The Bloodline System - Chapter 303 - Into The Spatial Ring

Chapter 303 - Into The Spatial Ring

Chapter 303 - Into The Spatial Ring

[Daily task completed (1/3): Run across the surface of a building at least sixteen thousand feet in height✓]


Gustav leaped up and landed on the tip of the massive pole in the middle of the skyscraper's top.

He squatted and breathed in the fresh air as he stared at the bottom of the skyscraper.

He turned his face towards the left and stared at the closest skyscraper.

The closest one was at least four thousand feet away, and that one was shorter than the one he was currently standing on.

'This would be a bad fall, but I'm sure I can make it,' Gustav said internally before rising back up and turning his body towards the left side where the other sky scrapper was located.

The wind kept blowing his hair backward due to the high altitude, but never for once did his body shrink back or forward due to that.

[Super Jump has been activated]

Gustav's thighs and legs budged intensely as he activated super jump.

His sports pants hugged onto his muscular legs and expanded like they wanted to tear due to the budge.


Gustav leaped forward with intensity, causing the long pole extended from the top of the skyscraper to vibrate intensely.


His body travelled across the air in an arc, crossing over the massive road, thousands of feet below.

Swooooshhh! Bang!

Gustav landed on the other skyscraper after a few seconds of flying through the air.

His thighs and legs went back to normal afterward, and he turned around to stare at the other skyscraper behind.

Gustav smiled, 'Second task completed...'

He was glad he had made significant progress.

He could now leap over four thousand feet forward without having to make use of any form of speed.

'Now for the last...' Gustav said internally as he moved to the edge of the skyscraper to stare at the road where a massive spatial ring could be seen.

Even though the skies were dark, the city had enough light, so it could be mistaken for daytime.

Gustav found his way back to the bottom of the sky scrapper to complete the system's last daily task for today.

He arrived on the road and started walking towards the massive spatial ring in the middle of the road.

He arrived in front of the spatial ring, which was similar to the size of a two-story building. The spatial ring had a purplish and blue wall of energy surrounding it.

The spatial ring occasionally cackled with purplish electric-like arcs running across the body.

'Time to try this...' Gustav smiled as he walked forward and jumped into it.


Gustav found himself in a world of purple and blue as he felt pulling force from every direction, trying to rip his body to shreds.

"Hnmmhhh!" Gustav groaned in pain as he tried moving forward so he would appear on the other side, but the pulling force around him held him in place.

Rip! Rip!

His clothes were ripped to shreds in a few moments, and his skin started being pulled in all directions.

'Damn... It was worse than I expected,' Gustav thought his body defense would be able to handle the pulling force, but he was already starting to feel pain even though he had only stayed in here for a few moments.

Gustav didn't know that if it were another mixedblood, they would have been ripped to shreds already, even if they were at the serial rank.

"Hmmmpp," Gustav pushed himself forward, managing to take a step, but the moment he did, cuts started appearing on his body.

"Hmmmpp," He took another step forward, and the different parts of his flesh started being ripped apart.

[Flesh Hardening Bloodline Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated the bloodline he stole from Angy's assaulter back then in Atrihea city.

Rocks appeared all over his body, and in a few moments, his entire body had been covered up.

He took another step forward, but this time he felt less pain even though the rocks on his body were cracking and being ripped from his body at a fast speed.

Gustav managed to take another step forward, and now the exit was right in front of him.

Crumble! Crumble! Crumble!

The pulling forced had increased exponentially, causing his body to return back to normal.

Gashes started appearing all over Gustav's body as he struggled to raise one foot up.

Rip! Rip! Rip!

He could even hear the sounds of his flesh being ripped at different parts, and his regeneration was unable to keep up.

"Kiiaarrhhh!" Gustav shouted out as he pushed his body forward with force and managed to make the next step.


He arrived on the other side of the spatial ring in the vicinity of a trading area with different food shops.

Gustav breathed in and out rapidly as he stared at himself. His entire figure had been soaked with blood. His hair disheveled, and his nose dislocated.

He was naked, but his face wouldn't be recognized in this state due to it being soaked with blood.

'There goes another good clothing,' Gustav said internally, but he wasn't really bothered.

Situations like this always occurred.

He stared at the system notification in his line of sight and smiled.

[Daily Tasks Completed (3/3): Walk through a spatial ring ✓]

'The system is truly trying to kill me,' Gustav said internally with a wry smile.

It was well known that only vehicles could go through a spatial ring due to what Gustav had just experienced a while ago.

This was why the teleportation circles were constructed for pedestrians' easy movement, which was why the spatial ring was always in the middle of the road while teleportation circles were on sidewalks.

'Well, no pain, no gain... Hopefully, the rewards will be good,' Gustav said internally as he turned around.

'Oh, the best time to use teleportation circle,' Gustav paused his movement as he noticed the spatial ring was right behind him.


He dashed towards the nearest teleportation circle and disappeared within it.

At the top of a building on the far west side, a person in a black mask grabbed hold of the flying camera in front of them and voiced out.

"I got him... Our next scoop is gonna bring us big cash,"


Several minutes later, Gustav had arrived back home.

It was around 4:30am at this moment.

He instantly went to shower to wash off all the blood before putting on a new set of clothing.