The Bloodline System - Chapter 306 - Giving The Shameless People A Proper Humiliation

Chapter 306 - Giving The Shameless People A Proper Humiliation

Chapter 306 - Giving The Shameless People A Proper Humiliation

"Hey, son!" His mother and father voiced out as they arrived in front of him with smiles on their faces.

The reporters brought their mics to Gustav face as bright flashes of florescent light flickered repeatedly.

-"Gustav tell us about your journey with your parents,"

-"How did they train you to become the best?"

The reporters voiced one after the other as they crowded Gustav's path.

Angy was behind observing the look on Gustav's face. She could already tell that something wasn't right from the way he responded earlier and she was more sure of that now.

Gustav stared at everyone around him with a cold look. His expression turned even colder when he saw the way his father and mother were smiling at the cameras and touching him in an intimate way.

The reporters kept throwing questions at Gustav and since he didn't reply his parents kept voicing out lies while putting, "Right son?" Behind their every answer.

Gustav suddenly raised both of his arms and grabbed his father's and mother's hands that were currently on his left and right shoulder.

"I do not like making contact with filth. Too bad I'll have to get rid of these clothes since both of your poisonous hands have turned it rotten." Gustav voiced out with a cool tone as he pushed his way forward.

The entire place suddenly turned silent upon hearing that. The faces of the reporters as well as Gustav's parents turned weird.

They had a look of, 'Did I hear that properly?'

"You had better turn off those cameras and delete the recordings... You just interviewed the biggest clowns in history," Gustav voiced out as he pushed forward, amidst the many reporters to create a path for himself.

"But son..." His father was about to say when Gustav interrupted.

"I don't have parents," Gustav turned his face around to give both of them a chilling gaze.

"Stop masquerading about as parents of a kid you never raised," Gustav voiced out with a dark look.

The reporters could feel their bodies grow cold due to the intensity. It felt like Gustav would even kill them if they continued bothering him.

Gustav turned around and kept walking forward, "Losers," He muttered underneath his breath but those words did not escape the ears of reporters as well as Gustav's birth parents.

His father turned speechless as a wave of embarrassment washed over him.

"You ungrateful wench! Is this how you repay your mother!" Gustav's mother voiced out as Gustav kept walking forward.

He had gotten out of the encirclement of reporters however he still heard her statement but he didn't bother replying.

"You little brat!" She shouted out again as she squatted and pulled off her shoe and ran towards Gustav from behind.

It was so sudden that the reporters and her husband hadn't expected it.

The path Gustav created within the previous encirclement of the reporters was where she followed.

She transfomed her shoe into a small ice pole as she arrived behind Gustav in a few moments and swung the shoe towards the back of his head.

Gustav who was still moving forward like he didn't sense a thing before suddenly turned around.


He shifted towards the right side, dodging the swung out shoe causing his mother to fall forward due to missing her target.

Gustav suddenly turned around with fast speed while swinging out the back of his left palm.


His arm travelled towards the face of his mother that was still tripping forward.

She was neither able to dodge it nor counter, she could only watch as the back of his palm arrived before her left cheek.


The sound of a stinging slap reverberated across the environment.

Pieces of teeth, along with blood flew out of Gustav's mother mouth as she was sent catapulting towards the side.

Her body travelled across the air in an arc as her cheeks rippled intensely.


She slammed into the wall on the side and passed out instantly. Half of her face had been scalded completely and swollen.


Everyone in the vicinity was shocked after witnessing the scene. It played out way too fast so none of them were able to prevent it.

'Isn't she his mother?' Everyone wondered.

This wasn't something anyone would expect a son to do to his mother. The resemblance was there so they had no doubt that they were truly related.

Gustav who was the culprit turned around to start walking towards the stairs again.

He strolled casually like he did nothing at all.

"Take your sorry excuse of a wife and get out of here. I don't want you to cross path with you both ever again or the implications will be severe," Gustav voiced out from up ahead as he climbed the stairs.

The faces of everyone was full of awe as some of them went to render assistance to Gustav's mother along with his father.

Angy just stood in place behind them with a confused look. She was feeling conflicted, not knowing whether to help Gustav's mother or follow Gustav up the stairs.

After a few more seconds of contemplation she decided to go upstairs and get answers from Gustav about the whole situation.

At the moment where the reporters were making their reports and giving a breakdown of the situation to their news agency, Gustav was already in his apartment preparing tea for himself.

He pulled off his jacket and sat on the chair with an unbothered look.

He turned on his holographic Tv and just as he expected different kinds of news were already flying around about what went down a few moments ago.

A footage of him slapping his mother hard was currently being displayed.

Gustav brought his mug to his mouth and was about to take a sip when he heard a knock on the door.

His hand movement paused and he slowly brought the mug back down.

Without even seeing the face of the person he already knew who it was.

'Two narrations in one day I guess,' Gustav sighed internally as he made a hand gesture and the door slid open.


Angy walked in just as he had expected.

"Gustav... What was that? Why did you... Okay I understand why you did that but what's going on?" Angy voiced out with a conflicted look.