

Although it was a little lighter than before, Gustav knew it hadn't even managed to kickstart itself yet.

Even though it already took a lot of energy from Gustav, it hadn't managed to charge itself yet.

Gustav sat in place for another one hour before finally...


The Yarki lit up with a pinkish glow and started swaying like a flame again.

("Good, you managed to rekindle it faster than I expected,")

Gustav heard the voice of the system in his mind.

'Hmph, how could you doubt my talents? I instructed my Yarki on a more efficient way to jumpstart itself with my energy, and it worked,' Gustav responded.

("Oh good, you're finally making use of the intelligence points I gave you,")

Gustav; "..."

("Either way, make sure to keep its consumption of energy steady... It has only managed to recharge a little bit over one percent. It's still gonna take some time for it to be filled,") The system explained.

'You think I don't know that?' Gustav asked internally with a slightly annoyed tone.

("Oh, you do? What a surprise,")

Gustav; "..."

The system stopped speaking afterwards so Gustav could focus on feeding the Yarki with energy.

Gustav could decide to move about now, but he wanted to focus on guiding the energy consumed by the Yarki himself because, according to the system, the Yarki could take energy from any part of the body it resided within.

If it were to focus on Gustav's liver, kidney or heart and draw energy from there, he would be a goner.

Just like that, another two hours went by, and it was around eight pm at the moment.

Gustav had only managed to recharge his Yarki with ten percent of power, and he was still going, hoping to get it finished before the start of the party tomorrow.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

He heard a loud knock coming from the door.


Gustav had purposely put a small sign in front of his door saying he would be unavailable during this time which was why people who came around for one reason or the other didn't bother knocking when they saw this.

However, whoever this person was, they didn't pay heed to the sign.

Kom!! Kom!! Kom!! Kom!!

The knocking sounds became more aggressive in the next round.

Gustav still ignored, thinking the person would leave after a few more knocks. However, the knocks continued.

"I know you're in there! Open this door, or I'll knock it down!" A loud, angry teenage male voice could be heard all across the passageways.