The Bloodline System - Chapter 328 - Miss Aimee's Decision

Chapter 328 - Miss Aimee's Decision

Chapter 328 - Miss Aimee's Decision

"Hah, big sis, didn't I tell you?. See big bro Gustav," Phil voiced out from the side while pointing at the television projection.

"Hmph!" Angy pouted as she exclaimed and stood to her feet.

"Where are you going, sis?" Phil asked as he saw Angy walking away.

"I'm going to bed," Angy answered with a slightly annoyed look as she went in.

"Oof. I think big sis got mad," Phil muttered.

"It's her fault for not making her intentions known to him," Angy's mother voiced out from the side as she changed the media station.

"Hmm?" She exclaimed after noticing the news that was being displayed on the next station.

-"As you can see, this was the state both couples were put in before the arrival of the cops,"

The reporter who was being displayed voiced out as the other half of the screen displayed two people who had been beaten black blue.

"Phil go to your room," Their mother felt the footage was too disturbing to watch for a little kid, so she sent him in.

Phil had no choice but to obey and went in.

On the other half of the screen, a couple that was nearly beaten to death was displayed.

Their clothes had been torn apart, and bloodstains could be seen all over their body. These two happened to be Gustav's parents, who were assaulted by the angry mob after their house was broken into.

Fortunately for them, the twenty minutes time frame given to the cops was up before the mob could send them to hell.

They were saved by the cops and taken to a public hospital.

-"According to the reports, they both survived, but are currently being charged with several offences, child molestation included,"

"Serves them right," Angy's mother said with a look of disgust.

"They brought that upon themselves," Angy's father, who was just coming from the passageway, voiced out.

"They are lucky the cops managed to arrive on time," He said as he sat on the sofa beside his wife.

On the screen, the hospital ward was displayed where both of them could be seen being handcuffed with some red glowing bangle-like cuffs while on the hospital bed.

"How could they treat their own child like that?" Angy's mom voiced out with a disappointed look.

"Now we understand why Gustav was always like that..." Angy's father added with a look of sympathy.

"Darling, I have something to tell you," Angy's father turned to his wife and said.

"Hmm? What's that?" She asked.

"Promise me you'll be calm when you hear this and listen to my explanation first," He said with a wry smile.

"Of course I will, just out with it already," She replied.

"I'm resigning from our workplace," Angy's father stated.

"Huh? What? Are you serious?" Angy's mother jumped to her feet as she asked.

"Calm down. Didn't you promise to listen first?" He voiced out while pulling her hand for her to sit.

"Hmm, alright, I'm calm, and I'm listening," She said while sitting.

"So, listen to the reason..."


A few minutes later, Angy's mother had a look of understanding on her face.

"I see, so you'll be the manager, and at the same time, you get to do scientific experiments on turning mixedbreeds body parts to armors," She said with a contemplative expression.

"Exactly... Although I can't be a father to this kid, I can at least help him with this," Angy's father stated.

"Also, master Gon's G industry is now in partnership with him, so there won't be a lack of resources unlike our current workplace," He added.

"That's really good... This makes me feel even more sympathetic for the kid. Sigh, he had to become so capable at such a young age due to his trauma," Angy's mother stated.

"We weren't there for him before, but now we can be... Let's make sure he is surrounded with enough love and care," Angy's father said with a smile.


Back in his apartment, Gustav was still trying to pass his intentions across to his Yarki's consciousness, but, of course, it was proving difficult.

He knew this was still going to take some time to achieve, so he kept probing and probing.

The whole night was spent doing this.

The next morning was when Gustav recalled that he still had to perform the system's daily tasks.

The long night probing had yielded some rewards, and Gustav was starting to receive some signals from his Yarki even though they were barely significant.

If he stopped now, all that effort would be wasted, and he'd have to start again.

("I'll push your daily task for today back by one day... Which means by tomorrow you'll be performing two daily tasks, one for today and the other for tomorrow,")

Gustav suddenly heard the voice of the system in his head.

'Thanks,' Gustav said Internally.

("You still have to perform them, though... And double penalty if you're unable to successfully complete either one of tasks,")

Gustav; "..." 'I take back my appreciation,'


Within Miss Aimee's apartment, she walked across her sitting room with a slightly disturbed expression on her face while answering a call.

"Are you saying it has been buried underneath the ground for over two hundred years?"

-"Yes, from our research, this is so,"

"How did the investigation on the other borders go?"

-"No luck... We haven't found any clue,"

"Hmm, so we can only make use of the lead in our hands,"

-"Are you going to make use of the red shadow?"

"It seems I have no choice... We have to find the developer first. From there, I will know how to proceed,"

-"The T67 device is still in your possession?"

"Did you think I would leave it in the hands of you losers?"

-"Ah... Ehem... N..."

"I will leave here to Swarm hill city in less than a week... Get my equipment ready,"

Miss Aimee commanded before ending the call.

She moved over to one of the sofas and took her seat. She reached out and grabbed the teacup on the side before taking a sip.

"I have to make sure the kid remains safe till he leaves for the MBO camp... Especially since that bastard Yung visited him," Miss Aimee said after lowering the cup.