The Bloodline System - Chapter 326 - Twenty Minutes Delay

Chapter 326 - Twenty Minutes Delay

Chapter 326 - Twenty Minutes Delay

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The banging on their front door got louder as time passed.

"What do we do? They're about to break through?" The wife asked with a horrified look.

The husband's voice cracked as he replied, "Le... let's barricade it with our heavy house appliances and furniture," He suggested.

The both of them quickly got to work and pushed their sofas, table, beds, and other heavy furniture towards the door to barricade it.

The banging on the door reduced a bit due to the amount of load that had been placed behind.

"We should be able to hold on some more. Honey, keep trying to reach the cops and MBO," Gustav's mother suggested with a slightly calm expression.

The father, of course, didn't need to be told this. He was already on his device trying to do this at the moment.


-"Breaking News! Breaking News!

-"The house of the Oslovs is being besieged by an angry mob who have decided to take the justice of Gustav Crimson into their own hands.

-"As you can see from the footage being recorded from above, the mob have been triggered by the compilation of Gustav's past occurrences and have decided not to back down until they have dealt with the couple."

-"They are currently trying to break into the homes of these two showcased on the screen, and for some unknown reason, the law enforcement authorities have not shown to the scene,"

Different news and media outlets were displaying the same news at the moment. They were recording the apartment of Gustav's parents from above, and it could be seen that the crowd was increasing by the minute. Currently, more than a thousand people had arrived on the scene, and most of them had weapons and sticks raised up as they shouted,

"Justice for Crimson! Justice for Crimson!"


In the police branch closest to Gustav's former neighborhood, the cops there watched the footage of the house being surrounded.

Grin! Grin! Grin!

The communication system used in the office rang out severally, announcing the calls and where they were coming from.

The one that displayed Gustav's parent's house was left unanswered.

"Captain Jo, aren't we supposed to act now?" One of the men asked.

"No, an order has been sent from the higher-ups not to interfere until after twenty minutes has gone by..." The captain, who was also standing in the corner watching, voiced out.

The cops in the station had looks of astonishment and confusion on their faces as they heard that.

"It's been only ten minutes, so we can only sit here and wait," Captain Jo added.


In one of the MBO command centers within the tower positioned in the heart of the city, a similar situation to what was happening in the police station was also playing out here.

The MBO officers within the room asked why they couldn't interfere, but the moment they heard the name of the person who had asked them to back down, they all shut their mouths.


Gustav, who was the cause of this ruckus, was sitting in a beautiful, well-designed living room, taking a sip of exotic wine in a luxurious-looking cup.

Opposite him was master Gon who seemed to be yapping away.

Grimme had gone back to his quarters, but the other two, Vera and Damien, were seated at the dining area staring at Gustav and their grandfather.

Maids moved about the place and served some dishes in the dining room, but Gustav had already turned down the food because he wasn't interested in spending too much time there. Which was why he was seated on one of the sofas with mister Gon.

Of course, he disguised his intentions by saying he was already full from eating in the party, so he and Mister Gon would just get down to the business at hand.

"Mr. Gon, I appreciate what you did back there, but by any chance, how did you manage to get my teacher on board with it?" Gustav asked.

"Oh, you mean young Aimee?" Mister Gon asked.

"Yes," Gustav answered.

"We happened to be acquainted, but it's a very long story," Mister Gon voiced out.

"Hmm," Gustav exclaimed with a slightly suspicious look.

"The moment I explained my plans to her, she agreed to help... Actually, seventy percent of the footage compilation was sourced out by her, so I can't accept your appreciation," Mister Gon laughed lightly as he heard that.

"Without her, this wouldn't have been possible because even with my vast connections, I'm unable to retrieve some part of this footage myself," Mister Gon added.

'70%?' Gustav's eyes widened slightly as he heard that.

He knew it wouldn't be so easy to retrieve such footage that had been practically lost in time or deliberately erased. However, didn't expect that even someone as influential as mister Gon would have such difficulty and only manage to retrieve thirty percent.

'I must thank Miss Aimee properly when I see her,' Gustav said Internally.

Although he wasn't all too bothered with what the city initially made him out to be when he slapped his mother in front of the reporters. However, he was still grateful because he understood doing this wouldn't have been an easy task.

Mister Gon gestured for one of the guards to approach them.

The guard was holding onto a square-shaped white box which mister Gon passed onto Gustav.

"What is this?" Gustav asked as he collected it from the guard.

"Just a small gift from me to you," Mister Gon said with a smile.

Gustav held the small white casing and observed what was inside using God Eyes...

'Hmm?' He noticed it was a small chip.

"Play the footage stored within when you get to your home," Mister Gon voiced out.

"I managed to acquire that from a group of sneaky reporters, so be careful not to get caught next time," Mister Gon added.

Gustav had a confused expression as he heard that, but he could tell everything would still make sense to him later on after he watched the footage.