The Bloodline System - Chapter 323 - Spar With The Eldest Grandson

Chapter 323 - Spar With The Eldest Grandson

Chapter 323 - Spar With The Eldest Grandson

He wasn't really interested in too much socialising since he saw it as being too stressful.

If any of these girls had piqued his curiosity, he would have agreed, but he didn't seem to be interested in any one of them even though they were all rich kids.

The music was cut in a few more minutes as Mr. Gon moved towards the middle of the stage to give appreciation to the guests for showing up today.

He spoke for about a minute, mentioning all the big families and the leaders of big families sitting in the high table area.

"Lastly, we have a special guest in our midst today. You all know him as the number one participant, Gustav. I'm glad he honored my invitation and attended this old man's party," Mister Gon voiced out as he stared at Gustav from his seating position.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Everyone's attention was drawn towards Gustav.

"If you don't mind, my eldest grandson would like to have a bout with you," Mister Gon proposed.

"I'm sure everyone would be interested in seeing the prowess of the number one participant in person," Mister Gon added.

-"Oh a bout with Mister Gon's eldest grandson, this will be interesting,"

-"Wasn't he a serial ranked though? I remember Gustav to be Zulu ranked,"

The guests discussed amongst themselves as they waited for Gustav's answer.

Gustav stared at mister Gon for a bit before answering, "Fine by me,"

"Grimme, come out," Mister Gon called out.

In a few seconds, a young man who looked no older than eighteen walked out from the passageway on the east side.

He also had blue hair. However, there were specks of pink in different parts.

He was quite huge, but he had a calm face.

Gustav also walked forward, approaching the stage area.

"My eldest grandson Grimme is already a serial rank, but you still bested him in the entrance test... Since both of you never met up during the test, he wanted a personal bout with you." Mister Gon explained.

"They say you have the strength of a serial ranked even though you're only Zulu rank. I would very much like to test out this theory. Nevertheless, if you feel that you can't face a Serial rank, you can back out now," Grimme voiced out as he placed his fist and palm together in a respectful martial art style.

"I have no issues. It's fine with me," Gustav said with a dismissive expression.

"Alright then, let this be the final presentation to entertain my guests. Thank you, Gustav," Mister Gon said before moving out of the stage area, leaving them both there.

'No problem, I'm just going to collect more compensation from you after this,' Gustav said internally as he turned to face Grimme.


The stage area suddenly started levitating as an energy field barricaded the four corners of the stage.

This was to prevent attacks from hitting the guests.

After this was done, everyone focused on the exalted stage to watch the bout between these two.

"Ready when you are," Gustav said without assuming a battle stance.

"Aren't you looking down on me too much? You don't seem bothered, neither are you on guard," Grimme said as he stretched out his palm and lowered his body slightly with a smile.

He assumed a nice-looking battle pose while Gustav continued staring at him unbothered.

"I'm not looking down on you, but this will be over soon," Gustav activated God Eyes as he stared at Grimme's body.

"Hmph! That proves that you're truly looking down on me... Wait till I wipe that unbothered look off your face," He voiced out as black blades started protruding out of his body in different parts.

His fist, palms, arms, neck, chest, and some other parts of his body all had blades phasing out of them.


He dashed towards Gustav with speed while slashing out.


A half moon-shaped energy shot out of the blade in his fist towards Gustav as he arrived in front of him.

[Dash has been activated]


Gustav swerved towards the left, cleanly dodging the attack, but Grimme wasn't done yet.

Zzhhiiiinnnngg! Zzhhiiiinnnngg! Zzhhiiiinnnngg!

He slashed three more times towards Gustav at fast speed, causing Gustav to dodge towards the right and left again.


Cuts appeared all over the floor behind Gustav as Grimme's attack connected with them, causing a huge chunk of dust to be blown into the air.

Just when Gustav finished dodging those attacks, a flying kick was already headed towards his face and was only a few centimeters away.


Gustav's body bent backwards at unimaginable speed with his back nearly touching the floor, causing Grimme's entire figure to fly over him.

Gustav placed his left hand on the floor and used it to support his body weight as he did a three hundred and sixty degree spin with his left leg outstretched.

The instant Grimme landed on the ground behind Gustav after his kick missed, Gustav's right foot was already sweeping towards his face.


He quickly placed his arms in front of his face and planted his feet firmly on the ground as Gustav's leg connected to his body, sending him sliding backwards by almost thirty feet.


Grimme's body came to a stop as he placed his hands down and stared at Gustav with an astonished look.

'How is he so fast and powerful without even activating his bloodline,' Grimme wondered.

He was also quite surprised that Gustav's leg wasn't affected even after kicking the blades on his wrist.

Originally his blades were sharp enough to cut through the toughest of steels, but Gustav was unaffected when he kicked it.

The entire crowd was also in shock. Watching him perform in the holographic footage was one thing, but seeing this happen in person, they realised Gustav was more amazing than they thought.

'Ah, there goes my shoes again,' Gustav stared at the shoes that had been ruined due to him landing that hit on Grimme.

If anyone had access to his thoughts, they'd be dumbfounded.

'Let's finish this on time before I ruin any more of my clothing,' Gustav said Internally as he stared at Grimme with an intense look.

"I forfeit this match. Thanks for the spar," Grimme suddenly voiced out as he placed his palm and fist together before bowing slightly respectfully.