The Bloodline System - Chapter 325 - Angry Mob

Chapter 325 - Angry Mob

Chapter 325 - Angry Mob

The footage changed a few seconds later. The next one displayed was in school, where many kids could be seen stepping on another kid's face and laughing while recording with their video recording device.

The person on the receiving end here again was Gustav, who was being beaten up in his junior high years by his classmates. Hung Jo was the one videoing while stepping on Gustav's face repeatedly.

Mr. Jo, on the high table, squinted his eyes as he noticed this, 'I thought I had this erased... How did they manage to get hold of this footage again?' he wondered as he watched.

The next footage once again displayed another scene where it was early the next morning, and Gustav walked out of the parents' house in school uniform.

His mother and younger brother came out a few seconds before he did and were standing in front of her hovercar, about to board it.

Gustav ran towards them with a smile, and although there was no sound from the mouthing, one could tell that he was asking to follow them.

His mother walked towards him and landed three hot slaps on his face before brushing his face with her hill shoe.

She seemed to be mouthing off something as she stared at Gustav, who was writhing in pain on the ground with a ridiculing expression.

This footage was also one that was being recorded by the CCTV cameras across the street within Gustav's former neighborhood.

One footage after the other was displayed which showed just how tragic and cruel Gustav's younger days had been.

Not only was this being displayed here but also across the city. Mister Gon was quite influential, so he made sure the launching of his new media station was displayed all across the city where hundreds of thousands of people could easily watch them.

Everyone sympathized with Gustav and now understood the reason for his hostility when his so-called 'parents' arrived to claim a glory that didn't belong to them.

They watched as the footage went on to display some more rough times from his past, which he remembered clearly but had no idea that some of these scenes were recorded.

Then about two or three footages displayed him moving with Miss Aimee. Only a single footage showed her training with him, and Gustav remembered she recorded this one herself.

Knowing miss Aimee, Gustav was sure they wouldn't have been able to get that footage without her consent which meant she was also involved in the compilation of this recording.

Gustav smiled lightly, 'And she never told me about it... Looks like she knew I was going to attend this party,' Gustav said Internally as the footage came to an end after twenty minutes.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The entire place became a little noisy as the guests spoke amongst one another.

They were all influential people, so they recognized Miss Aimee. Some of them even knew beforehand that she was his teacher, but they had assumed that his parents still had a hand in his achievement today.

Now that they knew the truth, they all stared at Gustav with sympathetic looks.

The media station broadcast studio was displayed again, and the lady started to explain and make a few narratives regarding the twenty-minute video.

This explanation made people understand better that Gustav used to be a below F-grade mixedblood which was why his parents decided to treat him inhumanely.

The city could understand the bullying that came from peers, but they didn't understand how parents would treat their own child that way.

In different parts of the city, after witnessing that part of the childhood of Gustav, people were outraged.

They were reminded that Gustav is their city's pride and joy since he managed to obtain the first spot in the MBO entrance test worldwide.

Ever since the time of his return, the city had been visited by tourists from across the world because they wanted to see the city, he grew up in themselves.

This made a lot of people's businesses bloom even more in the past week.

People started forming mobs as they sourced for the home of Gustav's parents.

The party continued afterward as people came forth to apologize to Gustav for their initial statements.

Gustav just waved everything off and told them not to bother.

Mister Gon smiled and excused himself as he told everyone to keep enjoying themselves.

The party had practically come to an end, and people began to leave one after the other afterward while some waited to discuss business deals with Mister Gon.

At this point, Gustav had been crowded by the younger guests. They were all interested in exchanging conversations and contact with him.

-"Tell me again, how did you manage to pass it?"

-"Did you defeat those six yourself?"

-"If I remember correctly, you were naked at that time,"

Gustav didn't really want to chase them off, but he also had a headache trying to answer them.

Fortunately, he was saved when one of the guards approached him and told him mister Gon wanted to have a word with him in the second living room.

'Finally,' Gustav sighed with a look of relief as he followed after the guard.


In Gustav's former neighborhood, a crowd had gathered in front of a particular home that would be quite familiar to Gustav if he was here.

"Get them out of the house!" One of the people shouted out.

Everyone had looks of anguish, and lots of people could be seen holding sticks and poles as weapons while some people could be seen banging on the door of an apartment.

Within the apartment, a man and a woman clung to each other with looks of fear.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of the door being banged hard echoed within the living room.

"Call the cops, call the MBO, call mister Denis, tell them we need help," The woman voiced out with fear.

"I've done that. No one's responding to any of my calls," The man also voiced out with a shaky tone.

These two were none other than Gustav's birth parents, who were hiding in their apartment after a crowd of angry mob suddenly found their way into their neighborhood looking for them.

They knew this was all due to the footage that was shown a while ago.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The banging on their front door got louder as time passed.

"What do we do? They're about to break through?" The wife asked with a horrified look.