The Bloodline System - Chapter 314 - Getting The Attention Of The Massive Serpentine Mixedbreed

Chapter 314 - Getting The Attention Of The Massive Serpentine Mixedbreed

Chapter 314 - Getting The Attention Of The Massive Serpentine Mixedbreed

I need to know where the limits lie first,' Gustav said internally as he leaped upwards and landed on the last tree situated in front of the plain area without any vegetation.

He observed this familiar area once again.

Stones piled up together in different spots around this area could be seen.

'I'm way faster than I was a month ago, so I should barely be able to escape it if this doesn't work,' Gustav thought as he squatted on a tree branch that was as thick as an arm.

He raised his hand and grabbed a branch above before using it to swing himself upwards.


Gustav spun in mid-air repeatedly as his body ascended to a branch close to the top of the same tree.

He repeated the same action again and found himself at the top of the tree, where he could see the outline of the environment in front from a height of one hundred and twenty meters.

Gustav was thinking about the best possible way to draw the attention of the serpentine mixedbreed without having to walk on top of its body.

Gustav had learned his lesson the last time. Seeing as the piled-up stones were still in many different spots around there, he knew the serpentine mixedbreed was very much alive underneath the ground.

After all, the Red Shadow didn't fight the creature. He only saved Gustav from it.

("You do know that there's a high possibility that this won't work, especially when the difference in strength is too significant,") The system warned Gustav before he ventured into the domain of danger.

Gustav paused his thoughts and decided to ask something, "What level is that serpentine mixedbreed?"

("Level 36,") The system answered bluntly.

Gustav's eyes widened slightly as he heard that, "36?" He muttered with a disbelieving expression.

He had expected it to be around level 20, so hearing 36 gave him a surprise because comparing that to the power level of a mixedblood was somewhere around Gilberk or Martial rank.

Although that was nothing compared to the Red Shadow or Miss Aimee's strength, Gustav would find himself at the door of death if he tried battling a creature on this level.

He knew all these since he had experienced it first hand. Now he understood why he was unable to go against the serpentine mixedbreed the last time, and even with the creature's massive size, he was unable to outrun it.

Gustav was starting to doubt he could outrun it now because he felt the creature might not have displayed its full speed.

He decided to revise his plan and make a new one just in case things went south when he uses Yarki against the creature.

'The creature practically lives underground, so the hole won't work... Cognitive Concealment could work, but then I need to get out of its range of detection the moment things go south,' Gustav said internally as he prepared to distance himself immediately, he triggered the appearance of the creature.

Gustav's head transformed into that of the Savrinia serpent mixedbreed. Turning black with scales all over and black long ram horns along with purplish eyes.

Gustav opened his mouth as a purplish beam started gathering in front of his wide-open mouth.

The beam was aimed towards one of the piled-up stones hundreds of feet towards the northeast.

At the same time, Gustav also activated Gravitational Energy Container, and some of those orbs filled with energy floated around him.

They were about sixty in number, and they crowded a radius of a hundred feet around Gustav, who was standing at the top of one of the tallest trees in the area.

It was like glowing light bulbs; red and blue were floating around him.

The pressure building around him due to the immense energy he was building caused the trees in the vicinity to sway. Winds blew across the place.

The orbs surrounding Gustav suddenly disappeared as he shot out the purplish beam that had finished building up.

Trrrhhhoooommmm! Bang!

It slammed into the pile of stones it was aimed at. However, only a little bit of it was blasted apart. The pile of stones that were about three feet tall was now about two feet due to the blast.

Gustav's attack carried a lot of power, but this was the only effect it could cause.

However, cracks could be seen around the pile of stones along with a small crater due to the attack.

Gustav had already turned around and leaped forward the moment the attack connected.

Gustav landed on another tree hundreds of feet behind, but he still kept leaping with incredible speed.


Cracks started appearing all over the partially plain ground in front.

The cracks spread across three miles as the ground started elevating.



A loud hissing sound, similar to an engine's, reverberated across the place as a massive creature shot out of the ground.

Its skin was grey in color with weird but massive-looking scales along with the pile of stones protruding out of different spots on its body.

Its mouth was in between, and its two massive eyeballs were adjacent to each other.

It was so large that the combination of the ten tallest trees in the vicinity wouldn't be comparable to its size.

Its body raised up as it stood on its tail and stared at the forest area with its eyes.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, it couldn't see anyone in the forest area.

Gustav had already distanced himself more than seven thousand feet away from the creature, and at the moment, he hid within a tree with lots of branches.

He activated Cognitive Concealment, which hid his presence.

However, the serpentine mixedbreed could still sense the direction from which the attack came.

Sshhhsshhh! Grrrhh! Grrhh!

The creature started moving towards Gustav's direction blindly, causing trees to be uprooted in the process as its body cleared a path forward for it.

Green fumes oozed out of the pile of stone-like things on its body as it moved. It already covered the area where the creature came out of the ground.

These fumes were the same that caused Gustav to be paralysed before so he became quite wary as he noticed it.