The Bloodline System - Chapter 327 - Successful Proposal

Chapter 327 - Successful Proposal

Chapter 327 - Successful Proposal

"So, I promised to give you whatever you willed if you were able to attend my party... Do you have something in mind?" Mister Gon asked.

'Finally down to the main topic,' Gustav placed his hands underneath his chin as he smiled internally.

"Yes, I do have something in mind..." Gustav stated and paused his speech for a few seconds before continuing.

"I want to own a share of G clothing industries," Gustav stated.


The entire place descended into silence for a few seconds as the grandkids in the dining area stared at Gustav with a weird look.

Before mister Gon could reply, Damien spoke.

"Aren't you being too brazen to ask for such... My grandfather can't possibly do that just because you attended his party. I know you're not humble but at least try to be a little humble sometimes. Do you know how many people would give up parts of their bodies just to share a conversation with my grandfather? You were given the..." Before Damien could continue to toot away, he was interrupted by mister Gon.

"Shut up, boy! Do not speak to my guest that way," Mister Gon stated with an authoritative look.

Damien instantly shut his mouth upon seeing his grandfather's gaze.

"Gustav asked, based on my declaration, he has done nothing wrong. Now apologize," Mister Gon added.

Damien stood up with a frown and bowed slightly, "I apologize for my misconduct," he said.

Gustav nodded slightly before speaking, "Of course, I said this with a few considerations in mind and also a business plan,"

The grandkids' faces lit up with a look of interest upon hearing that.

"Do you mind asking the kids to leave us for a few minutes... This is gonna be a business discussion between adults," Gustav proposed with a smile towards mister Gon.

"Uh?" Both of them heard from the dining area, and their faces showed dissatisfaction.

'There's no way grandpa would listen to him,' Damien said internally.

"You heard him... The both of you excuse us for a bit," Mister Gon said to the both of them.

Damien's eyes widened slightly in disappointment as he heard that, but he dared not disobey his grandfather.

Vera didn't have a look of opposition as she stood to her feet and moved towards the passage area.


A few minutes later, mister Gon had a look of understanding on his face.

"So, you want there to be a department of fitted armored clothes with an elastic feature that don't easily get ripped even after doused in fire," He voiced out.

"Basically... But of course, there will be other designs. I know you've always been wanting to go into armor designs, but because of Mr. Jo, you have been holding back... I have many ideas that will be different from the types Jo industries create, so I will deliver the body parts of mixedbreeds that are needed to craft such wears. Conversely, you guys' job will be to process the creation," Gustav explained.

"I have done my research, so I know just how rare the mixedbreeds parts needed are... But I can easily get access to them,"

Mr. Gon had a look of contemplation on his face for a few seconds before replying.

"This is a... really nice proposal," Mister Gon said.

"Also, I have something that is among the rarest materials in the world... If you have this, you can create top-notch armor," Gustav said as he tapped onto his storage device.

Zing! Krrryyyhhhhhh!

Fragments of green rocks appeared all over the place.

The moment mister Gon laid eyes on them, his mouth hung open.

"This is..." He was immediately able to recognize that these rock fragments were extremely tough.


About an hour later, Gustav arrived home and instantly changed out of his outfit before heading to the bathroom to shower.

He smiled as the shower rained down on him, "That went better than I expected... Good thing he recognized the authenticity of that rock," He muttered.

"The only downside is I gotta model for the prototypes before leaving for the MBO camp," Gustav said as he imagined himself posing like an idiot.

He had a slightly repressed look as he spoke, "Hopefully, he gets my elastic clothing armor done quickly,"

In a few minutes, Gustav finished showering and headed to his room after putting on pajamas.

"I still have the entire tomorrow to myself, so I should start the process of rejuvenating my Yarki immediately," Gustav said as he sat on his bed in a crossed leg format.

("Do you think it's so easy? Prepare to be indoors for the next two days at the very least,") The system suddenly spoke.

"What? Two days?" Gustav said with a surprised look.

("I said at the very least... You might even take longer,") The system scoffed as it responded.

"No, I can't spend two days indoors... I need to make it to Matilda's party," Gustav said with a worried look as he held his chin.

"After everything she has done, this is the first time she asked something of me, so I must at least make it up to her by showing up," Gustav stated.

("It's impossible to stop the process once you've started unless you plan to start it all over again after making progress, so cutting it short to attend the party is out of it,") The system practically knew what Gustav was thinking, which was the reason for its statement.

"Hmph, then I'll just have to make sure I get it done within this night and throughout tomorrow," Gustav said as he closed his eyes with an expression of focus.

His senses descended into the depths of his body and located Yarki, which was currently still darkened due to being out of energy.

'Now, let us begin,'


Within Angy's apartment, her face shown a complicated expression as she stared at the news.

-"Highlights from master Gon's birthday party shows that young Gustav, the number MBO participant was in attendance,"

On the projection, it could be seen that Gustav was dancing with a purple-haired beauty.

Their bodies were glued to each other as they swayed beautifully from place to place like trees being blown by the wind.

"Hah, big sis, didn't I tell you... See big bro Gustav," Phil voiced out from the side.