The Bloodline System - Chapter 313 - Making The Neighborhood Uncomfortable

Chapter 313 - Making The Neighborhood Uncomfortable

Chapter 313 - Making The Neighborhood Uncomfortable

Other times a third arm would grow out of his back, and his hair would transform into baby snakes before returning back to normal.

Occurrences like this kept on happening for the next two hours, along with the temperature change of the room, before Gustav finally smiled.

Beads of sweat rolled down the sides of his face as he smiled.

'Found it,' He said internally as his senses noticed a small pinkish liquid flame hiding deep within him.

Beads of sweat rolled down the sides of his face as the smile appeared.

The moment Gustav noticed this small liquid pinkish flame, he could already sense that this was the Yarki within him.

He didn't need to be informed. He already sensed the connection to it, which grew even stronger after his senses noticed it.

The pinkish flame instantly increased in size and became twice its initial size.

At this moment, Gustav stopped channelling the bloodlines and instead tried channeling the pinkish flame within him.


A pink-like aura suddenly illuminated the entire room from his being.


The aura that extended from his body didn't stop after filing up the entire apartment. Instead, it kept spreading outwards.


It spread outside of the building, then to the houses in the vicinity and the entire neighborhood area that covered over thirty miles.

It took Gustav by surprise because at this moment, he was like a living light bulb.

The entire neighborhood was suddenly thrown into disarray by this unknown power even though it was late in the night.

Some of them woke up but couldn't understand where the source of light was coming from.

Angy, who was sleeping at the moment in her parent's apartment, could not help but shiver subconsciously as she felt the strange power in the air.

There were not a lot of mixedbreeds in this neighborhood, but at the moment, the few of them felt chills within them even in their sleep.

Gustav, who was the source of this disturbance, had no idea about the influence he was causing by unleashing this power.

He even wondered if he was using it the right way.

"So, this is Yarki... I don't feel any different, though," Gustav said as he stood to his feet.

"There must be other ways it can be applied..." Gustav muttered with a look of contemplation as he raised his hand.

"The Guuara mentioned that I could use it to make species in a particular range of power submit to me..." Gustav recalled.

"I will need to try this out later," Gustav said as he slowly deactivated Yarki.

For some reason, he didn't get any system notification about it, so he guessed Cosmic Superiority wasn't controlled by the system, which made him wonder how the system was able to make him achieve it in the first place.

("I'll advice you to only use that in life-threatening situations,") The system suddenly spoke.

"Won't you congratulate me first?" Gustav asked while raising one eyebrow.

("You're the first sub-parallel being in the universe to gain the power of Yarki without being able to activate it... Do you still think you deserve congratulations?") The system asked with a childing tone.

Gustav; "..." 'What was I expecting?'

"Why do you say I should only use it in life-threatening situations, though?" Gustav asked.

("Although it doesn't run on energy from you or me, it can still run out of power if you overuse it. Your YARKI is still in its baby phase, so I can tell it doesn't have a lot of power. If you use it too much, you will run out of energy and have to wait for it to recharge for an entire day or more, so mind how you make use of it,")

The system explained.

Gustav nodded in understanding as he heard this.

He was glad Yarki didn't use his energy, but now he had to be careful not to use it up entirely. Which meant that even when training, he had to train moderately.

At this time, it was already past three in the morning.

Which meant Gustav would not be able to go to sleep since he had to do his daily routine.

Gustav went back into the shower to take his bath and change his cloth before heading out once again.

Just like that, another two days went by in a flash, and it was the weekend.

Gustav had finalized the employment of the three who came looking for trouble the other day. The green-bearded man was known as Haiki, the purple-headed man was known as Vibrant, and the red-haired lady was known as Fiolorna.

Gustav explained to them how he wanted their operations to be carried out with Braun and Durk.

The three newbies he employed were to be trained by these five since their job was to hunt, while the other three he employed were to handle the delivery process of mixedbreeds corpses.

One was the new secretary, who would be stationed in the storage room at all times.

Only a manager was missing now, and Gustav already had someone in mind for that.

Gustav had already decided that he would be testing out the power of Yarki today within the border.

He finished training with Miss Aimee in the afternoon and immediately headed for the border.

Gustav didn't need to stress like before to open a side of the border. His ability had been applied to a rectangular-shaped technological device that instantly opened a hole within the border for easy access.

Braun and Durk were the only ones Gustav entrusted with this device since people were not permitted entry into the border except him.

Gustav arrived inside in a few seconds and was already journeying through the forest of trees.

He was headed back towards the area where he found that massive serpentine mixedbreed that nearly consumed him if not for the Red Shadow.

'Or should I just try it out with the weaker ones first?' Gustav immediately discarded that thought.

'I need to know where the limits lie first,' Gustav said internally as he leaped upwards and landed on the last tree situated in front of the plain area without any vegetation.