The Bloodline System - Chapter 305 - Visitation Of The Shameless Parents

Chapter 305 - Visitation Of The Shameless Parents

Chapter 305 - Visitation Of The Shameless Parents

"So, are you going to tell me what your real power is now?" Miss Aimee asked as Gustav sat from across her in the living room.

Gustav leaned back on the chair with a contemplative look, "Well, I guess it's only fair I do since you already revealed a lot to me," Gustav responded.

"Well, then go on with it... I'm all ears," Miss Aimee said while lifting the mug in front of her to take a sip of tea.

"I can steal bloodlines and make them my own," Gustav revealed bluntly.

At first miss, Aimee's face was still normal, but then she processed his words, "Spiiffttt!"

Her eyes widened as she spat out her tea by mistake and coughed repeatedly.

"Miss Aimee, are you okay?" Gustav asked with a look of worry.

"Come again... You can do what?" Miss Aimee asked after calming down.

"I can steal bloodlines... And use them as mine," Gustav repeated his previous words.

"What?" Miss Aimee still couldn't believe her ears.

She knew Gustav could use more than one power, but she had no idea that it was because he could steal bloodlines.

She always thought this was due to his power of transformation.

"Are you telling me that you also have more than one bloodline?" Miss Aimee asked.

"Erm, yes... Well..." Gustav answered with a contemplative look.

He wondered if he should tell miss Aimee that he actually had up to thirty bloodlines at the moment, but then he discarded that idea and decided to keep that information to himself.

Miss Aimee's eyes were still slightly widened for a few more seconds before she calmed down.

"So that's why..." Miss Aimee realized as she remembered something.

"How did this happen? Or have you always had that ability?" Miss Aimee asked.

"I had an unexpected encounter at the mountainside several months back... A star slammed into the mountain area. I got knocked out and woke up the next morning with this ability," Gustav omitted some parts of the story as he narrated.

"Ben, Charles, Gordon, and the others... Was that you?" Miss Aimee asked.

"Hmm," Gustav nodded in response, "I have their bloodlines in my possession right now," he added.

Gustav activated beast transformation, and his left arm morphed into that of the mutated bull while on his right arm, a milky light coated it.

Miss Aimee couldn't describe how she was feeling after this revelation.

She now understood why Gustav kept it to himself all this time even though they had become very close.

She was glad he finally revealed it to her.

"Gustav, I don't need to tell you that you shouldn't reveal this to anyone else, right?" Miss Aimee asked with a solemn look.

Gustav nodded in reply.

"Everyone powerful would come after you if they ever figured this out, so no matter how much you trust a person, never reveal it to them," Miss Aimee advised.

Gustav understood this very well. He knew that no matter how he trusted a person, if they weren't powerful enough, they could end up falling into the hands of his future enemies and reveal this information. This was why he wasn't bothered with revealing this to Miss Aimee.

Miss Aimee and Gustav conversed for a few more minutes before Miss Aimee revealed something to Gustav.

"I never thought of a repayment method for saving and training you... Because I wasn't helping you to receive something in return," Miss Aimee stated.

"My mother was just like you... Low graded bloodline. I was curious to see what would happen when someone like you, who has been bullied day in and out, was granted the power to fight back... I wasn't disappointed by the outcome. It was initially just a kind of experiment for me, but now..." Miss Aimee stared at Gustav with a loving gaze as she stopped talking and took a sip from her mug.

"Hmm?" Gustav was curious about the completion of miss Aimee's statement, but he could already tell that she wouldn't complete it.

"There's only one thing I want from you now," Miss Aimee started speaking again after dropping her mug.

"And that is..?" Gustav asked.

"Don't become like those rotten and corrupt bastards. If possible, as you rise in power, try changing the MBO," Miss Aimee said.

"Oh..." Gustav placed his hand on his chin as he muttered.


Miss Aimee and Gustav later headed to the Gami dojo to train for a few hours before Gustav headed back home.

At the dojo, reporters had gathered there when they caught wind that he was there. However, when he was leaving, he transformed into someone else, so no one was able to recognize him.

It was around four pm in the evening when he got home.

The instant Gustav arrived in front of his apartment building, he met Angy standing in front with a bunch of people.

"Gustav," She called out his name as she approached him.

"Hmm?" Gustav exclaimed with a look of suspicion because he could tell that something was amiss.

"What is it?" Gustav asked Angy.

"Your parents are here to see you," She voiced out.

"What? Parents?" Gustav voiced out with a confounded look.

"Yes... Now I see where you got your blonde hair from," Angy smiled in delight as she voiced out while pointing at Gustav's parents up ahead that was being interviewed by some reporters.

Gustav didn't notice them at first because of the reporters surrounding them, but now he was able to see them clearly.

His mother was smiling and answering the questions of these reporters while his father stood by her side.

They mentioned how they trained Gustav to become the person he was today.

The frown on Gustav's face deepened as he turned to the side and walked towards his apartment.

Angy was surprised by his sudden action and moved to stop him.

"Are you not going to meet them?" Angy asked.

"I don't have parents," Gustav said as he continued walking forward.

Angy was utterly confused at this point and stood still staring at his back for a few moments.

The reporters had noticed Gustav at this point, as well as Gustav's parents.

They all moved towards him happily.

"Hey, son!" His mother and father voiced out as they arrived in front of him with smiles on their faces.