The Bloodline System - Chapter 304 - Dinner With The Vilandrobadias

Chapter 304 - Dinner With The Vilandrobadias

Chapter 304 - Dinner With The Vilandrobadias

He immediately went to shower to wash off all the blood before putting on a new set of clothing.

After he was done with showering, Gustav moved back to his bed but not to sleep, instead to channel his bloodline.

It was still very early in the morning, so the weather was very cool, which was why this was the perfect time to channel his bloodline.

The heart pumps blood faster when there the weather is cool due to constricted blood vessels, so Gustav usually made use of this channel his bloodline more.

The anatomy of mixedbloods is different from that of normal humans and Slarkovs. However, they were still similarities which was why Gustav was able to use this to his advantage.

The temperature of the room suddenly became lower than before as Gustav breathed out a line of mist from his nostrils as he began the channeling process.

The day went by in a flash, and Gustav spent it following his planned routine.

Angy came over later in the evening after he was done to call him over to join her family for dinner.

Angy's little brother was so hyped up seeing Gustav. He felt like a celebrity was in their midst.

Gustav didn't come over too often, so even though they were neighbors, Angy's little brother didn't see him all the time.

"Big bro Gustav, they said you defeated a hundred participants by yourself," Angy's brother voiced out with a look of excitement as they ate.

"Not up to that... A lot lesser," Gustav replied before downing down another spoonful of food.

"Amazing you even surpassed those in other cities," Angy's brother voiced out again.

He was similar to Angy, quite talkative, and also had a horn on his forehead with silver-colored hair. However, he was shy to strangers but talkative to people he was familiar with.

He used to be very silent went Gustav was around them in the past, but now that he had grown accustomed to Gustav's presence in the neighborhood, he showed his true character.

"Come on, Phil, don't disturb him while he's eating," Their mum voiced out.

"No, it's okay," Gustav dismissed as he ate.

"My classmates will never believe that you live just next door," Phil voiced out.

Angy's parents smiled and shook their heads as they discussed lightly while eating.

Angy had a face full of smiles as she ate.

"Thanks for the meal," Gustav said after the dinner was over.

Both parents nodded with a smile on their faces.

"Please take care of our daughter in the future," Angy's mother suddenly voiced out.

"I'm sure he will," Angy's father added.

"Mom, what are you saying...?" Angy's face turned a shade of red as she voiced out.

She turned towards the side and sneakily stared at Gustav's face.

Gustav nodded before standing up, "Can I see you for a minute, sir?" Gustav said to Angy's father before walking towards the door.

"Bye, big brother Gustav," Phil voiced out.

Angy's heart raced as she wondered why Gustav would want to see her father.

Gustav and Angy's father walked out and stood by the door to discuss.

"So, what would you like to discuss with me?" Angy's father asked.

"I want to hire a manager for my Hunter agency..." Gustav started speaking.


Some minutes later, Angy's father returned. Angy, as well as her mother and brother, were sitting on the sofas with intrigued looks.

"Father, what did he discuss with you?" Angy was the first to voice out.

Her father first stared at then her mother and brother.

"Haha, is that why you're still up?" He asked with a burst of light laughter.

Angy blushed in embarrassment, but she still didn't back down.

"It's a discussion between us men... Don't be too nosy," Angy father voice out as he laughed even more.

Angy stared at her father with a look of suspicion after hearing that.

"Oh, I see now... Big sis Angy wants big brother Gustav to become..." Phil was saying when Angy quickly covered his mouth.

"Shush brat..." She muttered while covering his mouth with a look of intensity.

Their mother and father laughed lightly as they prepared to go to bed.

Back in Gustav's apartment, he proceeded to his reading table to do some research.

'Hopefully, he'll think very well about my proposal,' Gustav said internally as he turned on his computer.


Just like that, two days went by, and Gustav had stuck to his routine all through.

It was Wednesday, the day he and Miss Aimee planned to meet up, so he left home immediately after finishing his morning routines.

Gustav and Miss Aimee made plans to meet at her house this time instead of the Gami Dojo.

They wanted to have a discussion first before resuming training.

Miss Aimee had postponed her trip out of the city. She wanted to wait until Gustav had left for the MBO training camp.

Miss Aimee happened to live somewhere close to the outskirts of the city, just like Gustav but her neighborhood was on the western side of the city, unlike Gustav's, which was on the eastern side.

She stayed in a bungalow apartment. It was nothing fancy as one would have imagined.

It was just a simple house, and she stayed alone within.

Gustav was a little surprised because he had not expected someone like Miss Aimee, who had a princess-like status, to live in such a place.

However, when miss Aimee mentioned that her mother was given this kind of treatment in their household, Gustav understood.

Miss Aimee's family happened to be a very large one that owned practically a quarter of the city, so their place of dwelling was like a mini-city. According to her, every branch of the family had a building of its own, but her mother was cast out of theirs by her father and relatives.

So, she lived in one of the small quarters for guards and maids. Miss Aimee always visited her mother, so she was used to this kind of simple living.

Besides, being someone who had completed lots of tricky MBO missions in many places, living in this kind of apartment was nothing to her.

"So, are you going to tell me what your real power is now?" Miss Aimee asked as Gustav sat from across her in the living room.