The Bloodline System - Chapter 316 - Waiting For Recharge

Chapter 316 - Waiting For Recharge

Chapter 316 - Waiting For Recharge

"Maybe..." Gustav face lit up with a look of realisation, "I have two theories,"

("...") The system waited for Gustav to speak.

"First, my Yarki is just too weak, so it could only do that much," Gustav voiced out the obvious part first.

"Second, My Yarki is very potent, but against higher level creatures and beings, it would deplete very fast and only have dominance over them for only a short duration," Gustav explained with a contemplative expression.

("Hmm... Now that you mention it, these two theories do make sense,") The system agreed with Gustav's thinking for the first time.

"But then I still need to keep making use of it to confirm my speculations," Gustav added as he turned around to stare at the border behind.

Gustav decided to head home for now since energy inside the Yarki had run out.

It was the weekend, so by the time Gustav arrived home, it was already evening.

He did his usual research and read some books that had information on intergalactic travels.

'Hmm... Truly a lot of things are hidden from the general public,' Gustav noticed this as he read through some articles.

It turned out that lots of earthlings had migrated to other planets through intergalactic travels.

From the research he had been making, he found out that apart from the MBO, other private organisations also dealt with intergalactic travels.

If a person wanted to travel out of the planet, it was easy through connections and enough money.

There were also beings from other planets living on earth, but the issue was in some cities, only earthlings were allowed to reside within. Aliens weren't given access into these cities, and Plankton city happened to be among these cities.

'Looks like I'll need to ask Miss Aimee on her view of the existence of Humbad... I need to gather as much information as I can,' Gustav decided before going to bed.

The party of mister Gon would be held on Monday, so Gustav was looking forward to training his Yarki on Saturday, which was the next day.

He decided to go to bed, for now, hoping that it would recharge during his sleep.

The next morning when Gustav woke up, the first thing he checked out was his Yarki.

Gustav reached into his senses and noticed that the pinkish fiery flame within him was still darkened.

Gustav was a little disappointed, but he understood that the system did mention to him that it usually took a lot of time to recharge.

He decided to go on with his daily routines.

It wasn't till around two in the afternoon before he was done.

He had a little free time, so he decided to come out of his apartment and move around the neighborhood a little.

He happened to bump into Phil on his way down the stairs.

Phil was returning from somewhere looking tattered and dirty.

Gustav had bumped into Phil many times, but this was the first time he saw Phil in this state.

Phil would always greet him with a merry face filled with excitement, but this time, his head was hung low as he passed by Gustav's side.

This action surprised Gustav as he paused and turned around.

"Phil," Gustav called out to the little boy who was similar in age to his immediate little brother.

Phil heard his name and turned around.

That was when Gustav noticed the black and swollen side of his face.

"Big brother Gustav," He muttered without any energy in his voice.

"What happened?" Gustav asked with a suspicious look.

"Don't worry about it, big brother Gustav," Phil forced a smile as he spoke.

His left side looked hideous with a forced smile due to his bloated cheek.

This image instantly reminded Gustav of the times he used to get beaten up.

Gustav turned around and walked forward before placing his hand on Phil's shoulder.

"Tell me the truth," Gustav said with a low tone.

Phil's smile instantly transformed into a frown as his lips quivered.

Phil decided to come clean and explained to Gustav how he got into a fight with a group because of a football playground three neighborhoods away.

It turned out that he and his group of friends were chased out of the playground by a group of bigger boys even though they got there first.

"So, why didn't you fight back?" Gustav asked Phil.

"They were all normal humans... I didn't want to hurt them," He muttered.

Gustav felt like hitting his head on a wall as he heard this.

"Are they still there?" Gustav asked.

"They should still be," Phil responded.

"Let's go," Gustav said as he grabbed Phil by the hand and started pulling him downwards.

"Wait, big brother Gustav," Phil tried calling out to Gustav, but he didn't even answer to him.


Gustav lifted him and dashed across the neighborhood.

"Which way?" Gustav asked as he paused after they got to an intersection.

"Left," Phil answered.

Gustav turned to the side and sped off into the distance, passing by the side of several houses.

After turning left and right once more, they arrived in a part of the edge of the city where a plain field could be seen in the midst of an area filled with grasses.

This plain field had two football posts on the left and right end of the plain field.

Some young teenage boys could be seen playing a football match against each other.

They didn't instantly notice Gustav and Phil since they were focused on their match, but one of them stopped playing and turned to stare at Phil when they did.

"Yo, this kid came back for more," He voiced out as he started moving forward.

The others behind laughed as they heard that and stood to watch the show that was about to unfold.

"Is that the one who beat you up?" Gustav asked as he stared at the yellow-skinned boy approaching.

"Yes, big brother Gustav," Phil answered as he stared at the boy with a look of anguish.

The boy looked to be around fourteen years of age, while Phil was only around twelve years of age.