The Bloodline System - Chapter 321 - Disagreements On The High Table

Chapter 321 - Disagreements On The High Table

Chapter 321 - Disagreements On The High Table

"Master Gon, you seemed to be troubled. What is the matter?" The woman sitting on his left side asked with a concerned look.

"No, I'm not troubled at all... On the contrary, look who accepted my invitation," Mister Gon replied as he stared at Gustav in the crowd.

At the moment, the others sitting on the high table had also noticed him.

Two of them had conflicted looks on their faces, while the other two had intrigued looks.

One of them had a celebration for his great-grandson the other day for getting enlisted into the MBO training camp, and since he also happened to be the head of a big family and he expected Gustav to appear at the party too.

However, he had missed that one while he attended this one which made them wonder what Mister Gon did to make him accept.

Even though the head of that family who invited him wasn't happy with his absence which he regarded as a slap on the face, there was nothing he could do about it.

No one was willing to incur the wrath of the crazy Miss Aimee.

"You invited that mannerless swine that doesn't even respect the parents who brought him into this world," The man sitting on the far-left end with orange hair and strands of grey voiced out.

"True from what I remember, he slapped his mother. How can you invite such a person here, Master Gon?" The other middle-aged-looking man on the far right side voiced out too.

"About that... It's all a ruse. Just as he has said in his footage, his parents are truly clowns," Mister Gon tried debunking their words.

"How could you say such a thing, Master Gon... Are you in support of children disrespecting their elders?" The one on the left voiced out.

"Master Gon must be blinded by the young kid's talent and decided to overlook his bad character," The one on the right added.

"Mr. Dwayne, Mr. Ooga, you have to get your facts straight before jumping to conclusions. Surely something must have happened behind the scenes to lead to such a situation," The lady beside Master Gon voiced out.

"Thank you for mentioning that, Lady Sil... You will all be proven wrong before the end of this event," Mr. Gon smiled and stopped speaking.

The man on the right-hand side of Mr. Gon finally spoke, "Do you mind enlightening us, Master Gon," His voice happened to carry more power than the others.

He had a three-inch long horn underneath his jaw with slanted eyes and spiky silver-colored hair.

"Mr. Jo, I won't speak more on this topic. When the time comes, everyone will be enlightened," Master Gon smiled peacefully as he placed a finger on his party-shaded glasses and pushed them up in a cool way.

In his sitting position, Gustav noticed the eyes around him, and although it made him a little uncomfortable, he acted unbothered.

At this time, the ladies performing had left the stage, and now a young lady with a musical instrument similar to a piano and a guitar combined with numerous amounts of light glows on it was performing.

She sang a song similar to the olden days rock music, which seemed to be the opposite of the previous performance due to the heavy sounds.

-"Oh, my goodness, the tribome goddess Yusha was invited to perform,"

-"I never knew Master Gon was a lover of these kinds of music,"

The guests spoke among themselves as the singer performed with a hard but melodic voice.

Master Gon seemed to like this a lot and was even vibing hard to the music while the others on the high table stared at him with a weird look.

The ceremony continued as the master of ceremonies spoke from time to time to increase the liveliness of the event while inviting the next performer.

Gustav initially wanted to be in attendance for about an hour before leaving, but due to the factors of not being able to meet with Mister Gon yet, he decided to still hold on.

Different kinds of superstars were in attendance today, and they all performed heartily and wished mister Gon a happy birthday when they were done.

After some time, the guests all brought their gifts forward.

-"The Mulne family congratulates Master Gon on his seventieth birthday. We hope these Dragune eggs will bring you good fortune,"

The crowd had astonished looks as they heard that.

'The rare Dragune eggs that when hatched a rare mineral is found within which is able to strengthen cells by three times,' Those who were knowledgeable recognized these massive eggs that were the size of a human with yellowish furs on their surfaces.

-"The Kwoiune family congratulates Master Gon on his seventieth birthday. We wish you long life and hope this ancient ornament is to your liking,"

The representatives of each big family went forward to present their gifts one after the other.

After another hour went by, it was time to cut the birthday cake.

It was brought to the front of the stage, and Master Gon had to come out while also inviting his grandkids to come and join him along with some family members in attendance.

The girl with pink hair and blue strands named Vera was finally able to stare at the crowd when she moved to the front to take a picture with her grandfather.

Her eyes immediately locked on Gustav's position and her heart started racing.

Gustav noticed someone glaring at him intensely and decided to look up to stare at the person.

Although he knew people had been taking glances at him occasionally, this particular glare was just too intense for him to overlook.

'Who is she?' Gustav wondered as he locked eyes on the girl standing on the left side of Master Gon on the stage.

'Oh, my goodness, he just stared here,' Vera felt her heart skip a beat as she quickly turned her eyes away and pretended not to stare.

Her face returned back to its initial aloofness and haughtiness as she took several pictures with master Gon.

Gustav shook his head and decided to overlook this as the party continued.

After cutting the cake, the guests were invited to the dance floor to pick partners to dance with.

Gustav sat on his chair unbothered as he waited for the celebration to come to an end.

While sitting and waiting, he suddenly heard someone call out to him from behind.

"Hello, handsome... Wanna dance?" It was a sweet and melodic voice.

Gustav was drawn by the sound of the voice, so he immediately turned around to stare at who had just spoken.