The Bloodline System - Chapter 312 - Finding Yarki

Chapter 312 - Finding Yarki

Chapter 312 - Finding Yarki

"No, I haven't... Been trying, but I can't seem to figure it out," Gustav replied.

("How about I give you a clue,")

The system proposed.

"Hmm?" Gustav was surprised at the system's sudden proposal to render assistance.

"Why are you nice all of a sudden? Is there a catch?" Gustav questioned with a tone of suspicion.

He didn't think the system would just assist him because he had been hard working in trying to figure out how to use Yarki.

("Why should there be a catch?" Idiot, the stronger you are, the better it is for the both of us… Why would I want your growth to be restricted when it is also to my own benefit?")

The system chided.

"Oh… fair enough then, but instead of giving me a clue, why not just tell me the entire process," Gustav asked shamelessly with a smile.

("Stupid! Did you forget about the time I mentioned that you have to figure it out yourself? If I tell you the entire process, you'll remain a sub-parallel being forever. You won't be able to go beyond that class, "the system voiced out.

Gustav had a look of understanding after hearing that.

"Alright then," He muttered.

("Cosmic Superiority is a universal power bestowed upon the privileged. As you know, there are other beings in the universe that have achieved it.

I've seen that you've been trying to channel the power of Yarki differently because of this.

It's a universal level of power that doesn't only center around mixedbloods. This means other beings without bloodlines can use this power... So...") The system voiced out lengthily and suddenly stopped.

"Hmm?" Gustav exclaimed with a look of confusion.

("That's it... Figure out the rest yourself,") The system stated and kept quiet afterward.

Gustav's forehead creased up as he stared at nothing while standing underneath the shower.

He knew the system had bailed out of telling him more, and it wouldn't reply him even if he questioned it again, so he didn't bother trying to.

Gustav's facial expression showed that he was trying to solve a puzzle.

'Wait, the system mentioned seeing me trying to channel cosmic superiority differently from how I channel my bloodlines, which means...' Gustav's face suddenly showed an expression of realisation.

"I shouldn't be trying to channel the power differently... The other beings in the universe who also use the power of Yarki make use of the power in a similar way to how they use their own original power. Since we're all different beings and we achieved Cosmic Superiority in different ways," Gustav muttered with a look of understanding as he stepped out of the shower and wiped himself up.

After doing that, he changed into his pyjamas and went to his room.

"Still, I need to find the location of the power within me before I can make use of it, so I can say I have successfully gained knowledge about the first step," Gustav said as he sat down on his bed in a crossed leg position.

It was truly, as the system said. Gustav had been trying several methods to activate Cosmic Superiority, but none of the methods tried was similar to Bloodline Channelling.

So, this time Gustav had decided to try and look for the power within him by channelling all bloodlines at the same time.

Gustav had never tried this because so many things could go wrong with trying to channel several bloodlines at the same time.

He might end up exploding into a bloody mess or lose control and turn into a mixedbreed that would have the combination of all his abilities. Even if he successfully managed to channel every bloodline at the same time, the speed of channelling would be extremely slow.

However, Gustav had no choice but to try it this time since it was necessary.

Gustav slowly concentrated his senses inwards and began to spread them around the parts where his bloodlines were located.

One after the other, he connected to each and every one of them. However, unlike before, where he would have firm control of them, which would enable him to channel that particular bloodline properly, this time, it felt like he only had a very vague hold over them.

Gustav raised his concentration to the peak as he began to channel every one of his thirty-plus bloodlines at the same time.

Every single bloodline stored within Gustav began to tremble and bubble slowly as Gustav channeled them.

Gustav smiled as he successfully managed to begin channelling the bloodlines together. However, it seemed to be mentally and physically tasking for him.

'I need to use their energy to find out where the power is hidden,' Gustav said internally as his skin started changing color due to the multiple channelling.


In just a few seconds, Gustav's skin had transformed from warm cream color to red.

Beads of sweat began to roll down his face as he closed his eyes.

Occasionally, part of his body would twist out of shape before returning back to normal.

Gustav searched all around with his senses buried deep.

His chin suddenly started getting longer as a horn black pointy horn grew out of it for a few seconds before returning back to normal.

'I can't keep this up... I need to find it before things get too overwhelming.' Gustav said internally as he continued channelling.

Due to channelling every bloodline at the same time, he was feeling immense strength and energy running through his body, but it would get very dangerous if he kept this up.

Within his body, every bloodline channel point was separated. Still, the bloodlines were bubbling intensely at this moment, and some of them started moving out of their concentrated area. They were getting close to mixing with other bloodlines that were also being channeled.

Gustav had to make sure these bloodlines being channelled didn't meet up with one another, or it would cause severe catastrophes within his body.

Gustav's face suddenly morphed into one filled with red scales before going back to normal.