The Bloodline System - Chapter 317 - Lecture On Brutality

Chapter 317 - Lecture On Brutality

Chapter 317 - Lecture On Brutality

"Good, now..." Before Gustav could finish his statement, the boy in front interrupted.

"What is this? You brought your uncle to come fight for you?" He asked with a taunting look as he reached into the back of his pants and brought out a pocket knife.

"I'll rough him up too," He voiced out with a smile as he walked closer.

'This kid has guts... Taking a pocket knife wherever he goes,' Gustav said internally.

Phil was a little surprised that the kids didn't recognize Gustav, so he turned to stare at Gustav as he pointed.

"Don't you guys know..." Before he could complete his statement, he noticed Gustav's face was different from what he remembered.

Gustav had now grown a beard and a moustache.

'Where did he get that costume, and how was he able to put it on so fast?' Phil wondered.

Gustav facial looks were still similar to his original, but the beards had given him a completely different look.

Phil had no idea that Gustav made his face look older with shapeshifting. He thought it was a costume to hide his original looks, and he totally understood that Gustav would want to hide his looks due to his recent popularity.

"That knife looks cute and all, but you better put that away before you hurt yourself," Gustav stated while rolling his eyes.

"Shut up, grandpa... Don't pretend like you're not scared," The boy voiced out as he moved closer.

Gustav chuckled as he heard that, but he wasn't bothered since this was just a kid speaking.

Even if he was to get stabbed with a Lazer pocket knife, it wouldn't penetrate his body, not to talk of an ordinary pocket knife.

"Phil... You go out there and return the beating he gave you," Gustav said to Phil.

"No, I can't... My mum and sister said never to touch humans because they're fragile or hurt anyone for that matter," Phil rejected the proposal.

'Sigh, what are they teaching this kid,' Gustav shook his head as he thought.

"Did they also mention that you should become a punching bag and receive the beatings of anyone who feels like laying their hand on you?" Gustav asked with a look of disappointment.

"No, but..." Before Phil could finish his statement, Gustav interrupted.

"There are no buts... In this situation, it's beat or be beaten. Do you want to always be on the receiving end?" Gustav asked.

"Do you enjoy being inflicted with pain? Do you hate yourself so much as to tolerate someone inferior laying their hands on you when you can fight back? Mind you, never show sympathy to those who wish to harm you except you're a masochist... So, tell me, Phil, are you a masochist?" Gustav asked in quick succession.

At this point, Phil was speechless as he heard Gustav's questions.

"Are you love birds done jabbering and yammering? My ears are bleeding," The kid in front voiced out as he ran forward with the pocket knife.

"Phil!" Gustav voiced out as he walked forward to meet with the kid in front.

The kid's pocket knife was still pointed forward, but the kid seemed to have no intention of actually stabbing someone, so he was shocked when Gustav suddenly dashed forward to meet him.


Due to the fast speed, the knife stabbed forward uncontrollably towards Gustav's gut.

"Argh!" Gustav moaned in pain as he stood in front of Phil.

Phil eyes widened as he screamed out, "Big brother Gustav!"

His eyes turned silver as white furs grew out of his limbs, and he transformed into a beastly-looking creature with massive paws and feet.

Phil dashed forward and leapt upwards with his legs outstretched.


His leg slammed into the face of the kid sending the boy flying several feet backwards.

Phil looked triggered as he dashed forward again after the kid slammed into the ground in front and started raining kicks and punches on his face.

In a manner of seconds, the kid's face was already swollen and full of bruises.

Just as Phil was about to stomp on the kid's face again, Gustav dashed forward and grabbed hold of him.

"That's enough," Gustav held him up, easily preventing him from continuing the beating.

The kids behind had wide opened mouths after witnessing the scene before them.

They never knew Phil was a mixedblood. They thought he was just a normal Slarkov since he had horns and never actually fought anyone or reveal his abilities.

Now that they had witnessed this, they swore in their hearts never to mess with him again.

"Big brother Gustav, you are okay?" Phil voiced out.

"Hnm, I am fine," Gustav nodded as he dropped Phil and showed him the pocket knife that was initially in the hand of the kid.

The blade of the pocket knife had twisted towards its handle.

"I was not affected." Gustav added, "But someone else would be if they were in my shoes, and you could prevent that if you had dealt with him when he messed with you,"

Phil had a contemplative look on his face as he heard that.

"Don't wait to act when you come in contact with people like this... Always put them in their place." Gustav said as he started walking forward.

Phil stared at the boy who was on lying by the side with a swollen face just like his.

After a few seconds of staring, he ran forward to meet up with Gustav.

"Always control yourself, though and don't overdo it... Unless the offence deserves a punishment like that," Gustav said with a lecturing tone as they walked away, leaving the kids behind with awe-stricken looks.


Hours later, Gustav went back home after hunting some mixedbreeds and farming EXP.

'I am only a few more XPs away from reaching the next level... I wonder if there will be any different when I achieve level 20,' Gustav said internally as he went to shower.

After showering, he approached his bed to sleep, 'Tomorrow is the birthday party of mister Gon... Let's see what he has to offer,' Gustav thought before going to bed.

The next morning he awoke once again and checked on his Yarki.

"Huh? Why is it still lacking energy?" Gustav voiced out with a look of dissatisfaction as he noticed his Yarki was still dark and void of energy.

"Hey, system... How long till it recharges?" Gustav decided to ask the system since he couldn't understand why it had not even received an ounce of energy even after two days.

("Beings in the universe who have achieved cosmic superiority don't ever let their Yarki completely run out of energy because it's always hard to get it charged again,") The system stated.

"So... What do I do?" Gustav asked.