The Bloodline System - Chapter 319 - Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 319 - Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 319 - Unexpected Visitor

Apparently, the party was going to begin around two in the afternoon, so he still had about four hours to do whatever he wanted to.

He decided to spend this time channelling his bloodline even more.

He decided not to try connecting to the Yarki till he was out of the party.

'Well, he said if I can attend, I get to ask for whatever I want... I'll just show up for a short duration,' Gustav said internally as he closed his eyes to start channeling his bloodline.


Some hours later, Gustav opened his eyes when he sensed someone approaching his door.

He stood to his feet and walked towards the living room.

Kom! Kom!

The person knocked twice as they arrived in front of his door.

"Who's there?" Gustav asked.

"I'm here to see you, Gustav," The person responded from the other end.

Gustav found this voice to be a little familiar, and from his perception, he could make out the physique of the person to be a male in a suit.


He gestured for the door to open and stared at the person on the other end.

Gustav's eyes widened slightly as he stared at the person who was knocking.

This person had brown hair, slanted cold looking eyes and was wearing a blue business suit.

The atmosphere turned intense as he stared into Gustav's eyes like he was staring into his soul.

"So, we finally meet... Gustav," The known man voiced out as he walked forward.

"I will let myself in," He said with a light chuckle as he walked into Gustav's apartment.

'Hung Jo's elder brother... Yung Jo...' Gustav turned around as he stared at the back of the man who had just walked into his apartment.

'What is he doing here?' Gustav wondered.

Yung Jo sat on the sofa in front, crossed his leg with gracefulness and stared at Gustav, who was still standing at the door with a dumbfounded expression.

"What do you want?" Gustav asked while squinting his eyes with a look of suspicion.

"No need to be alarmed... I only came here to talk. Be a good host and get me a cup of tea," Yung Jo stated.

Gustav took two steps forward and stared at Yung Jo with a wary look trying to read him.

"Is there a need for you to be alarmed? Or maybe you have something to hide from the brother of your former classmate?" Yung Jo voiced out playfully when he noticed Gustav was still standing there.

"There's always a need to be alarmed when a stranger walks into my home," Gustav stated.

"You had be..." Before Gustav could complete his statement, Hung Jo interrupted.

"Like I said, I only came here to talk... Have a seat..." Hung Jo stated.

Gustav still had a suspicious look, but then he could tell that Hung Jo didn't come here with nefarious intentions, so he walked forward and took a seat opposite Hung Jo.

Gustav was still on guard, but he appeared to look fine and unbothered after taking his seat.

Gustav stylishly tapped a button behind his left ear and asked, "So what did you want to talk about?"


One hour later, Gustav came out of the apartment looking extremely handsome in a nice long red suit and white inner T-shirt along with a tie and black trousers.

He was like a whole package with the way he was dressed. His hair was looking extra smoother, along with his golden-coloured irises.

Gustav walked gracefully towards the stairways with his long coat swimming behind him like a cape.

A limo-like hovercar was waiting for him downstairs.

He happened to bump into Phil on his way down, who had a look of astonishment on his face.

He greeted Gustav with excitement and asked about the occasion while following after Gustav.

Gustav chatted with him a little till they got downstairs.

"Wait till big sis Angy sees you this way... I wonder what her reaction would be," Phil shouted out as he started running back up the stairs.

Gustav wanted to tell him not to bother because he was already late and wouldn't be able to wait, but the boy had already sped off.

The two men in a suit standing in front of the vehicle bowed slightly as they greeted Gustav. The door of the vehicle opened up in front of Gustav, and he moved in.


In a few seconds, they sped off into the distance.

And moments later, they left Angy, and Phil arrived downstairs.

"Didn't you say he was here?" Angy said as she pulled Phil by the ear.

"Stop trying to prank big sister," Angy said as she turned around with a disappointed look.

"No, I swear he was here," Phil said as he looked around, wanting to call anyone in the vicinity to bear him witness.

However, those who were gathered here when they saw the luxurious-looking vehicle had gone back to minding their businesses after Gustav left.

'I have been giving him space since we got back, so I won't disturb his training... Maybe I should just listen to Glade's advice and become more assertive,' Angy thought as she climbed the steps with a slightly frustrated expression on her face.


Several minutes later, Gustav arrived at a part of the city that was kind of isolated. It was built to look like a mini-estate, with several houses that were well secured with lots of security operatives stationed at the entry points.

Other luxurious vehicles were also moving into the entry point.

They were scanned by blue light before they were given access.

In no time, the vehicle Gustav was being transported in was also given access.

This place was large enough to have roads like outside that led to different places. Lots of well-trimmed beautiful flowers could be seen around.

However, among all the buildings, a large castle-like building stood out in the midst. This was where everyone was heading to.

Luxurious hover cars parked by in rows and columns ahead could be seen.

There were more than a hundred of them, which proved just how many guests would be attending the event.

Gustav came out of his vehicle the moment it parked and started moving towards the entry point of the large house.