The Bloodline System - Chapter 322 - Dancing With A Superstar

Chapter 322 - Dancing With A Superstar

Chapter 322 - Dancing With A Superstar

Gustav was drawn by the sound of the voice, so he immediately turned around to stare at who had just spoken.

"You...?" Gustav was taken aback to see a beautiful young petite lady with purple-colored hair packed in a bang.

This was the same lady who sang a song similar to rock the other time. She was the superstar known as "goddess Yusha."

"Do dance with me, Gustav... Or am I not worthy enough to get a dance from you?" She asked.

Gustav stared at her outstretched hand and then her beautiful face before looking at the dance floor where people could be seen swaying from place to place with their partners.

He turned back to stare at her before responding, "I don't know how to dance,"

Yusha's eyes brightened as she heard that, "I figured... Wouldn't it be too much for you to be talented in combat and also be a good dancer," She chuckled.

"So... Why is your hand still outstretched?" Gustav noticed this and asked.

"Grant me the privilege of teaching you," She voiced out.

Most of the girls in the vicinity cursed in their minds as they noticed the exchange between both of them. They wished they had worked up the guts to ask first. However, it would seem they were too slow in making up their minds, and now goddess Yusha had beaten them to it.

They silently prayed for Gustav to turn her down.

Gustav had a slightly contemplative look on his face as he thought, 'Well, what could go wrong..? I still haven't completed the goal of learning a dance move, so I might as well just use this...'

Gustav stretched out his right hand and placed it on hers, "Alright,"

Her smile broadened as Gustav stood to his feet, and they walked towards the dance floor amidst the stares and glares of many guests.

The both of them faced each other as they got to a part of the dance floor, and Yusha stretched out her palms as slow music played in the background.

She told Gustav to place his palm on hers and follow her movement as they started dancing to the tune.

Even with the envious gaze of some girls around them, Gustav focused on the dance lesson. This was the first time he was attending any social event.

He never even knew how such things were held, which was why he didn't know how to dance.

He nearly stepped on her several times as she instructed him, but due to his sharp reflexes, he was able to quickly move his foot away.

"Now you're getting it... You're quite the fast learner," She said as their movement became more fluid than before, garnering astonished stares from those who had their eyes on them the entire time.

Gustav's left hand was gripping her thin waist, causing her body to be hugged to his as they moved.

Gustav was quite triggered at first as he held the soft body of a woman again, but he slowly got used to it as they danced, telling himself this was a normal thing.

[Goal completed: Learn a dance move ✓]

Gustav smiled as he noticed the notification. He set it aside and decided to check the rewards later.

"So, out of everyone you could dance with... Why me?" Gustav asked as he stared into her eyes.

"Hello, have you met you? You're Gustav, the number one participant in the just concluded MBO entrance test... Who wouldn't want you to dance with them at this party?" She muttered while looking back into his eyes as they moved from place to place.

"I can sense the glares of many maidens present in today's party. If looks could burn, I would have been barbecued... Believe me, every girl present here wants a slice of you," She added brazenly.

Gustav laughed lightly as he heard that, "You don't seem to me like you're one of those girls who would care about such things... Even if a person was famous, you're also quite famous yourself, so it's truly surprising that you'd be interested in dancing with me..." Gustav paused his statement at that point.

"Well... That's because I like you," She voiced out.

"Uh?" Gustav was surprised at her open revelation.

"I watched your performance in the test, and it made me research about you... I know your story, and it inspired me to write a new song that I will be releasing in a few days," She smiled while narrating.

Gustav didn't even know how to respond to her as he kept staring while they danced.

However, before the atmosphere could turn awkward, she spoke.

"I am not asking you to date me... Dancing with you is already enough. You are an awesome person, handsome, strong, charismatic, and frankly many girls dream guy, so I just wanna say you should just keep doing you." She muttered with a smile as their body separated from each other.

This was the first time someone was praising him this way and came at him without hidden intention. She practically tabled everything out for Gustav, and he liked that she was straightforward.

They stared at each other for a while before two massive men approached them from behind.

"Young miss Yusha, it's time," One of them voiced out.

"Oh alright, one second," She said to them before turning back to stare at Gustav.

"Now, exchange contact with me. As of today, we are friends, and you can attend all of my concerts for free," She said cheekily to Gustav.


Some minutes later, Gustav went back to his seat, checking the device in his hand as he stared at the number Yusha gave him.

She had left the event to attend another one that she was invited to perform.

'She seemed like a really fun person... I'd like to meet her again in the future,' Gustav said internally as he drank from the cup on the table in front of him.

A few girls had approached him during the time he took his seat to ask for a dance, but Gustav turned them down.