The Bloodline System - Chapter 320 - Being The Center Of Attention?

Chapter 320 - Being The Center Of Attention?

Chapter 320 - Being The Center Of Attention?

Gustav came out of his vehicle the moment it parked and started moving towards the entry point of the large house.

Other people were also seen in the vicinity with luxurious-looking outfits moving into the castle-like green and gold-colored building.

Large muscular-looking men in tight combat bodysuits could be seen standing at the entrance, confirming the invitation of every guest before giving them access.

Gustav was being followed on both sides by the men who had brought him here.

When they arrived at the entrance, they were immediately given access the moment the guards noticed these men.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Sounds of conversations could be heard all around the place as the guests who were familiar with themselves greeted one another.

Gustav wasn't surprised by the turnout of rich people to the party because mister Gon happened to be among the top five richest men in the city.

He, of course, headed a big family known as the Arin family, which was also one of the top families in the city.

Among them all, he was the youngest head of a family in the city. However, today was his seventieth birthday.

Some of the guests recognized Gustav as he walked in, but some did not because not only did he look different in person due to the stressful test, he also was looked extremely sophisticated.

Gustav arrived at the main living room, which was like a large hall. He could see people numbering in the hundreds gathered in the well-designed and beautiful seating area.

Even though the number of people here today was over a hundred, the main living didn't look crowded at all due to the size. Even after observing the faces of many of the guests, Gustav couldn't find a single one of them dressed brashly.

His get-up today wasn't his doing. Mister Gon had arranged his clothing. If it wasn't due to that, he would have dressed in a casual outfit.

Gustav could see the high table, which was opposite the sitting area. Everyone in the normal sitting area was facing the people sitting in the high table area.

At the moment, they were watching a group of young maidens in purple, and pink outfits perform a musical choreography.

They danced gracefully, moving like swans and attracting the attention of the guests.

Light music-filled and melodies filled the room, adding even more beauty to these ladies' moves.

Gustav moved towards the eastern side and sat somewhere in the middle that wasn't preoccupied.

The men walking by his side earlier went to different spots to stand while one of them went up to the podium area where the high table was positioned.

On the high table area, asides from Mister Gon, who was dressed in royal blue robes along with his spiky hair and cool party glasses, the rest were three middle-aged-looking men and one woman.

These four looked extremely haughty with fierce eyes. It was obvious that they were not ordinary people.

From time to time, they would occasionally share conversations, and the others in front would be unable to hear due to the distance.

Not only old people attended Mister Gon's birthday party. Some youngsters who were offsprings of prominent families also attended.

From the moment Gustav walked in, most of them noticed him and couldn't just stop staring at him.

While the performance was going on in front, some of them sitting together discussed Gustav's arrival.

-"The number one participant, Gustav, is here,"

-"Why do you all call him number one when there are others who haven't displayed their abilities but are already enlisted without having to participate in the test phase,"

-"Oh, are you talking about the special class candidates,"

-"I also heard about them. Apparently, those are the strongest, and until we have seen their abilities, Gustav cannot be labelled as number one,"

-"It doesn't change the fact that he's very strong though, you all have forgotten that he passed the special test, so he's practically also a special class even though it hasn't been announced,"

-"I heard that he managed to perform a big feat at the finals,"

Gustav's perception was able to cover the entire hall, so he could hear the words of these youngsters as they discussed with each other, but he wasn't bothered.

One of the men who escorted Gustav to this place had already informed Mister Gon of Gustav's arrival.

-"Oh, isn't that the young lad who earned himself the title of number one?"

-"The young lad known as Gustav. Looks like he was invited too,"

-"I must make my children share a conversation with him today. That kid has a bright future,"

Some of the influential parents who arrived with their children saw this as an opportunity to make connections with him.

Mister Gon smiled from his sitting position as he noticed that Gustav had already attracted half of the guest's attention towards himself.

This was one of the effects he was aiming to achieve.

A particular girl with pink hair and blue strands sat in front with a tensed expression as she occasionally turned to the side to glance at the people behind her.

The boy beside her looked similar to mister Gon with his pointy blue hair.

However, at the moment, he wasn't paying attention to the girl. His attention was more focused on the beautiful maidens performing in front.

He licked his lips as he stared at one of them with glaring intentions.

His eyes suddenly glowed up as he stared in the direction of the maiden with long black hair among the twelve.

The lady started feeling slightly uncomfortable as she danced. His eyes paraded her body from her head to her chest area. He swallowed saliva as he prepared to move his vision down, but then he felt someone staring at him.

He turned to stare at the middle of the high table and noticed Mister Gon staring at him.

Mister Gon's eyes were narrowed into slits as he stared at the boy who happened to be his grandson.

The boy known as Damien quickly lost the glow in his eyes and stared down to avoid eye contact.

'Such a shameless brat... Always using your bloodline abilities in this manner,' He said internally as he shook his head and stared back at Gustav, who was sitting peacefully in the middle.

'Why can't he just be like this young lad Gustav?' Mr. Gon shook his head as he thought.