The Bloodline System - Chapter 311 - Matilda's Invitation

Chapter 311 - Matilda's Invitation

Chapter 311 - Matilda's Invitation

Sometime later in the afternoon, Gustav was headed for Gami dojo by himself.

He happened to meet some people waiting for him by the entrance.

Just like the ones who visited him the previous night, these ones also handed him invitation cubes.

Gustav was quite surprised when he received invitation cubes from the entourage of six different family heads.

'Well, I kinda saw this coming,' Gustav said internally as he stored them in his storage cube before heading up.

'Even Matilda's family is among... Hmm, I wonder why they didn't visit my house like the other one,' Gustav said internally as he arrived up.

He went on ahead with his personal training before heading back home to his appointment with those six new mixedbloods he was planning to employ.

Even though he had managed to win over the three that came to cause trouble in the storage room today, he still wanted more staff.

He had decided he would let any new recruit be trained by the current staff in his absence.

The three from Eagle Wings were already experienced, so having won them over, Gustav was feeling elated.

The six he interviewed later were so shocked upon finding out that the agency owner was the number one participant of the MBO.

All in all, everything went well, and Gustav returned back home in the evening after he was done.

He was planning a joint raid with Braun and Durk next week before he left for the MBO camp. Since he was looking forward to breaking through to the serial rank before leaving for the MBO camp.

Gustav happened to meet Angy in front of his apartment door as he arrived home.

He was a bit taken aback since she hadn't done this in a long time, so he felt it must be something important.

"Angy, is there a problem?" Gustav asked.

Angy seemed to be fidgeting as she twirled her hair with a shy look.

"No, there's no problem at all," Angy replied with a wry smile.

"Oh, then what is it?" Gustav asked.

"I wanted to remind you of something," She smiled and avoided eye contact with Gustav as she turned her face to the other side.

"I'm all ears," Gustav responded.

"Erm, our... Our date is still holding next week Thursday, right?" She asked.

Gustav laughed lightly as he heard that, "Of course, I didn't forget," Gustav replied.

"Oh, alright, I just wanted to remind you... I... I'll be going now," Angy's neck was already reddened at this point as she waved Gustav goodbye and went back to her apartment.

Gustav shook his head with a light smile on his face as he headed in.

He sat on his sofa as he began to bring out the cubes in his storage device.

These weren't just invitation cubes from big families alone but also from some organizations.

Gustav had been approached repeatedly to become the endorser for products of different companies, but he had ignored all of them so far.

He understood that he didn't like being in the limelight since it was making living uncomfortable for him.

The recent event with his parents further boosted his popularity, and people discussed him everywhere he went now.

The moment he was noticed in a public place, he became the topic of discussion, and it was becoming really uncomfortable for him, so he turned down these endorsement deals.

Gustav began to activate the cubes one after the other. Just as he expected, these big families were having one celebration or the other. The celebrations were mostly under the guise of celebrating the youngster in their household that managed to make it into the MBO.

Gustav was being invited to attend, so their offspring would be able to form connections with the most powerful MBO participant.


"Greetings from the Dom family. We will like for you to attend...."


"Greetings from the Ouyang Family, we are inviting you to our..."


"Special greetings from the Cyana family, young Gustav..."


Every footage ended with them promising Gustav rewards for attending their celebration.

'Clowns,' Gustav said Internally after he finished watching another one.

Obviously, he couldn't attend all of them. He would have to choose some over others since he still had important things to do than spending all his time showing up at parties.

Some of them happened to even be on the same day. He automatically cancelled those that were holding next week Thursday due to his date with Angy.

Gustav finally activated the last one, which happened to be from Matilda's household.


"The Kwoiune family is inviting you for my celebration Gustav. Please make sure you show up..."


Instead of influential family members like the rest, Matilda was the one in this footage.

It was as if the family knew that seeing Maltida in the footage as the one doing the invitation would actually affect Gustav's decision to attend.

Fortunately, it happened to be holding the day before his date with Angy, so he had no problem with attending.

The day came to an end, and Gustav arrived back in his home by midnight since he went out to hunt some mixedbreeds and farm EXP.

Gustav arrived in his room and once again pulled off his tattered clothes that got incinerated by the mixedbreeds he battled today.

("You sure love to destroy clothes, don't you,")

He suddenly heard the voice of the system in his head.

'Well, it's not like there's anything I can do about the entire vicinity turning into a domain of magma... There's no way any cloth would be able to survive that,' Gustav responded while walking towards the shower after pulling everything off.

("Why don't you try creating clothes that are immune to temperature change and wouldn't easily get destroyed in battles,") The system proposed.

"I already thought of that, but I won't begin the process till after next week," Gustav responded.

("Oh, you did? Looks like you're a little less dumb than I thought,") The system replied.

Gustav; "..."

Gustav ignored the system and kept showering, but then he thought of something.

"Hey... Don't tell me you can't see my..." Gustav covered his privates as he thought of this.

He subconsciously wanted to hide his p*nis since the system sounded and looked like a girl.

("Idiot, I live inside you, so of course, I've seen everything... Not like there's much to see anyways,") The girlish voice of the system laughed lightly as it voiced out.

Gustav; "..."

Gustav felt like cursing the system again at the moment as he showered in silence.

("Hey, have you figured out how to use your YARKI?")

The system asked.

"No, I haven't... Been trying, but I can seem to figure it out," Gustav replied.

("How about I give you a clue,")