The Bloodline System - Chapter 310 - New Employees?

Chapter 310 - New Employees?

Chapter 310 - New Employees?

"I haven't asked you to leave, have I?"

The three instantly paused in their tracks upon hearing that and turned around slowly with wary looks.

"Erm, Mr. Gustav, we really respect you a lot, so please let us go this time. We won't cause any more trouble," The lady with red hair voiced out with a wry smile as she once again turned around with her subordinates.

"Nobody leaves," Gustav voiced out and snapped his fingers.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Metallic doors suddenly started slamming down in the different parts of the storage room, trapping everyone within.

The three of them looked around and at themselves with worried looks before turning back to face Gustav.

"Look, Mr. Gustav, we know you're now a big shot, but we won't accept being cornered," The lady gnashed her teeth as she voiced out with a look of determination.

"If you want to get rid of us, we won't go down without putting up a fight first,"


Her hair turned into shake stabbing blades as they floated above her head.

The man with green beards started transforming, and in a few seconds, he had a lizard-like appearance with moderate-sized bat wings. As for the man with a purple-coloured head, black fire sprouted out of his head and started floating above it while his fists were also coated in these black flames.

Braun also prepared himself for a fight and was about to step forward when Gustav raised his hand to give him a signal to stay back.

Gustav walked at a leisurely pace towards the three, who were slowly moving backwards.

"We're all serial ranked... You are way in over your head, kid," The purple head man with black flames floating above him voiced out.

Gustav arrived in front of them; however, instead of a battle stance, he spoke.

"Can we have a business talk over there," Gustav gestured at the office area towards the eastern area. This was one of the small rooms he prepared as an office for himself since he was the one managing the agency right now.

"Huh?" The three of them voiced out with a surprised look.

They felt their ears were playing tricks on them since Gustav's action gave them the intention that he harbored nefarious thoughts against them.

Gustav didn't repeat himself. Instead, he started walking in the direction of the office.

The three decided to follow after him after staring at one another suspiciously.

They arrived in the small office, and Gustav sat down in his office seat while gesturing for only the red-haired lady to sit. The other two had to stand beside her.

"First of all, I would like to know who you work for," Gustav said while staring at the lady.

She stared back at him for a few seconds before she mentioned their hunting team, "Eagle wings," which happened to be one of the few in the city.

She went on to explain that, unlike other cities, there was no main hunters organisation that controlled other hunters organisations within the city. This was due to the fact that hunters couldn't hunt down mixedbreeds within the city.

A lot of other cities had main hunter organisations that protected the rights of the Hunters and collected their share of every agency's generated monthly or weekly income.

According to her, this wasn't created in Plankton city because they didn't hunt inside, and those that hunted on the outskirts of the city hardly managed to acquire lots of mixedbreeds unless they went farther into the unexplored territories which were quite dangerous.

However, they had gotten word that Crimson Hunting Agency had been selling parts of mixedbreeds easily and had them in abundance. They did their research and noticed that this was truly the case, seeing the way deliveries were being made all across different parts of the city.

Since their team wasn't getting as much or making as much money, their leader gave them the task of disguising themselves as this main hunters organisation that protected the rights of hunters, so they would be able to extort them.

Apparently, they had come here several times, but Braun wasn't buying into their bullshit and always told them off.

However, he didn't inform Gustav of this because he didn't want Gustav to think he wasn't capable enough.

The two at the side heard the narration of their female leader, who happened to be the vice-captain of their hunting team and were shocked that she revealed everything to Gustav.

They had been trying to signal her to not reveal everything, but she totally ignored their signs.

"Oh, I see," Gustav nodded with a look of understanding after she was done.

"You seem like a sharp one, so I'll just get to the point," Gustav said before leaning back against his chair with a poker expression plastered on his face.

"I want to hire all three of you," Gustav stated.

"What?" The two besides the lady voiced out with a look of disbelief.

However, the red-haired lady wasn't so surprised. She knew Gustav wouldn't just call them over to his office for no good reason.

"It is exactly as you have heard... I want you three to be a part of the Crimson Hunters Agency."

The two men still had looks of surprise on their faces as they heard that and were unable to give a response for a few moments.

"Join my hunting agency to receive better benefits than you used to in this erm what was it called again? The name of your team.?" Gustav asked.

"Eagle win..." Before the purple-headed man could complete his statement, Gustav cut in.

"Nobody cares," He voiced out.

The purple-headed man; "..."

The green bearded man; "..."

"Join me," Gustav added as he joined his palms together on the table and leaned his jaw on his raised fists.

They stared at each other repeatedly while the red-haired lady smiled and stared back at Gustav.

"What proposal did you have in mind?" She asked with a seductive smirk.

Gustav returned the smirk before replying, "What is your current income?"