The Bloodline System - Chapter 318 - How To Recharge Yarki

Chapter 318 - How To Recharge Yarki

Chapter 318 - How To Recharge Yarki

("Beings in the universe who have achieved cosmic superiority don't ever let their Yarki completely run out of energy because it's always hard to get it charged again,") The system stated.

"So... What do I do?" Gustav asked.

("The thing is, your YARKI isn't trying to recharge. It has a kind of consciousness that you have to connect to and make your intentions known to it,") The system explained.

"Oh, so it has to be like the first time I connected to it," Gustav held his chin as he muttered.

("Although I have to warn you to be prepared... If your Yarki is truly like you speculated, prepare to be drained of energy. Since you made it run out of energy completely, it will need a buttload of energy from your immune system to jump-start itself,") The system added.

Gustav's eyes squinted as he heard that, "I need to attend this mister Gon's party today... or should I cancel?" Gustav questioned.

("That's up to you,") The system stated and kept quiet afterwards.

Gustav sat on his bed with a look of contemplation. He had done research on mister Gon and found out that he was the current CEO of a clothing brand.

Gustav already thought of how he would make use of this man, but without going to his party, that would be impossible.

"Looks like I'll just have to connect to the Yarki later... I don't want to risk losing all my energy and becoming unable to defend myself just in case something happens," Gustav decided as he stood up to go do his daily routine.


Within a luxurious-looking living room that was similar to a large hall, a man sat in the dining area with exotic foods of different kinds on the massive dining table.

Two ladies in maid outfits stood by his side while another one was pouring wine into his glass cup as he ate.

Ahead, a teenage boy and girl with similar facial features sat. They were also being served by some maids as they ate.

The man had triangular-shaped blue hair with a seven-inch goatee, while the teenage boy sitting in front only had the same triangular-shaped hair. However, his face was way younger, more handsome, and he didn't have a goatee.

The girl, on the other hand, almost didn't bear any resemblance to the both of them. She had white shoulder-length hair with specks of blue and a very cute but snobbish-looking expression. Her eyes were slanted but large with a pointed nose and long chin.

The dining area alone was similar to the size of a large living room. Chandeliers made of exotic-looking glowing green diamonds hung from the ceiling.

The entire place sparkled due to the designs everywhere. The vicinity gave off a serene vibe filled with extravagance and beauty.

Every random item, design, art or carvings in this place was extremely expensive and would be enough to pay for an entire house.

The number of workers stationed around the living and dining area was around twelve in number, but even with that, the place wasn't crowded in the slightest due to its large size.

A massive man in a black business suit came in from the entrance and started walking towards the dining area.

The other workers stationed around bowed their heads slightly in respect as they noticed him. He was almost eight feet tall and every step he took echoed in the vicinity.

He had round eyes with an oblong-looking face and buzz-cut black hair.

He arrived before the dining area and announced his arrival.

"Master Gon, your loyal servant Muero has something to report," He voiced out.

The man eating gestured for him to approach the dining area.

"Young Miss Vera, young Master Damien," The gigantic man known as Muero greeted the teenage boy and girl sitting on the other end.

Both of them ignored him and continued with their meal.

"So, what is it?" The man referred to as master Gon asked.

"We have gotten feedback from the kid, Gustav," He stated.

The girl who was initially eating without a look of interest suddenly raised her head and stared in the direction of master Gon and Muero.

Her eyes lit up with interest as she listened to their conversation along with the other boy.

"He said he'll be attending," Muero added.

"Oh... Wonderful," Master Gon smiled as he heard that.

"I thought he decided not to attend since we didn't get a reply... This is truly wonderful. Those idiots that said I couldn't get him to come will truly be shamed now," Master Gon smiled broadened even more as he said.

"I told you, Master Gon, he won't be..." Before Muero could complete his sentence, Master Gon interrupted.

"I told you not to use normal logic for that kid... He's different," Master Gon voiced out.

Muero; "..."

"Muero is an idiot... If you had witnessed his prowess personally, you wouldn't label him as an ordinary-minded person," The girl known as Vera suddenly voiced out.

The boy opposite her, known as Damien, nodded in agreement with what she said.

Muero was unable to say anything and felt awkward even more than he did before.

Vera suddenly stood up, "I'm done... I can't eat anymore,"

She said as she pushed the chair backwards and started walking out of the dining area.

"Hmm, alright dear, just make sure you lay off training. For now, you should still continue resting," Master Gon voiced out as the girl walked away.

She didn't reply and just kept moving when she got to the corridor, her legs wobbled as she swayed towards the side and leaned her left shoulder against the wall.

She placed her hand on her chest as her breathing turned became hurried, and her face became flushed, "He's coming," She muttered underneath her breath with a look of excitement.


Hours later, it was already daybreak, and Gustav was done with all his routines. He had even gone to check out their storage room to store some of the mixedbreeds he hunted the day before.