The Bloodline System - Chapter 308 - Checking Mails

Chapter 308 - Checking Mails

Chapter 308 - Checking Mails

"Sir Gustav, I have been tasked with the assignment of giving you this invitation cube," The man voiced out in a surprisingly light tone as he stretched out his hand towards Gustav.

Within his hand was a baby palm-sized black cube.

'Sir Gustav..? sounds like a butler from a big family… I wonder what they want with me?' Gustav wondered as he stretched out his hand to collect the cube.

After receiving it, the huge man bowed and turned around to leave. That was when Gustav noticed there was one more person. A small lady in a black business suit was right behind him, and they turned around to leave together.

Gustav squinted his eyes with a look of suspicion because he was unable to sense any presence besides that of the huge man. Both of their auras mixed together as they moved like they were one which was why Gustav was only able to sense one presence instead of two.

Gustav closed his door and turned around to head back to his dining area.


Gustav threw the cube towards his reading table on the other end before heading to the dining.

"Now, where was I?" Gustav stared at the exotic dishes with a smile as he sat down to have a feast.


Outside the building, the large man and small lady were having a conversation.

"Do you think he will attend?" The lady asked with a surprisingly deep voice.

"Of course he will… No one will be able to resist such intriguing offer by the one and only master Gon," The giant man said with a tone of confidence.

"In fact, I'm sure he's checking it out now and shivering in excitement," The giant man laughed lightly as he added.

"Hmm… I feel like that kid isn't as simple as you think," The lady muttered.

"No matter how complex he is, he won't be able to refuse," The giant man responded.


The night went by in a flash, and Gustav woke up by his usual time. He felt especially energized after making himself a nice feast the night before.

He didn't cook so much like that for himself every time because cooking dinner like that also took time to complete since it was a combination of several exotic dishes.

Gustav walked towards his reading table. He wanted to check on the new applications that had been submitted recently for those who had thoughts of joining his agency.

"Oh, I forgot about this," Gustav stared at the black cube beside his computer on the reading table.

Gustav reached out for it and picked it up.

"Now, let's see what this whole invitation shenanigan is all about," Gustav muttered and tapped onto the cube.


A bright flash of light enveloped the reading table area, and in the next moment, a holographic projection of a man was displayed.

"Hello young Gustav, I am mister Gon," The man in the projection voiced out.

He had triangular-shaped blue colored hair with a long goatee. He looked like a thirty-year-old man with a lot of swag due to the big black fashion glasses on his face.

"I'm sure you must be wondering why this was sent to you, so I'll go straight to the point," Mister Gon said.

Gustav did not bother replying to him since he knew this was a pre-recorded projection.

"This is a personal invitation to my manor for my upcoming seventieth birthday," Mister Gon stated.

Oh, he's gonna be seventy years soon,' Gustav was not surprised by this information even though the man looked to be around thirty years of age.

"I will like for you to be in attendance. If you show up on that day, I will owe you a favor, and you can ask for whatever you wish from me," Mister Gon said with a smile.

'Hmm? Seems like a bait,' Gustav said internally after hearing that.

"Believe me, you can ask anything of me so long as I witness your attendance," Mister Gon added.

"The date and venue of the celebration will be revealed at the end of the footage," Mister Gon voiced out before the projection disappeared.

Just as his projection disappeared, it was replaced with several glowing characters that revealed the date as well as the venue of mister Gon's birthday. After a few seconds, the cube dissolved into ash.

"Who is this, mister Gon?" Gustav wondered out loud after memorizing the venue and date.

He had never heard of him, but Gustav could guess he was a pretty influential person and must be from one of the mighty households in the city.

He wasn't too prominent in social issues and gatherings since he preferred spending his time doing research on the internet, which was why he didn't know who this Mr. Gon was.

Gustav decided to make his findings before he would think of whether he would attend or not.

The mistake the butlers made was, they had expected Gustav to know about mister Gon since he was almost influential in the city.

They had no idea that Gustav had never been to any social gathering or even had access to TV and the internet before he started living alone.

Gustav proceeded to check on his mails first to see the applicants for open positions in his agency.

There were hundreds of mixedbloods who were interested in joining the CRIMSON HUNTING AGENCY. However, Gustav was quite picky, so he went through their portfolios one after the other and even after thirty minutes had passed, he still wasn't interested in anyone.

He had picked a person he saw as suitable for the position of secretary and another two persons as delivery agents, but asides from that, he wanted some more people on the field.

He hadn't seen anyone that suited his tastes yet.

"I guess I'll just to for these three first," Gustav picked three that happened to be the most outstanding among the ones he has checked out.

Three holographic projections of three people appeared in front of Gustav.

It was two women and a man. Gustav observed their portfolios and their abilities written within for the umpteenth time.

"Six interviews today then," Gustav muttered before sending a venue and time to the six he picked.