The Bloodline System - Chapter 324 - Biography Display

Chapter 324 - Biography Display

Chapter 324 - Biography Display

Grimme suddenly voiced out as he placed his palm and fist together before bowing slightly respectfully.

"Huh?" Gustav exclaimed with a look of confusion.

Grimme quit the spar before they went too far. He had already felt Gustav strike without him channeling his bloodline, which made him wonder just how powerful Gustav would become the moment he activated his bloodline.

Either way, he could tell that he wouldn't be able to defeat Gustav. On the contrary, he didn't want to embarrass himself in front of his grandfather's guests, so he decided to end the spar before Gustav turned him into a laughing stock.

-"What? Why did he forfeit just like that?"

-"Sigh, just when things were starting to get interesting,"

-"Is he so spineless that he couldn't even see the spar to the end?"

The guests had different opinions upon witnessing Grimme forfeit the match.

Grimme paid no heed to their complaints. Even though his grandfather mostly agreed to this so that he could entertain his guests, Grimme would rather end the fight before being beaten up instead of being turned into a punching bag just for entertainment.

"As you all have seen, the future is very bright since we have such youngsters getting enlisted into the MBO camp," Mister Gon voiced out as the stage descended and the barriers surrounding them disappeared.

He gestured for his other two eldest grandchildren to approach the stage, which they did.

Damien and Vera walked up to the stage where Gustav was standing in between Grimme and Mister Gon.

Mister Gon asked for a photographer to take their picture together.

Vera had a slightly nervous look as she stood beside her cousin Grimme who was between her and Gustav.

She wanted to speak but couldn't find the words, and her cousin in between them was like a barrier.

-"He might be strong, but he's just an ungrateful brat who doesn't even respect his parents,"

-"I don't think forming a bond with someone as ungrateful as this brat is worth it,"

Two guests voiced out from the seating position in front.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The place became a little noisy as everyone recalled the incident where Gustav disrespected his parents on camera and even went ahead to slap his mother.

-"Hmm, true, no matter how powerful one is, without morals, they're truly nothing,"

-"It would be best if my kids don't form bonds with such an uncultured child, so they don't get influenced by his lack of mannerisms."

Some of the guests spoke amidst themselves.

Gustav totally ignored their not-so-low voices and took pictures with Mister Gon and his eldest grandkids.

After he was done taking pictures with them, he was about to go back to his seating position when mister Gon spoke.

"Ah yes, we need to tune into my new media station since it will be launching by five pm," Mister Gon voiced out to everyone's hearing.

This was when everyone recalled mister Gon created a new media station and was launching it today, the day of his birthday celebration.

"A special footage will be displayed to mark its opening, and I will like for everyone here to watch." Mister Gon requested.

The guests had intrigued looks on their faces as they heard that. They wondered what this special footage would entail. They could tell it would be interesting for mister Gon to open his media station using that.

Mister Gon, the eldest grandkids, and Gustav returned to their seating positions.

"It's is only a few seconds to five pm, so my media station will be broadcasted now," Mister Gon said after returning to his seat.

Trrroooiinn! Troooiinnn! Troooiinnn!

Holographic projections started appearing all across the place, one after the other.

Even though there were less than two hundred guests present, the holographic projection was about twenty, so everyone had a clear view regardless of their seating position.

The first thing displayed on these projections were different feeds from all over the world compiled into one. Space shuttles, roads, sports, fashion, and some other things in twelve-second footage.


A beautiful lady could be seen in a glaring yellow gown as she spoke from within a studio room.

"From over here, we wish master Gon a happy seventieth birthday," She added with a smile.

"For our first broadcast, we would like to display footage regarding the revelation of an important person... Please stay tuned," She stated as the screens turned whitish.

Sshhhsshhh! Blinn!

Characters appeared on the screens in the next second.


The guests' faces were laced with surprise as they saw the title.

Even Gustav himself was confused and wondered what mister Gon was up to.

In the next second, the footage displayed was one that left shock on the faces of everyone.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

"You bastard! How did I bear a child as useless as yourself," A man with dirty blonde hair and a middle-aged look was seen whipping a young boy with a belt in the middle of a playground within a neighborhood.

The boy's clothes were soaked with bloodstains from the excessive whipping, but the man kept whipping him. Another young boy with black hair could be seen standing not too far away and laughing at the boy receiving the beating.

The footage seemed to be recorded from the CCTV camera across the street, which was why it wasn't super clear. However, when zoomed in, it was clear enough, and the faces of these three could be seen.

-"Isn't that..?"

-"The father of that kid... Then the one being beaten is him?"

-"Oh, my goodness, he looks no older than thirteen here. How could he subject a kid to such beatings?"

The guests figured out the people within the footage. Although Gustav was still younger at that time, his father's face was still practically the same as the one everyone saw on the news when Gustav slapped his mother.

The footage changed a few seconds later. The next one displayed was in school, where many kids could be seen stepping on another kid's face and laughing while recording with their video recording device.