The Bloodline System - Chapter 309 - Three Visitors

Chapter 309 - Three Visitors

Chapter 309 - Three Visitors

"Now, let's find out who this mister Gon is," Gustav said after closing his mail window and entering an internet site.


Several hours later, Gustav was done with his usual morning routine, and it was around 10am.

Today was Thursday, so he wasn't meeting Miss Aimee; however, he still had plans of training by himself.

Gustav decided to visit the storage facility he rented some time ago to check on the place first.

It wasn't too far from the edge of the city, so it only took Gustav a few minutes to get there.

He used his leg as a means of transportation this time.

Gustav arrived at the massive bungalow-like building and went in.

There will be some people moving to and fro the vicinity assisting Braun in moving out some rectangular-shaped coolers where the body parts of these mixedbreeds were kept.

Since Gustav didn't employ anyone else besides Braun and Durk, they had to receive external help for the delivery of the body parts to various places.

"Boss!" Braun noticed Gustav and quickly approached him.

"Where's Durk?" Gustav asked.

"He's out surveying the next hunting area," Braun answered.

'His camouflage ability is finally being put to work,' Gustav said internally before responding, "Carry on," Gustav said with a dismissive expression.

He didn't want to disturb the work process, which was why he told Braun to continue.

Braun bowed slightly and went back to join the external help they borrowed for delivery.

Gustav looked around the storage facility.

It was cold due to the cooling generators and appliances they used in keeping the body of the mixedbreeds fresh.

Rows and columns of rectangular-shaped black colored appliances could be seen all arranged in different formats all across the place.

Gustav turned around and was about to leave when...


The door was forcefully kicked open, and three people walked in.

One was a green bearded middle-aged man with a massive circular scar at the back of his bald head.

The one in the middle was a young lady with ring piercings on her nose, ears, eyes, mouth and neck. She had long red hair that had metallic things attached to it.

The third was a man with a buff stature and purple colored head with black eyes.

The three of them looked quite menacing as they walked towards Braun on the other side, totally neglecting the presence of Gustav.

'Not this people again,' Braun said internally as he noticed their presence.

"What do you want?" He asked with a wary expression.

"You know what we want, Braun," The man with a green beard voiced out.

"I don't," Braun replied.

"Stop playing stupid and give us our cut of your last month's sales," The man with dark eyes and purple colored face voiced out.

"You have no cut! Get out!" Braun shouted as he turned around, but then the lady in the middle stretched out her hand and grabbed him by the collar.


She licked her lips seductively and stared at Braun, "You would deprive us of our share... You know I can also deprive your wife of you, Mr. Braun," She winked after saying this.

"Let me go, you witch!" Braun grabbed hold of her hand yanked it away from his collar forcefully.

"Oh, so feisty. I like that, Mr. Braun, but there's more than one of us," The lady said to his hearing.

"While I have my way with you... The rest of them will trash the place if you don't give us our cut right now," The lady added.

Braun stared at them with a look of pity, "You have no idea who you're messing with," He stated.

"We don't care! Whoever he is, we will deal with him if he messes with us," The green bearded man voiced out.

"Are you sure about that?" The voice of a young man could be heard behind them.

"Huh?" The three turned around to stare at the person with a surprised look.

It was a barely six-foot-tall kid with blonde hair and suave looks.

They had noticed him before but ignored his presence because they didn't think much of him.

They didn't know when Gustav crept up behind them.

"Who are you?" The green bearded man voiced out.

However, before Gustav could answer, the eyes of the lady widened as she stared at Gustav.

"I know you... The number one MBO entrance test participant," She said with a look of excitement.

"You are Gustav!" She voiced out.

"Huh? Gustav?" Both men stated with a look of disbelief while staring at her before turning back to stare at Gustav.

"Oh, wait, now that you mentioned it, this kid truly does look like him,"

"Oh, my goodness, he's truly the one,"

Both men, too were unable to believe their eyes as they finally recognized Gustav.

He looked a bit different from when they saw him on TV, and their minds also subconsciously discarded any thoughts of him being the one at first due to their current location.

No one would expect to see the number one participant in a place like this.

"What are you doing here?" The three of them voiced out with looks of disbelief.

"He's my boss,"

Before Gustav could answer, Braun voiced out.

"Huh? Wait, come again?" The red-haired lady voiced out as she turned around to stare at Braun.

"You heard him right. I own this place, and Braun is my employee," Gustav stated while folding both his arms and staring at the expressions of the three.

They all had looks of disbelief and wariness as they looked around.

The red-haired lady, who was obviously their leader, wanted to say something but couldn't find the words even after several seconds had passed.

'We cannot afford to offend him,' She said internally as she stared at Gustav's face trying to read his expression.

"Erm, ahem," The red-haired lady coughed repeatedly.

"Mr. Gustav, haha, we are sorry to have bothered you. We will now take our leave," She said while giving her other two subordinates signals with her eyes.

They instantly moved towards the side and started heading to the doors with looks of fear.

"Hold on," Gustav suddenly voiced out from behind.

"I haven't asked you to leave, have I?"

The three instantly paused in their tracks upon hearing that and turned around slowly with wary looks.