The Bloodline System - Chapter 307 - The Invitation Cube

Chapter 307 - The Invitation Cube

Chapter 307 - The Invitation Cube

She had always wanted to ask Gustav about his parents. Still, anytime anything regarding his relatives was mentioned, his reaction made her suspicious.

She always felt something was amiss, but she didn't want him to feel like she was too nosy, so she refrained from asking.

"Sit down," Gustav proposed while pointing at the sofa opposite him.

Angy did as she was told and sat while staring at Gustav.

"Tea?" Gustav asked as he stood to his feet.

"You know you sh..." Angy was speaking when Gustav interrupted.

"Tea it is," Gustav said and went to prepare tea for her too.

'How can he remain so unbothered even after what just happened?' Angy wondered with a look of contemplation.

She already knew that this would be a hot topic around the city since Gustav has become quite popular now. And she knew Gustav wasn't an idiot. He definitely knew that things like this could cause a stain on his reputation, which would make people speak bad about him wherever he went.

This was why she wondered why he was so unbothered. She had no idea that Gustav had already gone through such, which was why he wasn't even bothered by these kinds of things anymore.

Gustav brought back the tea and gave it to Angy before sitting down.

"Now, are you going to tell me what's happening?" Angy asked with a look of curiosity.

"Take a sip first," Gustav said as he also raised his mug to his lips.

Angy rolled her eyes and also took a sip. Afterward, she stared at Gustav, and Gustav stared back at her.

"So, what did you want to know?" Gustav asked.

"You said you don't have parents, so who are those people out there?" Angy asked with a confused look.

"Not my parents," Gustav responded before taking another sip of tea.

"So, who are they?" Angy asked again.

"The people who biologically brought me into existence... But we share no familial ties, so they are not my parents," Gustav replied.

Angy's face squeezed up a bit as she heard Gustav's words.

'I know he is always harsh, but he sounds extremely harsh right now... There must be a good reason for this,' Angy thought before decided to ask Gustav again.

"Do you mind elaborating? Why do you not see them as your parents? Did something happen in the past?" Angy asked as her voice turned softer with each question.

"Angy, what is your definition of a parent?" Gustav asked.

The question took Angy by surprise, so she thought for a few seconds before responding.

"Well... My definition of a parent... The most supportive people in your life... they struggle to make your dreams come true... Your happiness is their responsibility... They never give up on you no matter the situation..." Angy kept mentioning a few more things to Gustav's hearing.

After she was done, Gustav stared at her for a few seconds before replying.

"Now think of everything you mentioned in reverse..."

Angy was first confused by his line of thought until he finished his statement.

"Those people you met outside... Did the opposite to me," Gustav stated.

Angy eyes widened as she came to a realisation. She started to recall how Gustav mentioned he was known as trash to a lot of people and started making some connections.

"Listen up.."

Gustav started narrating how he grew up and a lot of things that centered around his life.

The bullying and his uncaring parents were only concerned with creating a kid with a good bloodline grade. The neglection in all aspects which wasn't expected of parents.

By the time he was done with the narration, droplets of tears were already falling from Angy's eyes.

No matter how many times she used her sleeves to rub her eyes, the tears kept falling.

She stared at Gustav with reddened eyes as she imagined all he had to go through.

She knew bullying was a thing, and it was even worse for mixedbloods with low bloodline grades. However, she had never heard of parents abandoning their own child because of low bloodline grades.

"The...y are the big...gest and shameless scums I have ever met in my life," Angy whimpered with a sad look as she voiced out.

"Nah, it's okay... I don't care about it anymore," Gustav said as he took another sip of his tea with a dark look.

Angy stood up and walked towards him.

Gustav noticed her appearance in front of him and voiced out a low, "hmm?" With a confused expression.

Gustav suddenly felt Angy's soft hands on his head.

The next thing he knew she pulled his head towards her chest... in the next moment, his line of sight was covered by Angy's short black blouse.

He felt his head being pressed against a pair of extremely soft, round, and squishy bumps.

His nostrils were immediately filled with Angy's sweet apple mint fragrance as she hugged his head to her chest.

She rubbed his hair softly as droplets of her tears fell onto his hair.

"It's okay... You have me. You have Miss Aimee, and you're definitely going to have more people that will cherish you in the future," Angy said with a caring tone.

Gustav was speechless. He didn't know how to respond, neither did he know how to feel at this moment.

But one thing he knew was, he was feeling very comfortable in her embrace.

Gustav's subconsciously raised his arms and hugged them around Angy's waist, returning her tight embrace.

"Tha...nk you,"


Later by night, news had circulated about how Gustav treated his parents all across the city and even outside.

Different theories began to spread. Mostly bad, and some of them even labelled him as an ungrateful child who disrespected older people.

Gustav, who happened to be the topic of discussion, was in his apartment about to eat dinner that he cooked himself.

His dining area was filled with all sorts of assorted foods.

Just when he was about to sit, he heard a knock on the door.

Gustav already sensed the approach of someone earlier, but he thought the person would head to Angy's apartment.

To his displeasure, the person was actually here for him.

Gustav walked towards the door before making a gesture for it to open up.


The door slid open and what appeared in Gustav's line of sight was an almost eight-foot-tall giant in a business suit.

Gustav raised his head so he would be able to take a glance at the face of the man.

"Sir Gustav, I have been tasked with the assignment of giving you this invitation cube," The man voiced out in a surprisingly light tone as he stretched out his hand towards Gustav.

Within his hand was a baby palm-sized black cube.